Chain reaction surface and volume


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Chain reaction surface and volume

  1. 1. A triangle has one obtuse angle andone acute angle. Which could be themeasure of the third angle?
  2. 2. Triangle JKL is an isosceles triangle.Side JL measures 8 inches and side KL measures 17 inches. What is the measure of the side JK?
  3. 3. Martha wants to put carpet in arectangular room that measures 14feet by 16 feet. There is a section in front of the door which measures 3 feet by 4 feet that will remain tiled.How many square feet of carpet will Martha need?
  4. 4. John will paint the four walls of hisrectangular basement. The basementmeasures 10 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 8feet high and has no windows. The door intothe room measures 3 feet by 7 feet and willnot be painted. How many square feet of wallwill John paint?
  5. 5. The height of a trapezoid is 12 feet. Thelengths of the two bases of the trapezoid are12 feet and 20 feet. What is the area of thetrapezoid?
  6. 6. The trailer on the back of the truck below is in theshape of a rectangular prism. The trailer iscurrently full.What is the remaining volume of thetrailer?
  7. 7. What is the surface area of a rightrectangular prism with dimensions 2 ftby 3 ft by 2 ft?
  8. 8. Which is the volume of a cube with anedge measuring 10 feet?
  9. 9. In the figure below, ∠GLH and ∠KLJ arevertical angles.Which is the measure of ∠GLK?
  10. 10. ∠GHJ and ∠JHK are adjacent angles. ∠GHKmeasures 73°.What is the measure of ∠GHJ?
  11. 11. In the figure below, points P, Q, and R are on a straight line.Angle RQV and ∠VQT are complementary.What is the measure of ∠PQS?
  12. 12. What is the value of x in the figure below?
  13. 13. In the image below, ∠EFG is a rightangle.What is the value of x?
  14. 14. Line WZ and line XY intersect in the figurebelow.What is the measure of ∠XEZ?
  15. 15. In the figure below, ∠EFH and ∠HFG aresupplementary.What is the measure of ∠EFH?
  16. 16. A right triangle has an angle thatmeasures 35°. Which is the measure ofanother angle in the triangle?
  17. 17. Two angles of a triangle measure 48° and62°. What is the measure of the thirdangle in the triangle?
  18. 18. Carol drew an isosceles triangle that hasan angle that measures 62°. Which couldbe the measures of the other two anglesin Carol’s triangle?
  19. 19. Two angles are supplementary. If oneangle measures 72°, what is the measureof the other angle?
  20. 20. Timothy has a drawing of the family roomof a house that he is building.•The drawing shows the family room tobe a rectangle 4 cm wide by 6 cm long.•The length of the actual family room is 9m.What is the actual area of the familyroom?
  21. 21. The scale for the blueprints for a house is1 in. = 7 ft. The dimensions of a room onthe blueprints are 2.5 in. by 3 in. What isthe area of the actual room?
  22. 22. On a scale drawing for a house, thedining room is 3 inches by inches.•The scale for the drawing is inch = 2feet.•Flooring costs $2.75 per square foot.How much will it cost to put new flooringin the dining room?
  23. 23. The scale on a map is 1 inch = miles. If two landmarks on the mapare inches apart, what is the actualdistance between them?
  24. 24. Mrs. Barron’s kitchen is shaped like arectangle. She has a scale drawing of herkitchen with dimensions 6 inches by 4inches. The scale of the drawing is inch= 1 foot. What is the perimeter of Mrs.Barron’s actual kitchen?
  25. 25. A 10-ft tree makes an 18-ft shadow.About how tall is a person who makes a12-ft shadow at the same time?
  26. 26. A scale drawing of a living room is shownbelow. The scale used to create thisdrawing is 1 in. = 2 ft.What is the area of the actual livingroom?