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TNT Webinar #7: Mobile Devices


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Published in: Technology, Education
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TNT Webinar #7: Mobile Devices

  1. 1. Crystal D. Holland, MSLS Adult Services Librarian Forsyth County Public Library ~ Kernersville Branch
  2. 2. Kernersville Branch is responding to increased patron demand for downloading and mobile device training by scheduling one-on- one consultations.
  3. 3.  Give the name of their specific device. Not just Kindle but Paperwhite or Fire, etc.  Have their passwords written down/memorized for and their email account.  Bring all cables, including power cable.  Have device(s) fully charged.  Have the device registered (if possible).  Set a specific time frame (30-60 min.) and stick to it!
  4. 4.  What if the “tech person” is on vacation/ out of the office?  How many people on staff will be doing consultations? ◦ Consistency is imperative!  Who can schedule the consultations?  Set office hours for drop-ins vs. scheduled times
  5. 5. Aislynn Denny Media Specialist Guilford Middle School
  6. 6.  Online Research ◦ NCWISE OWL ◦ QR CODES ◦ General Internet Research  Interactive Lessons ◦ Socrative ◦ Quizlet  Quick communication with teachers ◦ E-mail ◦ Chat  Reading ◦ eBooks ◦ Online Magazines ◦ Blogs
  7. 7.  Frequently used in classrooms  Used for stations  Reward for good behavior throughout the week  iPads frequently used for movie making  Some teachers prefer to use the iPads over the student’s personal tablets  Media Specialist must maintain iPads and iPods  iPads checked out daily, great circulation statistics!
  8. 8.  Purchased through federal grant  Found in 18 out of 24 middle schools in the county.  Rest of the middle schools will receive them next year  Used in every class – even PE/Health  Wireless network boosted to accommodate extra network traffic  Allows for more personalized learning
  9. 9.  Engage Students through Technology  Personalized Learning  Students work at their own pace  Flipped Classroom Model  Help students become Information Producers rather than just Information Consumers
  10. 10.  Allows for easy access to the Catalog  Follett eBookshelf & eReader App  Voicethread Catalog tutorial  Blog for Book Reviews  More Webcast tutorials & student created book reviews coming soon  QR Codes in books to access online reviews & recommendations  Using Socrative to provide assessments for Information Technology lessons
  11. 11.  Learning curve for new technology  Teacher Buy-In  Student Responsibility  Network Traffic  Severe Filtering  Need for Digital Citizenship lessons