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Africa Presentation


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Africa Presentation

  1. 1. Sub-Saharan AfricaEDUC 36511/27/2012Courtney Phillips, Maggie Pogue, Hayley Redding
  2. 2. The Energized Exhilarators 7th gradeScience- CourtneySocial Studies- HayleyEnglish Language Arts- Maggie
  3. 3. Overview We will investigate how geography,demographic trends, and environmentalconditions affect the modern societies in Sub-Saharan Africa. We will focus on the urban,rural, and tribal regions of Sub-Saharan Africaand investigate how trends in weather patterns,disease, and other genetic conditions affectcultures and societies.
  4. 4. Integrated Unit Projects *We are a one-to-one school.*Tribes Museum Box
  5. 5. Museum Box
  6. 6. FocusScience: Water Cycle, Disease, HereditySocial Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa• Geography and CultureEnglish Language Arts: Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa
  7. 7. ScienceThursday: HeredityFocus: Genetic TraitsTLW (general topic): Practiceusing Punnett Squares to showhow traits are passedgeneticallyActivity: “Where’d you get thosegenes?,” Birth Certificate
  8. 8. Social StudiesTuesday: Urban regions ofSub-Saharan AfricaFocus and Review: Population DensityTLW (general topics): Naturalresources, competition, mining industryActivities: “Mining for Mysteries” and digitaladvertisement for mining company
  9. 9. Day: Tuesday Subject: Social StudiesGoals & Objectives: Social Studies: 7.G.1.1. Explain how environmental conditions and human response to those conditions influencesmodern societies and regions (e.g. natural barriers, scarcity of resources and factors that influence settlement). 7.E.1.1. Explain howcompetition for resources affects the economic relationship among nations (e.g. colonialism, imperialism, globalization andinterdependence).English Language Arts: 7.SL.5. 5. Include multimedia components and visual displays in presentations to clarify claims and findings andemphasize salient points.Information and Technology: 7.TT.1.1 Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to access information. 7.TT.1.3 Useappropriate technology tools and other resources to design products to share information with others (e.g. multimedia presentations, Web 2.0tools, graphics, podcasts, and audio files). Activity Description of Activities and Settings Materials/Supplies Needed Time Allocated1. Focus & The teacher will write “How does the environment affect the Laptops 10 minutes Review (initial availability of natural resources?” on the board. (Theme of Pencilmotivation and the day from Advisement period.) Paperrelationship to previous Students will review countries that make up Sub-Saharanlearning or priorexperiences) Africa using the interactive map on Students will apply the “Population Density” feature and, based on what they have learned about climate and geographic regions, make predictions about why there are more people living in certain geographic regions than others.2. Statement of TLW: st 21 Century SkillsObjectives The students will investigate how environmental conditions such as(specification of behaviors drought led to the development of the mining industry in Sub- __TC X CT X TLstudents will perform; Saharan Africa. Students will connect the competition for naturalTSW) __A X GA resources to the large migration of the population to urban settings in order to work in the mines. Students will also learn about the types of natural resources found in Sub-Saharan Africa and their uses.3. Teacher Input 1. Students will present their theories about population GP Paper from previous activity 10 minutes(Through some means, migration that they compiled during the Focus &teacher presents Review to the class. The teacher should ask probinginformation; tell, read,relate, show, model) questions that guide discussion toward the scarcity of4. Guided and competition for natural resources.
  10. 10. English Language ArtsThursday: FolktalesFocus and Review: “Mufaro’s BeautifulDaughters”TLW (general topics): Four types offolktales and the elements of eachActivities: PowerPoint, folktaleactivity, write own folktale
  11. 11. African Culture DayStudents will present the informationabout their tribes. Museum Box Tribe member Mining Company AdvertisementRain dance Folktale
  12. 12. Resources,8599,2068667,00.html