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Engaging Students in the Common Core through SAS Curriculum Pathways


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Engaging Students in the Common Core through SAS Curriculum Pathways
Are you intimidated by the increasing push to use technology in your classroom This session will dive into SAS Curriculum Pathways, a free resource, where you can create effective, interactive lessons that engage students to meet Common Core standards. You will walk away with a 21st Century tool and resources for immediate use in your classroom.
Presenters Julie Stern & Katie Hutchison - East Cary Middle School - Cary, NC

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Engaging Students in the Common Core through SAS Curriculum Pathways

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved. Engaging Students in the Common Core through SAS® Curriculum Pathways® Katie Hutchison (Wake County – Science / SS teacher) Twitter: @KTHutch13 (Katie Bollinger) Julie Stern (Wake County – ELA teacher) Twitter: @jsinarski
  2. 2. Our Goals Learn the capabilities and benefits of SAS® Curriculum Pathways® Practice searching and applying SAS® Curriculum Pathways® to your lessons Integrate SAS® Curriculum Pathways® into your instructional plans
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. What is SAS® Curriculum Pathways®? A collection of online interactive resources searchable by Common Core standards or by subject for Middle and High School students
  5. 5. What is SAS® Curriculum Pathways®? Engages students Common Core Measures student progress 21st century skills Why do students think you should use SAS® Curriculum Pathways®?
  6. 6. Getting Started – It’s 1. In Chrome or Firefox go to: 2. Select Sign Up on the right hand of the screen. 3. Follow the directions to subscribe and create your teacher login. 4. You will need to check your e-mail to activate your account. 5. Do a System Requirements check and now you can begin to use SAS Curriculum Pathway. **Remember to record your student’s username.
  7. 7. Exploring Resources Interactive tools – students interact with the resource and can save, print, or email their answers to the teacher Audio Tutorials – multimedia videos useful for individual or group practice Tool based lessons – uses handouts with audio or interactive resources Web Lessons – handouts used with outside website resources Inquiry – where students Read, Research, and Respond with provided handouts App – free apps for iPad
  8. 8. How to Search 1,200+ Resources By Standards By Browsing Resources 1. On home screen in blue tab choose Standards 2. Select Common Core on left of screen. 3. Select Discipline – Literacy or Math 4. Choose which grade level objective and discipline to see strands and related resources. 1. On home screen, choose Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Spanish. 2. Narrow results by: a) Category b) Type c) Plug-ins d) Level
  9. 9. Example of Searching for Math Lessons by Common Core Standards
  10. 10. After selecting a resource… Check Standards Read the Lesson Guide – estimated time, objectives, assessments, teacher materials, and plug-ins required Browse through the resource as if you are the student Add to Favorites – organize them by folders later Share with students and colleagues by email or website
  11. 11. Exampleof ExcellentResource -- WritingReviser #4003: On the top row are links:
  12. 12. Exploring and Seeking Think bigger! How can you apply these resources to your lessons? Login and explore the site Use the Scavenger Hunt
  13. 13. Explore Interactive Tools English Language Arts Strategies for Reading Nonfiction (1265) Writing Reviser (4003) Punctuation Rules! (1364) Exploring Poetry about Sports (1365) Mathematics Volume: Prisms and Cylinders (1434) Simplifying Expressions Using Order of Operations (1310) Exploring Transformations (1309) Graphing Quadratic Functions (1420) Science VLab: Stream Ecology (870) VLab: Evidence for Plate Tectonics (953) VLab: Free Fall (1196) VLab: Density (11)
  14. 14. Explore More Interactive Tools Social Studies FDR and the New Deal (1256) Freedom of Speech in School (1186) Nile Kingdoms (1373) Interactive Atlas (1356) Spanish Future & Conditional Structures (960) El Tango de Argentina: Understanding pronouns (1235) Spanish Language Builder: Verbs (1345) Spanish Writing Tablet (1348)
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. Search among different levels (ES, MS, HS). Encourage collaboration by dividing tasks. Students receive specific, targeted feedback from their responses. Use the lesson guide to develop individualized plans. Differentiate and Collaborate
  17. 17. Differentiation and Collaboration  Examples:  Simplifying Polynomial Expressions #1321:  Assign specific problems based on student ability.  inContext #3000:  Students could work in groups to create a short story using “Short Story Plot Structure”  African Kingdoms: Kingdom of Mali #1220:  Each individual evaluates a single primary-source document from the lesson.
  18. 18. English Language Learners Explore multiple examples Confront real-life problems Practical applications Alternative assessment methods Connect between prior and new knowledge Enhance language Read Aloud App for iPad (QL #8003)
  19. 19. The Flipped Classroom Audio tutorials Web lessons Inquiries Interactive tools Student Assessments (help to ensure active learning) Algebra 1 Course (in or out of the classroom)
  20. 20. Other Areas of Interest to Explore IdeaLab Try new resources and give them feedback before it is finalized Community Browse what other teachers have done with a resource and their reflection on the lesson Professional Development Classroom Use At A Glance print out of resources by subject/Tips and Tricks Videos for demonstrations and integration Professional Development Courses
  21. 21. Independent Resource Exploration Identify: Search for a resource to address specific instructional goals Evaluate: Work through the resource as a student Implement: Develop an integration strategy
  22. 22. Contact Information Katie Hutchison – Twitter: @KTHutch13 (Katie Bollinger) Durant Road Middle School, Wake County Julie Stern –, Twitter: @jsinarski East Cary Middle School, Wake County