Chattanooga Jump Start Grant Application Package


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Collaborative JumpStart Grant Application package for Chattanooga partners involved in the Building Livable Communities: "Get On Line" event.

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Chattanooga Jump Start Grant Application Package

  1. 1. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community Collaborative JumpStart Grant Applications For the “Get On Line” Community-wide EventCommunity Partners Include: Choose Chattanooga Southeast TN Area Agency on Aging Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library Chattanooga State Technical Community College Association for Visual Artists City of Chattanooga Education and Arts Council City of Chattanooga Parks and Recreation Alexian Brothers, Senior Neighbors Alton Park Development Corporation Chattanooga Health and Performance Institute St. Andrews Center
  2. 2. C July 17,2009lrene GarnettCh ief Operating OfficerPartners for Livable Communitiest42g z]-t Street, NWWashington, DC 20036Dear Ms. Garnett,on behalf of our community partners, we are pleased to present the enclosed coltaborativeapplications for Jumpstart grant assistance. lt is our desire to foster the development of chattanoogaas a model livable community dedicated to life long learning.Based on feedback from the recent Buitding Partnerships: creating o Livable community for Alt Agesyo{snon that vgrlr organization hosted in chattanooga a few weeks ago, we believe that the first sue we must address is a growing disparity between technically savvy individuals and those without :cess and/or knowledge about computer use and related technology. onLine" is an event intended to improve communication between service providers and the ns they serve our goal is to raise citizen awareness of resources already availabte and make resources more accessible, practical and sustainable by partnering to address basic issues which participation. (i.e. the need for transportation, fear l:r"r,":::::rl:,. al support, etc). of technotogy, attanooga is applying for the S2,5oo "Jumpstart the conversation,, grant which will fund tive, marketing and organizational needs of both the event and a new initiative called : Building a Livable community." Nine of our area partners are apprying for $1,000 mini ce, which will fund the individual training sites and different components of the ide "Get onLine" computer and technology training day, including Next steps. ol.rr" ,ns and letters of support for of each of iiifu requests attached. K;.X:Xll :llx gr1t:rr,!rr:,halrr{:r . --i S i: - - ,ril,:*gilit?a :i,.*:,ri,:*Y:llr::
  3. 3. Members of this growing partnership serve a diverse cross section of the community choose chattanooga, chattanooga Education and include; Arts and culture, Friends of the chattanooga-Hamilton county Bicentennial Library, Alton Park Development corporation, Alexian Brothers senior Neighbors, chattanooga state Technical community college, southeast Tennessee Area Agency on Aging, Association of VisualArtists and chattanooga Health and performance lnstitute and st. Andrews Center. Thank you for choosing chattanooga for an Aging in Place workshop and for giving our your careful consideration we look forward application to a long and continuing relationship with the partners for Livable Communities.Sincerely,Linda BennettExecutive DirectorChoose Chattanooga317 Oak Street, Room 201Chattanooga, TN 37403Office: (423l,209-6020Cell: (a23)-227-777sChooseChattanooga @gm a
  4. 4. cHoosEeJuly 17,2009lrene GarnettChief Operating OfficerPartners for Livable Communities1-429 zrt street, NWWashington, DC 20036Dear Ms. Garnett:I am writing to support the "Get Online" Jumpstart Grant application. As a non-profit agency chargedwith promoting relocation to our area, I understand how important it is that our community has a planto address livability issues. As a former City elected official, I know that the communication disconnectbetween service providers and the citizens they serve is a real issue.This grant opportunity could not come at a better time. Chattanooga is expecting growth and change inthe next few years and this grant will help us JumpStart the conversation. 4nry nett Director Chattanooga, lnc. Street, Room 201 TN 37403 7773
  5. 5. Chdttanooga: Building a Livable Community "Get On-Line Event" JumpStart Grant ApplicationNarne of organization: l-hnncp Chettanooga lnc-Address: 317 Oak Street. Room 201, Chattanooea, TN 37403Phone: @231227-7773 Email: ChooseChattanoosa@gmail.comWebsite: www.ChooseChattanooga.comExecutive Director: Linda Bennetl501c3 lnformation ( FEIN): )6-?7C171 Particioation Outline Our role: Choose Chattanooga is applving for the 52,500 erant which will be used to fund theadministrative, marketing and organizational needs of both the "Get OnLine" event and the newinitiative called "Chattanooea: Buildins a Livable Communitv. This first phase Choftonoooo; We ore a leornrno Communlfy will be the focus of the initiative for the next L2 months. Our facilitation partnersare Friends of the Chattanooga-Hamilton Countv Bicentennial Librarv, Southeast Tennessee Area Agencvon Agine and the Chattanoosa Health and Performance lnstitute Budeet Our budget will include marketing, facilitating, creating a communication database and follow up forthe "Get Online" event. The work of the coordinating partners will include but is not limited to:Exoandine the Outreach -Creating a larger group of partners from diverse segments of the communitywho are committed to lifelong learning and addressing the technical abilities gap that existsintergenerationally.Celebrate Our Success - The Chattanooga Health and Performance lnstitute will conclude the projectwith a community-wjde, multi-generational interactive "learning event." for the purpose of buildingstronger relationships between our partners and reaching out to the wider community.Next Steps -The Chattanooga Bicentennial Library will serve as the information and coordination centerfor continuing community outreach. The SE TN Area Agency on Aging will serve as the convening agencyto bring Livable Community Partners together around other important issues. Choose Chattanooga willserve on the Leadership Roundtable to promote the slate of issues determined by the coordinatingpartners.
  6. 6. ln-Kind Contributions (i.e. volunteers, facilities, classroom space etc)relations suPPort
  7. 7. JUL/I?iZ0i]!/FRI 03:3? t}{ IIAHILTfi{ C0.DEV DEPT FAI }{o, 4?3 209 fiB11 r, 0il?CI4UO€NAV{EY DANSAEED Co{rtrty Mayor Directo{ Dsvelopmefi D$artrngfiJEAT.ININEALDAY Chief of $tafr TIAMILTON COUNTY GOYERSIMENT July 17,2009 lrene Garnett Chief Operating0ffice Partners fer Livable Communities 4292lsStreet, NW Washingtan, DC 20036 Dear Ms. Garnett: As Director of Development fur Hamilton County, I am pleesed to support the collaborative lurnpstart grant application for a "Get Online event in our community. The partnershlps forming around the issue of "a livable community for all ages" are impcrtant and timely. It would be mv hope that as a result of this initlal proiect that our collaborative efforts would continue to grow and:improve intergenerational communication and services in sur region. Sincereln fro* e"tL Oafr Saieed Director of DeveloPment 31T OAK STFEET. C}ATTAHOOGA. TN 374OII PlroNE: {428}20S-6810 Fril( F33} 209.6831
  8. 8. INTERNAI, REVENUE SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY P. O. BOX 2508 crNclNNATr, OH 45201" Employer ldentification Number : Dare:JAN 16 Z00g 25-27 95]-71 DI:N: 1705319i.345008 CHOOSE CHATTANOOGA INC Contact Person: PO BOX 6247 ROBERTA VAN METER TD# 52624 CHATTANOOGA, TN 37402 Contact Telephone Number: (877) 829-ss00 Accounting Period Ending: December 31 Publ"ic Charity Status: s0e (a) (3 ) Form 990 Reguired: Yes Effective Date of Exemption: June 3, 20OB Contribution Deductibility : Yes Addendum Applies: NoDear Applicant iWe are pleased Lo inform you that upon review of your application for taxexempt status we hawe determined that you are exempt from Federal income taxunder section 50l(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contrj-butions to you aredeductible under section 770 of the Code. You are afso gualified to receivetax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106or 2522 of the Code. Because this letter could help resolve any questionsregarding your exempt status, 1rou should keep it j-n your permanent records.organizations exempt under section so1 (c) (3) of the Code are further classifiedas either public charities or private foundations. We determined that you area pr:blic charity under the Code secLion(s) listed in Lhe heading of thisletter.Please see enclosed Publication 422L-PC, Complj-ance Guide for 501(c) (3) PublicCharities, for some helpful information about your responsibilities as anexempt organization.We have deLermined that you are a T)pe 1 supporting organization undersection 509(a) (3). A Type f. is operated, supervised, or controlled by, aTlpe 2 is supervised or controlled in connecti-on wiLh, and a Tlpe 3 isoperated in connecLion wiLh one or more publicly supported organizations. T,etter 947 (Dolcc)
  9. 9. CHOOSE CHATTAI.IOOGA INCWe have sent, a copy of this letter to your representaEive as indj-cated in yourpower of aEtorney. Sincerely, Robert Choi Director, Exeq)t organizations Rulings and AgreementsEnclosures : Publication 422L-PC rretter 947 (DOlCG)
  10. 10. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community  “Get On‐Line Event”  JumpStart Mini‐Grant Application Name of organization:    Chattanooga State  Community College        ____________ Address:     4501 Amnicola Highway Chattanooga, TN  37406           Phone:    (423) 697‐3212   Email:             Executive Director/President:   James L. Catanzaro, Ph.D.             501c3 Information / FEIN:  62‐0725362                  Participation Outline  Our role:  To provide the professional instructors and instruction materials to teach basic      computer skills at area partner’s facilities during the upcoming “Get On Line event.”  Chattanooga State  Technical College also to provide classroom facilities for 8 hour classes at two campus sites.                                                                                       Budget Instructors:    $35 an hour                   Instruction Materials:  $15 per individual                 Projected number of participants: 10                   Other Expenses:   printing of marketing material  $140               Total:____$1,000                                 In‐Kind Contributions   (i.e. volunteers, facilities, classroom space, etc)  Classroom space, campus security, record of participants, event marketing and promotion      Future Funding/Grant Opportunities   Connect TN – State Technology Initiative                
  11. 11. Description: Along with the Choose Chattanooga, Chattanooga‐Hamilton County Bicentennial Public Library, the Chattanooga Association of Visual Artists and other community partners, Chattanooga State Community College (“CSCC”) proposes to participate in a community‐wide event that will arm residents of all ages with basic computer skills (an introduction to the personal computer, the internet, windows, office applications and digital photography) that are mandatory for their own future success and for the greater good of the city.  In order to create a “livable” community here (complete with the participation of all segments of the population in public‐policy dialogues), eradication of technological illiteracy among people of all ages is paramount.  The growing chasm between the technologically savvy and the dispossessed (both in terms of knowledge and access) has the effect of disenfranchising and disconnecting the latter group from available social services,  from participation in critical decision‐making where governance is concerned, and from having its diverse voices heard in the digital age.  The proposed event will be a positive step in bridging the gap, and CSCC (Tennessee’s flagship community college and continuing‐education provider) is uniquely positioned to lead necessary instruction.   
  12. 12. Chattanooga- Hami lton County Bicentenn ial FRIENDS Of THE tlBR/qRY 1001 Sroad Street r Chattanooga, TN 37482 : (a23) 7575425Emily McDonaldChair, Executive Council Friends of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial LibraryL00L Broad StreetChattanooga, TN 37402Members of the Grant Review CommitteePartners for Livable Communities"Jump Start" the ConversationL429 2Lgt Street, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20036luly L7,2OO9Dear Members of the Grant Review Committee,We are writing to support the collaborative JumpStart grant application being made with ourlocal partners formed from the recent "Aging in Place: Building a Livable Community"Conference in Chattanooga.The Friends of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library serves as the non-profitarm of the public library. The Friends are committed to supporting every library effort thatpromotes learning and literacy. We believe addressing the issue of technical illiteracy in thiscommunity is equally as important and will prepare and educate our citizens for the demandsof the digitalage.We believe the effort to jointly host a community wide "Get On Line" computer and technologytraining day will be a wonderful learning opportunity. lf awarded JumpStart grant assistance,we will use the money to host classes in several branch locations around Hamilton County. Webelieve working with our partners will help strengthen the role of the library as a vibrant andrelevant destination for all citizens in Hamilton County.We look forward to working with our partners to make this event a success and regard this asthe first step in an important community-wide initiative which will help build a LivableCommunity for all ages in Chattanooga. Thank you for your consideration and we look forwardto your response.Chairperson
  13. 13. Chaftanoogat Building o Livable Community: Chottanoogo "Get On-Line Event" JumpStart Mini Grant ApplicationName of organizataon: Friends of the Chattanooga-Hamilton Countv Bicentennial LibraryAddress: 1001 Broad Street Chattanoosa, TN 37402Phone: (4231757-5425 Email: ecmcdonald@bellsouth.netExecutive Director/President: Emilv McDonald, Chair Executive Council of the Friends of theChatta nooga-Ha milton Countv Bicentennia I Libra rv50lc3lnformation(FEIN): 10025010a Participation OutlineOur role: We will use funding to pav for instructional materials and Chattanooga State TechnicalCommunitv College instructors to teach computer/technologv classes to individuals at a number of ourarea branches during the "Get On Line Event" Budgetlnstructors: 2 lnstructors at S35 per hour for 8 hours divided into multiple sessions Total: 5560.00lnstruction Materials: S15 oer oacket Total: S440.OOProjected number of participants:Other Expenses: ln-Kind ContributionsFacilities. volunteers. computers, internet access. library wide promotion Future Funding/Grant Opportu nitiesWorking with Chattanooga Education Arts and Culture and Choose Chattanooga on cultivating businesssponsors to work with us on continued efforts. Partner Chattanoosa State Technical Communiw Collegeis devetopins a relationship with Connect TN which provides funding for technologv education. Thelibrarvs Senior Service Coordinator. Nancv Cogar is also exploring other grant opportunitv to assist thelibrarv in developing more educational programming at area branches. W
  14. 14. P.0. Bsx 737 Ii,:-.r:..ia, Cz )O)ci tol Ar.iCrc.,s nnY rcPiY milorit oJ tho TYosnunY {,;}iiri;t nilot Dfi ne o fi cer{-i Inte;-nai Fevenue Serlice ln rcfrlf rclet loi Oilc: DE C._l_s. 197.0--L l+tl--Ji3,;lR G-:- CiiY o.f Chattantooga oi;i"" of ,,he ciby AitorneY loo eio"eer B:nlc Bui1d5:tg. - - ttroog., Teru:essee 37lloz : i-ta: Fard:ll L Ne1son fr;; cnat"*rooea hrb,lj.c rj-Ere-t:r : ,l Deer Si-r: at-anooea Frblic Libra-nr 1s 115 of ttre InternaL Revenue fherecordsj.nthjsofficeshowihattheCtrat-v2rloo$?.F:blicl;ibraryis Con- e-.<er,pi.f,rcm f."a."rf GcOme -,"i"r-Juo section co.r-ty or Iocal- Government Code as en Insg-grnsn1elileJr "ft;-;lt+" you or tottit"CJt"i"ienta1 Ageney for your use ere i;ribu-,ions made ,,o l7O of uhe Code ieauctible bOr -,he donoi r.r.nder;;";;*"ioofoji ""ttiott. seciion 9oB or trie coae ="qH:: ;hii.i?5il#t#ff|lLfi#j,iffii:" ,ii+iee,rrou,,ar6irot ercelrD" :ifi"# #:;H.T",#:;lJT;il1"::;ii.!22?: section ftal(eX3) youare noi tuqto"6:toi6:n="ii 53;t o r:itcier of fr:riher .asslstance to you ;i;.;" coni:act this office i-f ire cai,be Sj-ncerely. Itours C24*,--, / ./l ./. (t+ls.) $-i:ine R Gore )10lr-526-tb1o
  15. 15. :- _ h ;r teF I = th _-r sr b* Z. G) . F E|* rF F tu5 i-{, :e lr ffi-il 5" I S E- fi"u eE , tt i -t* . rr $ oa *T ).J H tr b ?"GY tfl }s i/ fi r{ $ t $- s -l*sg*6 - "A t]. tfi#c* h ,?*ss ^LJ{} p ffi *$" (-rs f T a ;" n ":5r- {n
  16. 16. ossociofion for visuol orts AVA Mission Statement luly 14, zoog To promote, advocate and support original Members ofthe Grant Review Committee visual art and its artists. Partnership for Livable Communities |ump Start the Conversation Grant program 1429 zrst Street, Northwest Washington, DC zoo36 AVA Board of Direcfors Officers David Hudson, President Dear Committee Members, Warren Barnett, Vice president on behalf of the Association for visual Arts (AvA), I am writing Evan Allison, Secraary to,support Jhe_proposed project and community cottaUorations Cynthia Nesson, Treasrtrer related to the fump Start grant application. Susan Stein, Member-at-Iarge W. Keith Sanford, past president AVA is a committed partner and will offer facilities, trainins and fimAplin proiect coordination in order to provide chattanoogans witli Katherine Boehm opportunities for life long learning. Paul Campbell, III With the growing trend toward electronically_generated Suzanne Corrington content, AVA recently identified a strong need among the Madden Corey citys citizens for access to the most technologically alvanced Michael D. Costello digital media systems available. AVA,s Media tab r"*", Catharine Daniels hgb f9r professionally-instructed classes, workshops, after " "* Kurt Faires school programs and summer institutes. These ofi.ri.rg, Sally Faulkner focus on Web site design, graphic design, digital photolraphy,Cheryl Godwin and video production and editing. witli ttre titesiaigitai L"Andrea Hardee photography and video cameras, professional lighti;gCharlotte Landis, Ex-Offi cio eAlin_qen1, computer systems and software teclnolo"giesColleen Mann available, the lab provides an ideal ofFsite leaming ceiter for]ames McKissic high school, college students and rife long learner! of all ages.Armando RodriquezMark Song It is my hope that as a result of the fump Start project, ourLarry Stone, Ex-Officio collaborative efforts will reach a broadeiaudience andAvA,sMike Taylor Media Lab will serve a vital role for our community as wefuanita Tumelaire, Ex-Ofricio strive to increase job skills, provide personar development andRachel White serve as a creative outlet for people ofall ages.Lillie Willsfohn C. Wood --""-f ,/" nh Assodation for Visual 3o FfazierAvenue (+ztl AtfanooZa,rN 37+"5 (+zt) |
  17. 17. lnternal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury Waslrrngton. DC 2021,1 Persorr !o Contacl: Assoclation for/ isual .rtisrs Telephorre IJurnber; 606 eorgLa Avenue C Chattanooga, TN 37402 Refer Fleply to: E:,EO:R:3-SC Date fv0y ZT BgT llmployer I dentif ica t-ion Number: 5B-r 7 2BB0r Key DlsErict: it lanta Accounting Peri.od Ending: December Foundation StaEus Classification: 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) and 509(a)(1) Advance Rullng Period Ends: Decernber 1990 Dear Applicant: Based on lnformation supplled, and assruning your operatl"ons wl11 be as stated ln your applicatlon for recognlElon of exemption, we have determined you are exenpt frorn federal lncome tax under sectlon 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. a newly creaLed organlzaEi-on, we are not now nakLng Because you are a flnal deEerminatlon of your foundarlon status under Code secEton 509(a). However, we have deterrnlned thar you can reasonably be expected to be a publicly supporred organizaLlon descrlbed in the secEions shown above. Accordingly, you will be Ereaced as a publlcly supporEed organlzatl-on, and not as a private forrndaEion, E.he advance rullng period. This advance rullng perlod begins on the dafe yorr $rere organlzed and ends on che date shosn above. Before tl-re end of your advance rullng periodr you will be aslced to furnish Eo your key District DJ.rector l.nformaclon needed lo determine whether you have met the requlremenEs. of the applicable support tesL during Ehe advance ruling period. (If you recelved a 2 ot 3 year advance rullng, you wLll be glven an opportunity to extend ttre advance rulLng to 5 years.) ff you establish char you have been a publLcly supported organl- zatLon, you will be classlfled as a secclon 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) organl- zation as long as you continue to meet Ehe requlrenents of the appllcable supporf tesE. If you do not meeL Ltre publlcsupport requlrements during the advance ruling period, (or do not request an exLension to 5 years, Lf. appropriate), you w111 be classlfied as a privaEe foundaElon for future periods. Also, if you are classtfied as a private foundarion, you will be treated as a prlvate foundation from rhe effectlve date of your exemp- tlon for purposes of sectlon 11940, whlcll inposes an exclse tax on your net lnvesLnent Lncome, and section 507(d), which defines, in the event of LermlnaLlon of status, the aggregace tax beneflL derived frorn tax exemptlon as a secLlon 501(c)(3) organLzatLon.
  18. 18. -z- Assoclatlon for V isual Artists Grantors ancl donors may rely a prlvate foundaElon unEll 90 daysothe youf""arr"nce ttrar- you are not rrter advance ruling rf you submlt the requlrecl informatlon wiihln ruling period e.cls. donors uay contio,t" fo rely on the advance trre 90 days, grantors acr determlnatlon of your founi.tion status. rullng until we nake a final Horvever, lf will no longer be treatecr as the type of organizatlon notlce t6at you publtshed ln the rnternal Revenue shown above is rely on thrs advance rullng after l"11"air,-[..nto." and donors may noL a granEor or donor may not rely onthe dateoF such publication. Also, thls determ{natlon if Part responsLble for, or vras ar,rare of, the ac.t or fallure he or she was i-rr resulted ln your loss of the foundatlon.l"ssiflcatLon to acr thar he or she acquired knowledge that we had show-n oto.r", or if renoved from crasslfication as the type given notrce Ehac you r,rould be oi orgarrrzatlon srro,vnabove. rf your sources of support or of operatLon ehange, please let youryour aistrlct character,r methocrs tey purposesr conslder the effect- of know so that office can ,the clrange on yorrr exempt status an<l founclatlo. stacus Alsor rou should lnforru your keyDtstrict ln your narue or address - ---J Director of all changes unless speclfically excepLed, beglnnlng January pay raxes under the Federal rnsurance contrlbuEions r, rgg4, you nust taxes) for each enployee who ls pald $10o or more AcE (social securr.ty You are no. required to pay tax under the ln a calendar year. (rurA). Federal unemproyment rax Act Since you are noE a prlvate foundatlon, you are. excise taxes under Chapter 42 of the Code. Howe.r.r, noE subject to the automatically exeurpE from other federal exclse you are not quesELons about exclse, employment, taxes. If you have key Distrlet Dlrector. or other federal taxes, confact your Donors nay deduct contrlbutlons to you as provldedL7o BequesEs, legacies, devises, fransfers, or g.lfts in code seetion to you use are deducttbr"e for federal estare and giir tax purposes or for your the appllcable provisions of sectrons 2055 2106, if they meet , and 2522. You are required to fIle lrorm ggo, Returu of from rncoue Tax, organlzation Exempt _on1y if your gross receipts eaeh year are normally more than 925,000. rf your gross rlcelpts are not nornarly we ask that you establlsh chat you are not more Ehan $25,000 requrred ro rtt. Form gg0 by conpletl"ng Part r of that Form for your fr.rsLtax year.w-111 not be required to flle a return Thereafter, you unt11 your gross recelpts normalry exceed the $251000 nlnr.ruum. For gutdancerecelpts are "normally" noE more ihan the in rleternlning if your gross $25,000 limrr, seefor Ehe Form 990 rf a return ls requLred, ri *.r"r be fllecl the lnstructlosday of Ehe fifth month afer rhe encr of your annua.r by the l5tlrThere is a penaL_ty of $10 a clay, up to a maxlmun accounElng period. of $5,000, when a rerrrrnis ftled late unless yo. esrabiish, as requlred by section (t652(d)(r-),thaf the failure to file t{.me11, was drre to r:easonable eause,
  19. 19. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community "Get On-Line Event" JumpStart Grant ApplicationName of organization: Association for Visual ArtsAddress: 30 Frazier Avenue- Chattanoosa- TN 37405Phone: (423 265-4282 Email: Website: www.avarts.oreExecutive Director: Christa J. Mannarino501c3Information(FEIN): 58-1728801 Participation OutlineOur role: To serve as a centrallv located learnins facilitv and resource center for dieitalcontent development and creative self-expression. Specificallv relating to the.IumpStart project.AVA will provide four different6Harnessing Technology" workshops that will target life longlearners who seek customized technology instruction for their careers or personal development.These workshqps will be free of charge and will also include eight additional hours of AVA MediaLab access including the coaching support from AVAs Media Lab Monitor. BudsetInstructors: $35 oer hour * 16 instruction hours = $560Instruction Materials: $5 per person = $200Projected number of participants:Other Expenses: Design. print and mailing costs of marketing materials = $500 ($240 from grant funds)Total: $1.000 In-Kind Contributions (i.e. volunteers, facilities, classroom space, etc) Design. print and mailing costs of marketing materials = $500 (AVA to donate remaining $260) Future Funding/Grant Opportunities Tennessee Arts Commission - Community Learning Grant (can apply in January 2010)
  20. 20. Aging in Place lnitiative "JumpStart the Gonversation" Grant Proposal Submitted by: Association for Visual Arts July 15, 2009Who We AreThe Association for Visual Arts (AVA) was established in 1986 as a result of Vision2000 - a community visioning process - that served as a catalyst for Chattanoogas recenttransformation. Today, AVA has a membership of over 600; is run by a staff of sevenemployees; receives leadership from an engaged board of directors and receives supportfrom nearly 200 volunteers each year.With the mission to promote, advocate and support original visual art and artists, AVAserved 54,000 individuals in 2007-08 - an increase of nine percent from the previousfiscal year. This population includes people of all ages and backgrounds.During the Chattanooga Aging in Place community conversation, the need for technologytraining was overwhelmingly clear. As aging Americans find themselves either wantingto connect with their grandchildren through the Intemet or returning to the workforce,basic skills in using technology must be attained.The AVA Media Lab provides an approachable and accessible setting containing 10 iMacworkstations in the central location just North of downtown Chattanooga. Technologyclasses are customized to meet the needs of the participants with a higher than standardinstructor to student ratio.Project DescriptionAVA is requesting $1,000 through the "JumpStart the Conversation" grant initiative to beused for the presentation of four different "Harnessing Technology" workshops that willtarget life long learners who seek customized technology instruction for their careers orpersonal development. These workshops will be free of charge and will also include eightadditional hours of AVA Media Lab access including the coaching support from AVAsMedia Lab Monitor.This project will benefit individuals seeking to learn about the latest technological toolsand methods in order to improve their job skills, utilize Web 2.0 networking or to simplyleam something new that can enhance their current hobbies.These prospective attendees will be identified through our local Aging in Place partnersincluding, but not limited to Senior Neighbors, North River Civic Center, theChattanoogaLibrary, Chattanooga State, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and theChattanooga Health and Performance Institute.Jumpstart Grant Proposal AVA page 1
  21. 21. Each oHarnessing Technology" session will be presented in a workshop format whereparticipants will be introduced to a specific topic and include a hands-on projectapplication. AVA instructors are experienced in teaching multigenerational groups andAVAs Lab Monitor will be present during all workshops. Examples of workshop topics 1) From Camera to Computer - learn the basics to upload your digital catrLera images to the computer, enhance the images, save them, print and store 2) Navigating Web 2.0 and Social Networking - learn the basics of setting up a FaceBook, Skype, Twifier and Linked In account and how to use them effectively 3) Beginning Digital Photography - Utilizing practical camera-based exercises, this course will provide beginning level digital SLR camera users with the basics 4) Beginning Video - participants will see how to use a Mini-DV camera, transfer digital video footage to a computer and edit footage using Final Cut ProProject OutcomesThe skills that will be cultivated at AVAs Digital Media Lab, in order to contribute to askilled workforce and quality of life in Hamilton County include: - working knowledge of Web 2.0 social media networking; - videography/photography techniques and software instruction; - digital image enhancement and production; - set design, lighting and sound engineering; - exposure to and instruction in creative technology application software; - teamwork, collaboration and respect for materials and others.The Media Lab is accessible Tuesdays * Saturdays from 12 noon - 5:00 pm except whenscheduled classes are in session. Wednesday evenings, the lab is open late from 12 noon- 8:00 pm. A lab monitor is available to assist users during Media Lab hours.AVA is delighted to have the opporlunity to apply for a "JumpStart the Conversation"grant through the Aging in Place Initiative, and we look forward to working with ourlocal partners and the Partners for Livable Communities to help make Chattanooga thebest mid-sized city to live, work and play.Jumpstart Grant Proposal AVA page 2
  22. 22. e iiiilflra++agi{t;tl IE I - II II qqE1llli}iFliiFl*[ s 4 I I rl ili:*i*ll ;*[J:i1$., -s -t CD I II :;r*fiill; o?l qE 3 = *fis* lxi*; s I I =1i ? +s=.p.t 3-$*+;3i3 - al c rt -t 11g$arEgi;sslE s id q(9@ q@@ = rt €D @(9 (9 o +f z- +" ,E .=q t; i$ +e a;E ;3$$o FW .5c)c) z. NO r (,lr I frl O =. fi nAAlSrPH€ f # f3 x{} I = = &&e:;: I e aE :=e- 9-a f ; == @ m w o F ;; F Nar ffie= oo,lJ r {F ** 3: r; q 3 e;;3 +;.d rer-q xo)m i ; I e" 4 r;5 t. ;- 3 i{.fi {s:lE: {3 -tn.A im FN2 +L il rQ r:3 P1=-Be 9€ oJ 5I a o I rx 443 3 o & =o aZ =o Ea El xa; g9 3 3 o(n J NJ (Do.-*tuO-1^,o o o_ r.Jl o ++ - + q 3 t ! *.= 11 rbi;{N I OO ;"s 3+re+i flo*$ o
  23. 23. oF€ s6i EcSd (, rlarik =[]f:q> Na cno iliJ3 4es.9?; =li5-t -.ojo 5--_otoo ffi. +qf; Fdii{3 5B d+1" Nfi*F; q! ="1 #g-i,&i+!1 I ra rl 1E = B l"iefis Hd J*, 5 CD I rl . _+ J:-n O c oJ 01 ol < ; E iq I€ il. F. !?:.9i.5; i Ir .;5. d I 1i F3. ;A q or <o9li ig3 :sEr"q ojoH oil!o;q ?<=mo{ r: CD I d ; !F ; i iE F[ 9t =. ld F3 E F- 5. fir s v r o o =r9 o ijl 3 3-q ; d; q; qaf + :h <D Q s - -l I o,i c ^ o 31 I !5r r51Y€ e-*; rilo =E lg i 3i ;gla5 $! lEil Z. = cr i O g ggre 6 6a sss6 gg &gg J€EI I N9J 9rgO Arr156 5AA (rrooroNo gro cr u o€gt (too {q o qq g ggg g agrgg og844t& 69 ggg NON- o{tN(., qgo JN I O oNoorrr ooo ooeooS0 oo e o ocoooo No oqgr MEMBERS & g&g g gg 6egg ggg NON. N€J N 59N grj & 5 SrNN{aS g4 500 SNOAOOS oo @ 5 ooSsos (0@ 6NN PROFIT o{ < q O= _c <=f [{,le:a-+o_< :-qq15=- E6];-:3 ll oiil gnf;t ti*+*;s s A== iJ93 g) vl 9+ ol .lo,d (,oro. :A?= f oO CD .ag en?R ,j g€d-t :t,o-., B> C" q3 u n-(,. tjewef no += or7 Na; +o -(o lJ< O ;E 3ds 3q^El:=i c 0r ao qi1 x 9?==9 .sq qP =i8 {CFd+: = e: rS+ enlp"4 - erf hg+8-SF ==i=sl ;& i39 !9 ;di -1 ioUBg. QP i.A; E4d@a{ -* :r-or d-3?:39L! e
  24. 24. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community “Get On-Line Event” JumpStart Grant ApplicationName of organization: Eastgate Senior Activities Center - Department of Education, Arts & Culture –City of ChattanoogaAddress: 5600 Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411Phone: 423/855-9444 Email: Website:Chattanooga.govExecutive Director: Clarence Williams501c3 Information ( FEIN): 62-6000259W Participation OutlineOur role: To provide computer access and training to senior citizens through workshops, instructionand access to computers and internet at our Senior Activity Center, located at Eastgate Town Centre. BudgetInstructors: $20.00 per hourInstruction Materials: $20.00 per participantProjected number of participants: 200Other Expenses: additional printer $150.00, software $250.00 In-Kind ContributionsComputer lab furnished and operational, City of Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culturehandles all promotion and marketing of classes and workshops, sign-in sheet listing all participants ,City of Chattanooga Department of Information Services provides technical support. Future Funding/Grant OpportunitiesLocal Businesses with interest in reaching, and educating Senior Citizens. We have a growing base ofworkshops, seminars, and classes offered by an expanding list of businesses, government and non-profitprograms that deal specifically with the aging and provide grants and funding for educational andcultural programming. As an example, Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga has just funded andcompleted a history/quilt making project at Eastgate.
  25. 25. Alton Park Development Corporation P. O. Box 2345………Chattanooga, TN 37410……….(423)991-6435 http://chattanoogacreek.utk.eduJuly 15, 2009Members of the Grant Review CommitteePartners for Livable Communities“Jump Start the Conversation” Grant Program1429 21st Street, NorthwestWashington, D.C. 20036Dear Members of the Grant Review Committee:The Alton Park Development Corporation (APDC) supports and plans to serve as acommunity sponsor for the “ Get On –Line Event” and neighborhood communicationinitiatives that can Jump Start Chattanooga as a Livable Community. As a partner, APDCbrings a commitment to provide onsite staff, volunteers and a computer lab that willenable adult and youth residents to participate.Through the Alton Park/Piney Woods Environmental Health and Justice Collaborative, aproject funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health, APDC conducts anannual series of courses for adult and youth residents that focus on Health and Wellnessissues and on community Leadership.The Alton Park/Piney Woods community is disadvantaged, disconnected anddisenfranchised from many of the progressive initiatives taking place in the broaderChattanooga area. The proposed Jump Start grant complements the intent of our coursesand helps to address neighborhood communication challenges.The Alton Park Development Corporation welcomes the opportunity to participate in thisinnovative program that will provide a vital service to neighborhood elders and can alsoenhance our ongoing efforts to promote intergenerational learning in the community.Sincerely,Geri B. Spring,Director, Alton Park Development CorporationCommunity Organizer, Environmental Health and Justice Collaborative(
  26. 26. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community “Get On-Line Event” JumpStart Grant ApplicationName of organization: Alton Park Development CorporationAddress: PO BOX 2345, Chattanooga, TN 37410 ______Phone: 423-991-6435 Email: Website: http://chattanoogacreek.utk.eduExecutive Director: Geri Spring501c3 Information ( FEIN): 62-1781939 Participation Outline Our role: As a community-based nonprofit organization serving one of Hamilton County’s mostdisadvantaged neighborhoods, the Alton Park Development Corporation will provide an on-sitecomputer learning lab , project oversight, and coordination with “Get Online partners”. In addition wewill use funding to pay for instructional materials and Chattanooga State Technical Community Collegeinstructors to teach computer/technology classes to adult and youth residents at our neighborhoodlocation at the Piney Woods Family Resource Center during the “Get On Line Event”. BudgetInstructors: 2 Instructors at $35 per hour for 8 hours Total: $560.00Instruction Materials: $15 per packet Total: $300.00Projected number of participants: 20Other Costs _Resident Transportation Stipend ($7.00 ea)______ Total: _$140.00____ In-Kind ContributionsAPDC staff (2), Neighborhood Environmental College graduate volunteers (5), neighborhood onsitecomputer lab, classroom , onsite security, neighborhood promotion, record of participants. Future Funding/Grant OpportunitiesConnect TN – State Technology Initiative, Appalachian Community Foundation, City of ChattanoogaNeighborhood Services
  27. 27. CoLLtct,/MEDICINE ffice of Business and Finance 960 East Third Street Suite 102 Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403 Tel: (423) 778-7840 Fax: (423) 778-3673July 15,2009To Whom It May Concern:The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga and the ChattanoogaHealth and Performance Institute (CHPI) are pleased to write this letter of support for thegrant application of the Chattanooga Hamilton County Bicentennial Library, theSoutheast Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities and CHPI regardingBuilding Partnerships: Chattanooga-A Livable Community for All Ages. We, along withour partners, are committed to the building of a living community which closes the gapbetween various age groups, creates a better understanding and support of the issuesfacing our aging population and further develops our area as a learning community whichcontinuously develops its future leaders.This grant will allow us to further expand the outreach capabilities of the partners andimprove intergenerational issues. It will also allow us to develop a learning event toCelebrate Our Successes while strengthening the relationships between our partners andother groups and agencies within the community.We appreciate your time and effort youre in reviewing this application and hope that youwill find it creditable for award.Sincerely,/t/ki44,4z-Ronald G. Blankenbaker, M.D.Associate Dean, Emeritus andPresident, Chattanooga Health and Performance Institute
  28. 28. JumpStart the Conversation grant application Chaftanooga Livable Gommunities and Aging in Place lnitiativeDeadline: July 17,2009Chattanooga seeks to be more than just senior-friendly. Chattanooga seeks to be a "livinglaboratory" where the rising population can be active participants in the "rethinking, retrofitting,and redesigning" of the community. The rising population between the ages of 45 and 64 in theChattanoogaareaaccounts for 4lYo of the total adult population, nearly double number of thosecurrently 65 and over.Chattanooga Health and Performance Institute (CHPI) is collaborating with Choose Chattanoogaand the Chattanooga Hamilton County Bicentennial Library to coordinate the citywide effortsand strengthen the partnerships that will keep citizens actively engaged in the community as theyage-CFIPIs specifrc task is organizing a "learning event." which will be a community-wide, multi-generational interactive opportunity. All the parhrers will participate, as well as educational andservice organizations that are multi-age oriented, zuch as the library, arts organizations, schools,and community organizations. The learning event will take place at the conclusion of the Agingin Place Initiative. The content and learning objectives for the event will be based on data andinsights gathered during the computer training progritms.Chattanooga has a national reputation for creating a bold vision and making things happen.Partners for Livable Communities was a catalyst for helping Chattanooga make a big stepforward, and the community can build on that to take the next step as it takes on the Aging inPlace challenge.Eleanor Cooper, AssociateChattanooga Health and Performance Institute110 Windmere Dr.Chattanooga" TN 37411423-624-r2157&
  29. 29. IMIERNAL REVENUE SERV P. o. Box 2508 RTMENT OF THE TREASURY CTNCTNNATT, OH 4520I Date: Employer f dent.if ication Number F[,t ? 0 Z00S 20-03796:-3. : DLN: CHATTATNOOGA HEALTH & PERFORMANCE 404322045 INSTITUTE INC Contact person: C/o CHAIVIBLTSS BAI{NER CHERYL RTCHMOND Two trNroN seuARE ,-ooo& SToPHEL PC relephone rD# 52492 rar,r,ail-""o" Number CHATTANOOGA, TN "?:!l:.) 829-5500 a // : 37402_2500 Accounting period LTune 30 Public Charity Status: 1zo lt (1) (A) (vi) f Form 990 Required: Yes Effective Date of Exempt.ion: November 13, 2OO3 Contribution Deductibitity : Yes Dear Applicant: We are pleasedto. inform you that upon review exempt status we have ;ujt":::*{"di a.t.r*ir"J ih:r ,,^.. _--_of your application for Lax ;::fi xi:i:.;:;:::i ::::il,iiiiH r;, ?:fi , i.:: $F:: iii;:i.:i j: :::T:::l;#S";di: ji:: ; J i: i" ;1, or 2522 of ii: :ff: - T; ?:, ::" t,*::,- ;" ;:: ".floii "l*i*i!i"H i;:"1:"..* "; #T:i" "ii::" ;i5i, ":r" i:ff ;: I "i: j:.fl are ;rr i:.: :L ;iF: : iiosll. :*:3,2oss,:in. **: i:_ : iit": : rhe code. ** * t " =tter cou-ld " "" under secr j.on ;; : regarding your exempt e".r"";";i",i:ff::.:oliunrr."help resolve any 2 ""y qr."iior= g"""iiorr=- xemptstatus, vou shour-d x."p-it :-n "1"1"", ;;- shnrr..lA L^^* --h:lp your permanent records. you orgranizations exempt ..t!l"r secLion 501 (c) (3) of 1"public public chariries or _prj_vate foundati.onsthe Code are further cLassified a charity t.he Code section(s) . We_ det.ermined Lhat you are J_ecter. listed in the heading of thisPLease see enc]osed.501 (c) fnformation for,Exempt Organizations (3) for some helpfuJ- i-nformari"tr Und.erorg,anization. ;;;";-;;;;;."nonsibiriries Section as an exemprff you distribute funds to othe under "u"tio,"i:lii?ii:",i"l;"I3Tr:::";f: H::"i*w wi:erheriffi;-ii;.:":;"5X.33j.H:.;,i?:ii;i;j:Jjij:i -;:;=J:; iS,,u ..,,oence ,heiryi"il:r:ffTlIf."::"iJ;Hii:;"j:"$.:.;:::Jr"H:^;=ir:4^:r.inr.::":;:".f:";ffi::ffi::::::; ;:s":::":"j:n::*t,,;";:: :#,Tff":: 5fo,,,,n *,,u of your officers, Let.ter 947 (Dolq61
  30. 30. -2- CHATTANOOGA HEALTH & L-RFORMANCEWe have sent a copypo,rer Of attOrney. of this 1etter Eo your representative as indicat.ed rn your Sineerely, -, .-n: -,.--,,fd -.. ..-. , rr q i .i r; -^ /=-4t:...:...; Jo;;*$" i-,,...r r )rifu**A*l :i f Lois G. Lerner Director,Ixempt organizations Rulings and aglee;;;;-Enclosures: Informat.inn r^- *__-,. rmation for Organizations Exempt . Under Section 501 (c) (3) Letter 947 (Dolg61
  31. 31. Gity of Ghattanooga OTPNRTNTCNT OF PARKS & RECREATION 1102 South WStkins Street Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404July 17,2009Members of the Grant Review CommitteePartnership for Livable Communities"JumpStart Conversation" Grant Programt42g 2!t Street, N.W.Washington, DC 20036Dear Members of the Grant Review Committee: to receive funding of a S1OOO mini-grantplease accept this letter of support for the applicationavailable through your "JumpStart" grant program. The Chattanooga Department of Parks andRecreation has numerous community centers around the area in which wecould use thefunding to provide basic computer and technology training as a partner in the "Get OnLineEvent."The Department of Parks and Recreation believes that addressing the basic needs of ourcitizens and educating them to better access information through modern technology will serveour area well in the future as we work toward Building a Livable Community for all ages inChattanooga.We look forward to participating in this collaborative event and continue to work on developingour relationship with our partners included in this application packet.Thank you for Your consideration. hce A. Zehnder, CPRAdministratorChattanooga Department of Parks and Recreation oFFlcE: (423) 64$6050 FAX: (423) 643-6098
  32. 32. Chottqnoogo: Building a Livable Community "Get On-Line Event" JumpStart Grant ApplicationName of organization: Chattanooga Department of Parks and Recreation - Citv of ChattanooeaAddress: 1102 South WatkinPhone: 423/649-6856 Email: Website:Chattanooga.govExecutiveDirector: Administrator,LarryZehnder50lc3lnformation(FelN): 62-6000259W Participation Outline Our role: To provide computer access and training to senior citizens through workshops, instructionand access to computers and internet at our Senior Activity Center, located at Eastgate Town Centre. Budeetlnstructors: 535.00 per hour for 8 hours (2 lnstructor teach multiple sessions) Total: 5560.00lnstruction Materials: 515.00 per participant Total 5440Projected number of participants: 30-50Other Expenses: ln-Kind ContributionsComputer lab furnished and operational. Citv of Chattanooga Department of Par.ks and Recreation areacenters handles all promotion and marketing of classes and workshops, sign-in sheet listins allparticipants , Citv of Chattanooga Department of lnformation Services provides technical support. Future Fundins/Grant OpportunitiesLocal Businesses with interest in reaching, and educatins Senior Citizens. We have a erowing base ofworkshoos, seminars, and classes offered bv an expanding list of businesses, government and non-profitprosrams that deal specificallv with the agins and provjde erants and fundine for educationalprogramming.
  33. 33. July 17, 2009Members of the Grant Review CommitteePartnership for Livable Communities“Jump Start the Conversation” Grant Program1429 21st Street NWWashington, DC 20036Dear Members of the Grant Review Committee:Alexian Brothers Senior Neighbors is pleased to provide this letter in support of a community-wide “Get-Online Event” to Jump Start Chattanooga as a Livable Community.Senior Neighbors is committed as a partner to provide volunteers, participants, facilities, andmarketing support to engage our residents in lifelong learning.During a June 30, 2009 workshop, local organizations gathered to consider what supportservices are needed for our aging population. One of the issues identified was providing accessto training and education for those who are disconnected and disenfranchised. SeniorNeighbors has historically demonstrated a commitment to serving the needs of ourcommunity’s elders. Senior Neighbors appreciates having a role in establishing a livablecommunity for all ages.As Executive Director of Senior Neighbors, I fully support our community’s efforts to seekexternal funding to support a program designed to build a better community.Sincerely,Dawn Abel WeberExecutive Director 1000 Newby Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 ● 423.755.6100 ● Fax 423.755.6138
  34. 34. Chattanooga: Building a Livable Community: Chattanooga "Get On-Line Event" Jumpstart Mini Grant ApplicationName of organization: Alexian Brothers Senior NeiehborsAddress: l-000 Newbv Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402Phone: (423)755-6100 Email: Dweber@AlexianBrothers.netExecutive Director/President: Dawn AbelWeber501c3 lnformation ( FEIN): 52-0546376 Participation OutlineOur role: We will use fundinCommunitv College instructors to teach computer/technologv classes to individuals at two of our seniorcenters during the "Get On Line Event". Budgetlnstructors: 2 lnstructors at S35 per hour for 8 hours Total: 5560.00lnstruction Materials: S10 oer oacket Total: 5440.00Projected number of participants:Other Expenses: ln-Kind Contributions (i.e. volunteers, facilities, classroom space, etc)Facil ities, vol u nteers, com puters, internet access Future Funding/Grant OpportunitiesCultivating businesses as sponsors for continued efforts. Developing relationships with otherorganizations that provide fundins for technologv education.
  35. 35. csarraruoocA AnBa RcroNal couucn or Govnlwrnlqrs sou*rnasr TuNNussEB Dnvropvrn*r DrsrRrcr LaDue Bouldin Ron Littlefield Chainnan Secretary D. Gary Davis Gregg Ridley Vice-Chairman Treasurer July 17,2009 lrene Garnett, Chief Operating Officer Partners for Livable Communities 1429 2It Street NW Washington, DC 20036 Dear Ms. Garnett: pevetopmenr Foundarion 3::*T::ji:j:::i:tll?1n",rr"e and Southeasr rennessee fllndino fhrnrrch fLa ..T,,*.-o 1^-. .1- -^ ffift:fiiffi;i#fflTJ SkillS and fechnolnoinql cLill. 1l-^+.-.:rr L^r-, ,, ;ffi;,ilT;#nxj:, ; ;; jil ilffi it:r# -o.* pu,I"a wi th arti ffJ*o::.rl TI:_! " p unt" cip In *::n::fy:,:,s""*ationard,,_fi;;;;;;:;#;;::#ff;,""" rhe srrong work erhic woven inio ttre rauricoittr##.,;#[:"J; l""T,.l*:, generation. southeast Tennessee Deveropment District i1!!9 n_*"nt agency for both the region,s Area Agency on Aging and Disability and LWIA 5, ttre ro?al workforce Investment service delivery system Through our strong Act inter-agency partnership and through collaborative efforts sparked uylne Aging the In place t"nltiutiu", we feel strongly that club is needed, and we commit our."rlour"es this to the project. we also look forward applying for additionar funding opportunities to in ordir tl sustain the projecr.It is with much enthusiasm that I offer this letter of commitment for this application,I appreciate your consideration. If you have questions and abou, ,rri, letter or the project,please do not hesitate ro call me ar qZZ_qZ+_ .ZSt.Sincerely,Dr PlnsC-o*o.**-Phyllis Casavant, Ed. D.Foundation OfficerSoutheast Development Foundation, Inc. PO Box 4157 1000 Rrveru:noNrpeRrwav . CHarreruooca, TN 31405_0757 (423)266_s781 . FAX (423)267-770s
  36. 36. Aging in Place Initiative Southeast Development Foundation, Inc.Identification of Applicant / Mission of Organization Southeast Development Foundation, Inc./ Agency Mission: See AttachedExecutive Director Contact Information Dr. Phyllis Casavant, Foundation Officer c/o Southeast Tennessee Development District P.O.Box4757 1 000 Riverfront Parkway Chattanooga, Tennesse e 37 403 Phone: 423-424-425 1/ pcasavant@sedev.orgPrimary Contact for Metlife Initiative Kristi Strode, Regional Planner and Project Developer 423 -643 -235 0/ kstrode @ sedev. orgFederal Employer ID 62-1849582Proposal Summary Nothing can be more important to Aging in Place than offering employment services to older workers to help them regain the level of self-worth that has been validated through a lifetime of productive work. Many seniors today find themselves mired in unexpected financial straits brought on by the economic downturn. Sadly, many cannot even begin to enjoy the quality of life Chattanooga has to offer before finding a way to make ends meet and reducing unexpected financial losses. Many other retirees, on the other hand, have been able to withstand the storm financially only to have entered retirement to find that the absence of work has such strong bearing on their lives that they are unable to find happiness through conventional retirement modes. The Southeast Development Foundation, Inc. and its partner affiliates have developed a model Job Club for Mature Workers that is perfectly suited t-o the Metlife solicitation. Seniors in need of Job Club services will be coached and trained in job acquisition and retention skills, with job placement services available through the Career Center. Seniors in need of retraining prior to employment will be provided referral and support to training. Implementing this senior sgrvice in Chattanooga will truly make the city a more livable community.
  37. 37. Greater"n"uf"*"tlf"ti:i:".:r$Tl"TH1ffi ureworkers,, The Southeast Tennessee Development District (SETDD) on behalf of the Southeast Development Foundation, Inc i; pleased to submit this request to the Metlife Foundation for funding support that will provide the seed money to establish a Job club for Mature workers This club will allow members to learn valuable job skills (such as technological skills) so they may pursue employment economy. Also, members may opt to mentor ,rr"m-b"r, in todays knowledge-based of the ug"n.y,, youth workers Program. As a successful multi-county planning and development agency governments in southeast Tennessee, the serving local SETDD is well suite; to implement this initiative and has an established track record of successful program operations since 1967 SETDD serves as the administrator.of the r"gion, ar"a iounciion Aging and Disability and the public workforce initiative thrlugh Investment Acl services. The organizationcurrently . its operation or worlcforce r".u", older job seekers through its one stop career center system, but the recent economic downturn has made the competition for employment difficult for many. The IVIetLir" gruni opportunity will enable the sETDD to establish a that is specifically g"#"0 towalo the unique needs of the older worker by providing a focused, concentrated preparation that will prepare this demographic to compet: effectively in a tooay,, .nat"rrging job -*o.: market Eligibility for enrollment ctnsideration ,"qrir", rorkers to be 62years of age or older. The plan calls for the established Mature worker Job club to meet monthly as job acquisition and retention skills are taught. workers otganizing a job search, completing applications will learn the mechanics of / building experience-based resumes, participating in effective interviews, appropriate follow-up t""rrriq""r, benefits coordination, communications skills, p*tirut*ty understanding in the workplace. It is envisioned ]o"ur"o on inter-generational that the Job club will become a supportnetwork for the participants, and the collective work of facilitators and participants willenhance motivation throughout the search for employrnent. In the evJnt that specificskills training is needed to eliminate deficits andmake participantsrefe*al to appropriate training entities will be providedio more employable, training partners. The Mature worker Job Club will surely benefit the participants engaged in the training but as a service to the community and to maximizethe Iearning pro*r.", as well, the plan calls for the mature workers to participate in a strong mentoring services component tobenefit youngerjob seekers. the mentlring compon"ita greil asset both for both the experienced worker and r* the mature popuiation will be the younger workers benefittingfrom the interface rt will op"n diulogue and help foster inter-generational lines ofcommunication Ideally, the mentoring activity will help to mentors and mentees througheffectively paving to entrli / re-eitry to the workplace through enhancedcommunication skill.r|" building.
  38. 38. MISSION STATEMENT Southeast Development Foundation, Inc.Activities and Operational InformationThe goal of all activities and operations of the Southeast Development Foundation,Incorporated will be to increase the number of services available in Southeast Tennesseeto all residents of Hamilton, Bradley, McMinn, Polk, Meigs, RJrea, Sequatchie, Marion,Grundy, Franklin and Bledsoe Counties in Tennessee and Catoosa, Walker and DadeCounties in Georgia.. Services provided can include either one or more of the following:assistance with activities of daily living, supportive housing, information and assistanceneeded to provide for independent living, nutritional support and other activitiescontributing to improving the quality of life and enhancing multiple levels of servicesavailable through the Southeast Tennessee Development District. All work of thefoundation will be performed by volunteers and funding allocation determinations will bemade by members of the Board of Directors. Foundation activities will commenceimmediately, and all activities will further the foundations purpose and increase thenumber and quality of services available to all the regions residents.
  39. 39. CAREER July 17,2009Ms.Irene Garnett, CEOPartners for Livable Communities7429 zft Street, NW,Washington, DC 20036Dear Ms. Garnett:The Southeast Tennessee Development Districts Job Club for Mature Workers programthat is being proposed for funding consideration contains a strong mentoring component.As Regional Youth Coordinator for the Workforce Investment Acts Youth Program, Ican attest to the importance of mentoring in the life of a young person. I will be pleasedto coordinate referral of a select number of at-risk youth and matching mentoringsuitability to senior Job Club participants. This activity should prove mutually beneficialto both the seniors and the youth as well. Ideally, it will help prepare participants for thecomplexity of multi-generational workplaces so evident in todays. labor market. Itshould also advance the opportunity for practicing effective communication skills andstrengthen the understanding of divergent styles, cultures and mores.The alienation and isolation that can be experienced by new employees on the job can becircumvented by appropriate training and pre-employment preparation. Communicationis the crucial key to fostering higher levels of job satisfaction and can directly impact theability of the new employee to comfortably assimilate. The senior mentoring effortshould prove to be an excellent way to integrate this preparation into training.Yours truly,,tr*, g F*/6Gary Rudolph, CoordinatorWIA Regional Youth Program
  40. 40. Soursnasr TaNNnSsEE Anna Acnxcy oN AcING AND Drsnstt,trv P.O. Box 4757 . CHerrrrNcro<;rr, TN 374050157 (423)266s781 . FAX (423)4244225July 15,2009Ms. Irene Garnett, Chief Operating OfficerPartners for Livable Communities1429 21"Sffeet, NWWashington, DC20036Dear Ms. Garnett:It is with much enthusiasm that I am offering support for the Southeast Tennessee Development Districtsapplication for funding for the development of a Mature Worker Club through the agencys Tennessee Careerienter. As an affiliate organization of the applicant agency, the Southeast TN Area Agency on Aging andDisability looks forward to this partnership which will promote lifelong learning and workplace readiness forthose over 62.As the Assistant Director, I understand the needs for this type of educational group for this population. I amexcited about the opportunities for the goup to bond with each other as they venture into technology trainingthat will help them find employment, if they so desire.I appreciate your consideration of this letter of support. Please feel free to call me at 423424-4277.Sincerely,pfi-; il.**-J,Kathi Hanah, Assistant DirectorSoutheast TN Area Agency on Aging and Disability
  41. 41. nr@E[Z,tr0 It Noy -7 2o.o6 lil Internal Revenue Service yPg/-.fl Director, Exempt Organizatj.ons B lx-.ii3?"#i"lulf the rreasury Ruli-ngs and Agreements Cincinnati, Ohio 4520L Date Nfir/ o n z()[)o Person t,o Contact _ ID#: Dale Pepper 3108101 Foundation For fn Home Care, fncorporated Contact Telephone Nurnbers : P.O. Box 4l5l 573-263-34 09 Chattanooga, TN 37 405 Phone 51,3-2 63-3517 Fax Federal fdentification Nurnber: 62-1.8 49s82 Dear Sir or Madam fn our letter dated August 9, 200r, we determined that you were Federal income tax under section 501 (a) of the fnterna]_ourr.r,u" exempt from 1986 as an organization described in section 501(c) (3). code of Because you werea newly created orqanization,determination of your private foundition statuswe did not make a finaL under section 509 (a) of thecode However, we deLermined that you- could reasonablypublicly supported organization descrj.bed in section be expect,ed. Lo be a S6gi"f ff) or 509 (a) (2)of the code lVe aLso determined that you would be treat"Ju"private foundation durinq your advance ruling period. other than aBased on the financial- information you submitted coveringruling period, we have determined that you are a private your advancedefined in section 509(a) of the code. your exempt status flunoat,ion asorgranizat.ion described in section 50 j. (c) (3) remains as an in do not constitute an organization described in509(a) (2), 509(a) (3) or 509(a) (4) of the Code for section 509(a) (1), the fol1o"i.g reasons: 1. you are not an organization described in section 509(a) code because you are not an organization descri-bed (r) of the 170 (b) (1) (A) (i) rhrough 1?0 (b) in sections irt fal of rhe Code. Further, you are not an organization described in tu) section L70tniirtiet trri) of the Code because you faited to meet eirher the 33_L/3 ;;;;;"r_of_supporr test or the 10 percent facts.and circumstances tesi. in it is provided in section 1. L70A-9 (e) (6) of the fncome Tax tnis regard, Regulations that in determining whether or not such support from direcl or indirect cont.ributions rrom tests are met, tne includes contributions from an individual, trust, o. general public -singre only to the extenl that the totar contribution from a "orporation but individuar, trust, or corporation does not exceed 2 percent such organizations total supporL A review of the rinanliar of the you recently submitted indicates that you do not information percent-of-support test for the reasons set forLhmu"t Jr,* 33_r/3 on Encr.osure r.