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Reciprocal Teaching Job Table Toppers

Do you have English language learners, exceptional children, or gifted students in your classroom? Are you looking for a strategy to meet the needs of all readers? Are you looking to increase rigor? Join us as we examine Reciprocal Teaching, a collaborative strategy designed to challenge and support all readers.

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Reciprocal Teaching Job Table Toppers

  1. 1. PREDICTOR Job Responsibilities: After your group members have previewed the text using THIEVES and recorded their predictions: 1. Encourage group members to discuss the clues they observed. 2. Share your prediction with the group first. 3. Then, encourage all group members to share their predictions and reasons for them. 4. Select two of your group’s predictions to record on your Group RT Chart under Prediction. Strategy Frames:  I think __________ because __________________.  I’ll bet __________ because ___________________.  I think I will learn __________ because ___________.  I predict ____________ because ____________. Predictor
  2. 2. CLARIFIER Job Responsibilities: (find areas where a word or idea needs to be explained (Word/Text Strategy) 1. Share one of your words or ideas that needed clarifying with the group first. Share your answers to the following questions: 1. Where is this word/idea located in the text? 2. What Word or Text Strategy did you use to figure out it’s meaning? 3. Have your group reread this part of the text, then explain the word or idea to your group as though you were teaching it to a younger student. 2. Ask each group member to share a different word or idea they needed to clarify. Then repeat the questions 1-3. 3. Record two of your group’s word clarifications and two of your group’s idea clarifications on your Group RT Chart under Clarification. Strategy Frames:  I didn’t understand the part _________, so I _______.  I couldn’t figure out ___________, so I _________. Word Strategies:  divided and conquered  sounded out word  used context clues  used a dictionary  asked a friend Text Strategies:  reread  read ahead  thought about what I already know  looked at the sentence structure  used context clues  asked a friend Clarifier
  3. 3. QUESTIONER Job Responsibilities: 1. Ask your group one of your questions first. Call on a volunteer to start discussing the answer to your question. 2. Ask for other volunteers to ask questions. Don’t allow yes or no questions! 3. Record 2 of your group’s “I wonder…” questions and 2 of your group’s “Why do you think…” questions that provoked the most discussion on the Group RT Chart under Questions. Strategy Frames:  I wonder (who, what, when, where, why, how)…  What if…  Why do you think… Questioner
  4. 4. SUMMARIZER Job Responsibilities: 1. Share your summary first. 2. Ask if anyone would like to add to your summary or share his or her own. 3. Lead your group in synthesizing the shared summaries to create the best summary possible taking the best parts of each summary. 4. Make sure that your summary has: -no more than 3 sentences -includes AP, CI, and important vocabulary 5. Record your group’s synthesized summary onto the Group RT Chart. Strategy Frames:  In ____________, the author ___________ the reader about…  A key event is when…  This part is about… Summarizer