Presentation eurobodalla 2013


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Presentation made to Eurobodalla business community. Eurobodalla is situated on the NSW far south coast.

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Presentation eurobodalla 2013

  1. 1. Voice, Choice and Control A festival of ideas for our community - The NDIS in Eurobodalla 1
  2. 2. Voice, Choice and Control This was a presentation to a business forum organised by the Eurobodalla Shire Council - a regional council on the far south coast of NSW - to promote the business opportunities that the NDIS presents to the business of the Eurobodalla. 2
  3. 3. Voice, Choice and Control I will make the assumption that you know what the NDIS is, also what the NSW Living Life My Way is! NCID is the national peak body representing people with intellectual disability and their families. We make representations to the Commonwealth Government on issues that people with intellectual disability have told us are important to them. 3
  4. 4. Voice, Choice and Control Key Message ✤ By 2019, across the nation, 500,000 people with disability (many supported by their families) will have 18 billion dollars placed in their hands annually. This translates into 900 individuals with disability living in Eurobodalla, spending 30 million dollars ... ✤ Are Eurobodalla’s businesses, council and community ready??? 4
  5. 5. Voice, Choice and Control Who am I ... ✤ Yes, I am the Executive Director of the National Council on Intellectual Disability ✤ I am also ... ✤ a dad ✤ I have a daughter with a disability, who will be eligible for NDIS funding ✤ who will she spend her $ with? Eurobodalla businesses or will she and the family have to leave our community to get the things she wants/needs in a capital city? 5
  6. 6. Voice, Choice and Control What happens now ... ✤ lack of support services means that many people have had to leave the area - from rural/regional areas to a capital city ✤ $ are given directly to services (non-profit) by the government ✤ this will now change ✤ NDIS and NSW Living Life My Way = $ to people who can buy from anyone, any business. 6
  7. 7. Voice, Choice and Control Facts and Figures ! $$! ! ! ! ! ! ! people with disability ✤ 18,000,000,000! ! ! ! ! 500,000 (22,000,000) ✤ 6,000,000,000! ! ! ! ! 160,500 ( 7,300,000) ✤ 30,000,000! ! ! ! ! 900 ( 37,000) 7
  8. 8. Voice, Choice and Control The controversial bit ... ✤ One of the key aims of the NDIS is to create a ‘Market Place’ ✤ another way of looking at it; people are valued according to their contribution ... ✤ time ✤ involvement ✤ connections ✤ and most importantly - resources including $$$ ✤ (NDIS = social and economic participation = increased value of people with disability) 8
  9. 9. Voice, Choice and Control 3 Stories ✤ NCID is an example of an organisation which is dispersed across the country. All staff live in regional areas bringing wealth, students, etc to their communities. 9
  10. 10. Voice, Choice and Control 3 Stories ✤ Campbell Page ✤ From small beginnings in 1985 as a drop-in centre for young people, Campbell Page is a vibrant, not-for-profit organisation helping over 100,000 people each year through a range of employment, community and learning services. Now also doing business in the UK ✤ Head Office is in Batemans Bay 10
  11. 11. Voice, Choice and Control 3 Stories ✤ regional Queensland ✤ recently contacted by an organisation in regional Qld offering financial services to people with disability who are self-managing their disability funding. 11
  12. 12. Voice, Choice and Control Opportunities ✤ planning ✤ financial, accounting ✤ daily support ✤ employment ✤ holidays ✤ leisure, recreation ✤ equipment and repairs 12
  13. 13. Voice, Choice and Control Opportunities ✤ planning - specialist skills, provides local pathways and careers for students undertaking local TAFE and Uni courses. ✤ financial, accounting - keeping track of invoices and bills, assisting with the employment of support workers ✤ daily support - provides part-time and casual work for students, parents with kids at school, retired people, etc ✤ also, opportunities for business to act as teachers, eg, people will want to learn to cook, who better than a cook, where better than in a cafe! 13
  14. 14. Voice, Choice and Control Opportunities, part 2 ✤ employment - not only good workers, $ to train and support people ✤ holidays - (respite) for people all over Oz, NSW and local ✤ leisure, recreation - eg, golf. Membership and an opportunity for a young golfer (or older one) to act as coach ✤ equipment and repairs - again specialist services, eg, wheelchair repairs = bike repairs, car repairs (including electrical)! 14
  15. 15. Voice, Choice and Control Other considerations ✤ As I have stated - lack of services has meant that individuals and families have left the area to go to cities ✤ can we get them back? ✤ can we stop people going? ✤ can we attract others to the area? ✤ what do people with disability (and families) need, apart from their disability support, so that they stay in the shire, eg, a job 15
  16. 16. Voice, Choice and Control Are we welcoming??? ✤ The average NDIS funding is $34,000; 2 people = net income from a small business. ✤ 900 people = 450 small businesses ✤ So ... are we a place that people with disability want to live in? Are we a community that can meet the needs of people with disability? ✤ Are we prepared to change, to think differently to meet the wishes and needs of people with disability ✤ Who can assist us? 16
  17. 17. Voice, Choice and Control ✤ people with disability (of course) ... ✤ do you know people with disability? ✤ do you employ people with disability? $ for you as a Eurobodalla business means a better life for people with disability 17