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Top Tech of 2018


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In this lightning talk style presentation, a number of presenters shared their favorite technology tools, services, or trends from 2018.

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Top Tech of 2018

  1. 1. Top Tech of 2018 Chad Haefele Sarah Arnold Jenny Dale Julie Raynor
  2. 2. Top Tech of 2018 Free Accessibility Tools Sarah Arnold Content Strategy Librarian
  3. 3. What I’ll Cover Introduction to Accessibility Free Accessibility Tools Resources
  4. 4. Defining Accessibility An absence of barriers (to anything). Anything = Web sites, textbooks, tools at work That lead to a diploma, a job, independence, success, and more
  5. 5. Tool: WAVE • Available as an extension on Chrome and Firefox • Also available online: (just paste in a URL to test) • Quickly check a webpage for accessibility violations and warnings • Also a great tool to learn and see WCAG in action • Numerous automatic checkers available (aXe, Site Improve, etc.) • Downside: they only catch about 25-29% of issues
  6. 6. Tool: Web Developer Toolbar • Available as an extension on Chrome and Firefox • Not only for accessibility assessment • Provides quick way to see if a webpage has accessible features like: • Headings to provide structure on the page • Alternative text for images • Underlying content organization
  7. 7. Tool: Paciello Group’s Colour Contrast Analyser • Standalone application for Mac or PC • Check color contrast on the web and in print documents • Download at • Guidelines require enough color contrast between text and background to be read by someone with moderately low vision • 4.5:1 for normal text (14 pt and smaller) • 3:1 for large text (18 pt and larger, or 14 pt bold and larger)
  8. 8. Tool: Screen Readers NVDA: • NonVisual Desktop Access • Free, open source screen reader for Windows OS • Translated into 43 different languages Others: • JAWS (Windows, very expensive) • VoiceOver (Apple, built-in)
  9. 9. Resources • How to meet WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool List • GOV.UK’s “Dos and Don'ts on Designing for Accessibility” • Duke University’s “How to do an assessment”
  10. 10. FREE Sources for Images & Clip Art Julie Raynor High Point Public Library Top Tech Tools of 2018 TNT Webinar, Jan. 23, 2019 Creative Commons Searches from a variety of sources; one or several at a time ● UNC Images for Reuse ● Unsplash (clip art available) Exclusively photographs
  11. 11. M S f L E
  12. 12. F , ... ● Visit ● Enter the code 62 07 84 ● Your responses 2
  13. 13. H I M S ● Primarily for open-ended questions or prompts at the beginning of the session ● These questions serve to: ○ Activate prior knowledge ○ Foster an environment of reflection ○ Encourage engagement from the beginning of the session 3
  14. 14. M ● ● Create a free account or log in with your Google or Facebook account. ○ Unlimited presentations and audience sizes. ○ Presentations are automatically saved and can be exported. ○ Open-ended questions and ten other question types. 4
  15. 15. S ● ● Create a free account or log in with your Google account. ○ One active “room” (basically question/quiz) at a time for an audience up to 50 people. ○ Three question types. ○ Results can be exported. 5
  16. 16. C Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ● Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ● Icon by NounProject 6