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Edith midelfart norwegian shipowners' association[1]


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Edith midelfart norwegian shipowners' association[1]

  1. 1. ILO MARITIME LABOURCONVENTION 2006WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE SHIPPINGINDUSTRY?Norwegian Sea Health Conference in Bergen 18 – 19 April 2012Edith Midelfart
  2. 2. • The MLC’s objectives: Protection of seafarers and level playing field for shipowners• Important challenge: Enforcement and control system to secure compliance
  3. 3. • MLC shipowner defined in Norwegian law as the ISM code company• Responsibility in solidarity with the employers of workers employed on board the ship• Internal employers and external employers• Workers employed by the charterer and by the shipping companies clients
  4. 4. NORWEGIAN MARITIME DIRECTORATE: DMLC P ART IMLC SHIPOWNER: DMLC PART II1. Minimum age (Regulation 1.1)2. Medical certification (Regulation 1.2)3. Qualifications of seafarers (Regulation 1.3)4. Seafarers’ employment agreements (Regulation 2.1)5. Use of any licensed or certified or regulated private recruitment and placement service (Regulation 1.4)6. Hours of work or rest (Regulation 2.3)7. Manning levels for the ship (Regulation 2.7)8. Accommodation (Regulation 3.1)9. On-board recreational facilities (Regulation 3.1)10. Food and catering (Regulation 3.2)11. Health and safety and accident prevention (Regulation 4.3)12. On-board medical care (Regulation 4.1)13. On-board complaint procedures (Regulation 5.1.5)14. Payment of wages (Regulation 2.2)
  5. 5. • Inspection and Certification of the 14 standards• Maritime Labour Certificate• Recognised organisations – Classification Societies
  6. 6. Offshore service/support vessels:Overall responsible for the ship: ISM code companyThe term ”Seafarer” – ILO resolution number 7Complicated certification process
  7. 7. Important for the industry• Keep it simple• Secure precise information of what is needed for compliance• Prevent unnecessary procedures – inspection at company’s office to the extent possible• Secure needed agreement with all employers• Make use of the seafarers practical experience, prevent unnecessary administrative burden