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A case study on how Florida Department of Citrus can reposition orange juice as a cool, agonistic drink.

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  2. 2. Product packaging is clean and modern, but the narrative is still the same: Healthy 100% natural American breakfast ritual OJ’S NARRATIVE INSIGHT: People have heard this conversation. They’ve heard it for 60 years. How can we curate a new conversation around OJ?
  3. 3. GOT MILK?
  4. 4. 1CASE STUDY For years, people didn’t that know milk was healthy. In 1993, a new conversation was fostered around milk: Got Milk? Through iconic ads – of celebrities and their milk mustaches – milk became cool and essential.
  5. 5. SOLUTION Energy drinks, soft drinks and bottled water grabbed milk’s market share Position milk as a need. Without milk you’re lacking key nutrients – essential to a healthy diet PROBLEM INSIGHT Milk gave their dialogue depth and dimension by including new demographics into their conversation EXECUTION Ads of icons with milk mustaches
  6. 6. Differences Both are essential to the American diet No one knew milk was healthy; everyone knows OJ is healthy Similarities Take Away Reinvent the conversation and include other demographics in the dialogue OJ + MILK
  8. 8. 2CASE STUDY Cotton was forgotten in America. The Fabric of Our Lives reminded Americans that 100% cotton is still America’s favorite fabric. It rekindled America’s connection to cotton.
  9. 9. SOLUTION Cotton got expensive – due to floods in Pakistan and export bans Remind people that 100% cotton is quintessentially American. Remind people of something they already loved. PROBLEM INSIGHT Encouraging people to share their cotton experiences creates a more intimate conversation EXECUTION Celebrities sharing their favorite cotton pieces via YouTube videos; user generated content
  10. 10. Differences Both rooted in American nostalgia Both are targeting Millennials Both are 100% pure Cotton reinvested in their narrative; OJ didn’t Similarities Take Away Cotton turned its consumers into evangelists OJ + COTTON
  12. 12. 3CASE STUDY Pork had a bad reputation for being unhealthy. The Other White Meat positioned pork as a tasty, versatile meat, appropriate for any meal.
  13. 13. SOLUTION Pork had a bad reputation for being a fatty food Demonstrate pork’s versatility and nutritional benefits PROBLEM INSIGHT Pork grew multiple touch points; bacon for breakfast; pulled pork for lunch; pork ribs for dinner EXECUTION Savoring recipes showing consumers on how to cook pork
  14. 14. Differences Both were mature products in the marketplace Pork became fresh by insisting on its versatility Similarities Take Away Create versatility and options on product use OJ + PORK
  16. 16. NATASHA ART BUYER, 26 self-expressive liberal confident upbeat me-centered entrepreneurial impatient
  17. 17. myOJ a million ways
  18. 18. Ads of cool hipsters and icons musing over how they drink their OJ. Print ads will inspire Millennials to create and share their OJ sentiments via a social media. will foster and curate the conversation. myOJa million ways
  19. 19. oj +____cigarettes
  20. 20. oj +__me
  21. 21. oj+__vodka
  22. 22. oj +__yoga
  23. 23. .commyOJ
  24. 24. APPENDIX
  25. 25. BRIEF
  26. 26. CONSUMER INSIGHTS Some Millennial claims they don’t buy OJ because it’s expensive.” But Millennials buy other expensive drinks. Price is an artificial barrier. Why are expensive drinks – like FIJI water or Red Bull – cool and relevant? Sometimes, rather than creating a new conversation, it’s wiser to tap into a conversation that’s already happening
  27. 27. OJ BRANDS OJ’s been having the same conversation for 60 years, but each brand has a different dialect
  28. 28. Minute Maid’s aesthetic and tone is fun and youthful. Their product packaging is sporty and modern, making it the “coolest” OJ brand. Minute Maid
  29. 29. Minute Maid’s aesthetic and tone is fun and youthful. Their product packaging is sporty and modern, making it the “coolest” OJ brand. Simply Orange Simply Orange emphasizes its freshness and simplicity. The brand feels like a hybrid between Minute Maid and Florida’s Natural. Simply Orange
  30. 30. Minute Maid’s aesthetic and tone is fun and youthful. Their product packaging is sporty and modern, making it the “coolest” OJ brand. Florida’s Natural Florida’s Natural has a history and heritage rooted in Florida's orange groves. The brand cares about sustainability and the conservation of our environment and ecosystem. Florida’s Natural
  31. 31. Tropicana’s brand is rooted in a purity and naturalness. The brand appeals to moms and their kids – as Tropicana offers “100% pure and natural orange juice.”
  32. 32. SOLUTION People had energy deficiencies throughout the day Position Red Bull as a drink that enhances performance PROBLEM INSIGHT Show how a product can solve a real problem in a person’s life TAKE AWAY Print ads. Experiential marketing: Red Bull girls in mini coopers driving around college campuses, evangelizing. Tactile and tactical execution. CS4
  33. 33. Differences Both are targeting Millennials Red Bull inserted itself in people’s lives Similarities Take Away Red Bull created moments when Millennials needed energy. EG: two hours before a final or long lecture OJ + RED BULL
  34. 34. AVOCADOS
  35. 35. SOLUTION Avocados are fatty and have a higher price point than other vegetables/fruits Reposition it as a local product that delivers “healthy” fat. PROBLEM INSIGHT Differentiate between fats: good fat, bad fat Latched on to the healthy fat fad Join an existing conversation with a point of view TAKE AWAY How can OJ join an existing conversation? CS5
  36. 36. SOLUTION Kids have trouble peeling oranges, and oranges are being replaced by on-the-go snacks. Offer kids “baby” oranges that are small, light and nimble PROBLEM INSIGHT TAKE AWAY Create problem/solution narratives that are unique to a demographic CS6 Problem/solution narratives don’t have to be complex
  37. 37. Differences Both products are getting lost in a sea of competing products Cuties have a niche demographic that differentiates them from other produces; OJ doesn’t Similarities Take Away Cuties expanded their business vertically, by only targeting kids` OJ + CUTIES
  39. 39. MILLENNIAL COMMENTS Lauren, 25 – I drink OJ when I’m sick. Marteki, 22 – I always drink OJ at iHop. Joel, 25 – I don’t drink OJ at dinner because OJ isn’t a dinner drink. Sam, 25 – I love OJ, but it’s expensive, so I don’t drink it as much. Susie, 24 –Milk > OJ Lauren, 20 – OJ + waffles. Feels healthy. Nick, 21 – Used to drink OJ, but coffee replaced it as my morning drink Katherine, 20 – Associate OJ with the holidays. Mid-morning brunch. Candice, 21 – Screwdrivers. All summer long.
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  41. 41. THANK YOU.