Singing Across the Curriculum


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Singing Across the Curriculum

  1. 1. Singing Through The Curriculum A Little Math Humor One Direction 1 Thing Spoof• Mathematics is made of 50 percent formulas, 50 percent proofs, and 50 percent imagination.• Old mathematicians never die; they just lose some of their functions.• Some mathematicians become so tense these days that they do not go to sleep during seminars.
  2. 2. Think about your favorite song… Do you remember the words? Or at least the chorus? Does it change your emotions… make you happy/sad/excited?Wouldn’t that be a powerful tool if you could use that in a school lesson?
  3. 3. Learning New Information• We gain new information through our senses, the more senses we stimulate the easier it will be for us to receive and recall information. How Music Helps• Of course we can hear the song, but we can also write down the words and watch others and see interactions. We can feel the vibrations and put our bodies put into motion from planned movements (dance moves).• Incorporating more senses: have the students earn peppermints for a job well done, thus entering smell and taste into the learning curve equation.
  4. 4. How to Help Students RETAIN Information• One major way to help retain information is through repetition / review. – Academically Gifted students learn in 1-3 times repeated – Average students usually need 4 -10 times repeated – Learning Disabled students may need 70 times or more• How do we do this repetition without loosing students that “got it” on the 1st time?• Music can help make the learning fun and entertaining while engaging the students in the repetition so many desperately need.
  5. 5. Teaching the Order of Operations• Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.• PEMDAS• PE(MD)(AS)• Cupid Shuffle version- Teachertube/youtube MbPAnderson In Phoenix, Arizona (resource)• Q-U-E’s (Mind of a Mathman) Version… Oh, Oh, Oh for the Order Of Operations.
  6. 6. Quiz Time!Name the Song or a Line in the Song Or on this one the song being made fun of
  7. 7. My own “Modified” version• Order Of Operations (short and simple)
  8. 8. Dividing Fractions• Dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by that number’s reciprocal.• Keep Change & Flip KCF!• It’s not KFC but it’s still finger licking good math.• To the beat of “Money” by Pink Floid… My Version
  9. 9. Quiz Time!Name the Song or a Line in the Song
  10. 10. Example of Songs in ActionHow Can We Teach About Atoms?• Sounds like Adams… ! Media Link: Video
  11. 11. If Funny / Entertaining, It will be Memorable Mr. Parr’sAdams Video
  12. 12. Making A Song Continued• It often helps to look up the words to the song you want to imitate on line then look for math words that rhyme or work for the situation. – Play and have fun with it. If you are having fun the experience is much better for all involved. – If you get stuck don’t be ashamed to ask a student sometimes they will come up with the best lines!
  13. 13. When Making a Song for Learning• Make it simple – If you can’t keep it simple at least make it roll off the tongue. (Some items just don’t make good songs, use your best judgment)• Make it short – If you can’t make it short, break it into sections when you teach it.• Make it repeat• Bonus – I call it the Weird Al effect “White & Nerdy” – Make it funny or at least have fun with the song. – Make it sound like something they already know (connect to prior learning). – Look for plays on words such as (Adams and Atoms). – Make them move (add motions with the words) Put it in the body.
  14. 14. Let’s now try to make our own Song• First decide on your Subject (Math / Science / Etc.) – Decide if you want to work on a new song/ song already started but unfinished/ or share songs you already know, created, or have used.• Groups of 3 within the same subject. (Suggestion)• Pick a topic you would like to teach. (Or use a starter) • Pick a Genre type (one you either like or think your students will) – Pop, Rap, Country, Folk, Oldies – Other (Commercials, Sayings, etc.) • You can start with a song in mind or a topic you would like to teach. (You CAN make almost anything a curriculum song.)
  15. 15. For Your Songs• Thinking of different ways to reach your students and having fun while teaching the material will reflect in your teaching and the student’s retention.• Educational songs should help expand your ideas, sharpen your teaching skills and reach those you couldn’t reach before.• Keep in mind you don’t have to make up your own – The internet is teeming with educational songs.• Share with others your ideas – Facebook Support Group (NC Teacher Share Group)
  16. 16. Other Important Things to Keep in Mind• People are different so we can’t say songs will work for every student; However the more interactions students have with the material the more likely they are to remember it.• Sometimes the information doesn’t make good song material, use your best judgment. It does not have to make sense but it has to make the student think or they will not connect the song to the information.• Be sure to point out common misunderstandings For example the term is ATOMS not ADAMS.
  17. 17. Questions Math problems? Were always happy to help just Call 1-800-[(10x)(13i)2]-[sin(xy)/2.362x].If you actually took the time to figure that number out, can call me and tell me what it says.
  18. 18. Quiz Time!Name the Song or a Line in the Song
  19. 19. More Math Humor• Q: What does the zero say to the eight? A: Nice belt!• Life is complex: it has both real and imaginary components.• An engineer thinks that his equations are an approximation to reality. A physicist thinks reality is an approximation to his equations. A mathematician doesnt care.• I accidentally divided by zero and my paper burst into flames.• "Do you love your math more than me?" "Of course not, dear - I love you much more." Funny Math "Then prove it!" video Clip "OK... Let R be the set of all lovable objects...“
  20. 20. Encore Educational Music Bruno MarsInequalities Parody (linear SOH CAH TOAQUE (blurb) functions) Flo Rider-Trig Pi Video Sun PartsMoon Phases Mr. Parr Mr. Parr’s Mr. Parr Planets Around A Star