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TNT Webinar: E-Book Training


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Published in: Education
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TNT Webinar: E-Book Training

  1. 1. EBOOK TRAINING:How to Get StartedPresented By:Julie RaynorReaders’ Services Supervisor and OverDrive Specialistfor High Point Public Libraryjulie.raynor@highpointnc.govFebruary 27, 2013
  2. 2. WHAT WE WILL COVER TODAY:  Background of our EBook Service—How it evolved over time  General and In-Depth Staff Training  Purchase of Devices for Staff Use  Selecting and Training the Staff Digital Library “Experts”  Creating Handouts and Establishing Presence on Library’s Webpage  Designing and Offering Public Programs  Communicating with Staff  Lessons Learned Q&A
  3. 3. MY BACKGROUND  Readers’ Services Supervisor at High Point Public Library  Manage HPPL’s Digital Library Programs and Services since Jan. 2010  OverDrive Specialist for the Library Role Model:How to transform yourself into… a SUPERLIBRARIAN!
  5. 5. DIGITAL LIBRARY BACKGROUND…  Founding Member Library of the North Carolina Digital Library, 2005  No significant interest in the HPPL collection until 2010  Annual circ. in 2011 was 125% over 2010 circ.  Get organized so we could meet the needs of users of the digital library  Form a committee and develop an “Action Plan” to direct our next steps
  6. 6. EARLY SUMMER 2011 Created the “Action Plan” Established the NCDL Interest Group Priority item  Provide basic instruction on how to use NCDL for all staff who work at a public service desk We knew one of our hurdles would be…
  7. 7. I don’t DO technology!
  8. 8. GENERAL STAFF TRAINING, SUMMER 2011 All staff were given short tutorials on NCDL  30 minutes long, Groups of 4-5  Given with consideration for each person’s comfort with technology  General handouts made available  Encouraged to try NCDL on their own Ultimate Goal: Staff Buy-In! To minimize the…
  9. 9. New Media?! Change, Again? Attitude
  10. 10. IN-DEPTH STAFF TRAINING, SUMMER 2011 Readers’ Services and Research Services Staff  45 minutes, Groups of 2-3  Each staff member (especially in Readers’ Services) would be able to walk a person through the NCDL website and answer basic questions  Made this fun—provided incentives for learning  Will purchase devices for staff to use
  11. 11. DEVICE PURCHASING, FALL 2011 Readers’ Services and Research Services Divisions purchased devices for staff training  Readers’ Services purchased:  Basic Kindle, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire, Nook Simple Touch, and iPad (added the Nook Color later)  Research Services purchased:  Nook Color, Kindle Fire and iPad (purchased additional iPads for staff use later) System for staff to “borrow” and explore the devices they purchased
  12. 12. DEVICE PURCHASING, FALL 2011 Goals:  Make sure all staff were comfortable in assisting people with the basics  Provide tools for future use (use iPads for roving reference and weeding, etc.)  Results were very positive  Staff loved being able to try out the devices (especially the iPad) and were enthusiastic about helping library users Take the leap!
  13. 13. Don’t Panic! Now We’re Ready for the Post-Holiday Gadget Rush!
  14. 14. Now…To Assemble the EXPERT TEAM…
  15. 15. TRAINING STAFF EXPERTS, LATE SUMMER 2011 Staff members were chosen based on  high level of customer service  patience shown working one-on-one with library users  advanced knowledge of technology Individually trained  Patron Assistance training and other training resources from OverDrive  Included in the NCDL Interest Group
  16. 16. TRAINING STAFF EXPERTS, LATE SUMMER 2011 Their input was solicited on programs and handouts Informal brainstorming among the library “experts” was an additional benefit  This has continued and expanded as the experts are gaining experience working with the public Additional training for Readers’ Services Division  Serving as the “front line” initially in answering NCDL questions
  17. 17. ULTIMATE GOALMove staff from this…
  18. 18. ULTIMATE GOAL…to this!
  19. 19. Introducing digital formats to a print- centered community…
  20. 20. MARKETING TO THE PUBLIC Create handouts  Cover the basics on how to get started  Much harder than I expected  Continuous revision based on  Feedback from staff and library users  Updates to NCDL  New devices produced
  21. 21. MARKETING TO THE PUBLIC Presence on the webpage and Facebook  Created a general Digital Downloads page and specific pages for NCDL and other digital resources  Basic information, including informational videos and printable handouts  Regularly add information about NCDL and programs to Facebook page
  22. 22. EBOOK TRAINING: THE PROGRAMS  Personal Librarian sessions  Program throughout the library—set up appointments to work one-on-one with people on special projects  Use this to assist people with NCDL one-on-one  Can be scheduled in the evenings, with prior notice  Late Summer-Early Fall 2011 Program Topics  What type of eReader should I buy?  One of the most commonly asked questions  How to Use NCDL
  23. 23. EBOOK TRAINING: THE PROGRAMS  Fall 2011: Introduction of E-info Sessions  Flexible, drop-in sessions for anyone with questions about NCDL (or any device)  Dec. 2011: held once a week near the public service desks  Jan. & Feb. 2012: held twice a week--moved to larger classroom due to demand
  24. 24. Culminatingin…the “BIG TOP”Experiment!
  25. 25. EBOOK EXTRAVAGANZA 2012 All-Day EBook Assistance  Modeled after similar event held at the West Linn Public Library in West Linn, Oregon  Provide assistance by Device  Tables for Kindle, Nook, Tablet/iPad  Trained staff members were available all day to help people as they came by, 11-7 (8 people, rotating shifts)  Positive feedback from attendees Nook at Night  At end of EBook Extravaganza Day  Local Barnes & Noble staff demonstrated the current Nook models  New community partnership opportunity  Plan to have similar events in the future
  26. 26. ONGOING PROGRAMMING Spring & Summer 2012  Personal Librarian sessions and brief assistance provided at public service desks, as time allowed  National Library Week program Fall 2012: Started with E-Info sessions (Nov. and Dec.)  Offered three “classroom-style” programs:  NCDL for Nooks  NCDL for Tablets/Kindles  Free EBooks outside of NCDL
  27. 27. ONGOING PROGRAMMING Early 2013  2nd All-Day Ebook Assistance event (Jan. 2013)  Partnering again with Barnes & Noble to present Nook at Night  Much smaller attendance than previous year  Plan to continue with two E-Info sessions per month and Personal Librarians sessions as requested  Evaluate programs in Summer to plan offerings for Fall
  28. 28. LESSONS LEARNED E-Info sessions and Personal Librarian appointments were the most effective Informal brainstorming among the library “experts” was an additional benefit  This has continued and expanded as the experts are gaining experience working with the public Staff Buy-In was Achieved  Introducing Staff to NCDL led to many of them purchasing and using eReaders (especially Fall 2012-Early 2013)
  29. 29. LESSONS LEARNED Getting the word out…  Best publicity is word-of-mouth (which I encouraged)  Taking it “On the Road” to retirement communities  Residents were very interested in the service, for many reasons  Once I went to one location, I was invited to come to others
  30. 30. QUESTIONS?
  31. 31. THANKS FOR COMING! Look for more presentations from the Technology and Trends (TNT) Roundtable this Spring and at the NCLA Conference in October Also, if you haven’t joined TNT, it’s easy and inexpensive to do so! trends