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XOS Digital 2nd Quarter newsletter for Digital Media and Licensing customers.

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Digital Media & Licensing Newsletter

  1. 1. vI ISSUE 01: APRIL 2012 In this issue... Main Feature ............... 1 Licensing ...................... 3 Legal Affairs ................ 5 Consumer Tech ........... 6 XOS Partners with YouTube™; Grows Digital Network Offering X Industry News ............. 7 OS Digital has recently part- right and trademark licensing indus- nered with Google™ and try referred to YouTube as the “wild YouTube™ to create and west,” due to the explosive number manage official YouTube channels of fans creating their own videos for several of its collegiate athletics and posting them on the platform. Get connected... partners, including the Southeastern Conference, BIG EAST Conference, However, XOS can now track and Mid-American Conference and the manage content uploaded by fans, National Football Foundation. These and take copyright enforcement ac- The XOS Blog channels, along with several launching tion as necessary.Through YouTube’s later this year, will fall under the XOS exclusive Content ID system, XOS Digital Sports Network on YouTube. submits content for “fingerprinting,” Need Support? and when a fan posts a video that XOS Digital’s new YouTube affiliate contains XOS represented footage, channels will enable company part- the copyright enforcement team is Learn More ners to publish, manage and mon- notified and takes the appropriate etize their original content and full action pre-determined by XOS and games on the YouTube platform – a the partner. task difficult to undertake previously. In addition to copyright and trade- Up until more recently, the copy- mark management, XOS and You- 01
  2. 2. April 2012 New Licensing ProjectsTube will also sell video and display demand after its conclusion. others across the globe, and serves Feature Film - sas (FSN copyright) football game teractive Media to display within itsadvertising to run concurrently with as a distribution platform for origi- The Dark Knight Rises within a scene in the Kent home web platforms including foxsports.partner content. Live events can also For partners that do not already nal content creators and advertisers. during Superman’s teen years. com, and mobile. Tbe streamed on a YouTube channel, have a YouTube channel, the XOS YouTube boasts approximately 60 he Dark Knight Rises is the thirdoffering partners an additional op- consumer marketing team can de- hours of new videos posted to its and final installment in Christo- Fox Sports Interactive Media In addition, XOS Digital will alsoportunity for maximum fan expo- velop a channel with unique brand- platform every minute. As such, it is pher Nolan’s film series based provide the following highlight pack-sure. XOS has the ability to mon- ing. XOS will also train the appro- the the third most visited website on the DC Comics character Bat- XOS Digital secured the rights clear- ages to Fox Sports Interactive Mediaetize all content posted to channels priate partner staff to upload videos on the Internet. Four billion videos man, starring Christian Bale, Morgan ances to current season football and throughout the college football andvia YouTube premium advertising through the XOS Vault™ for live are streamed per day creating 800 Freeman, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy men’s basketball games for the South- basketball seasons: Men’s Basketballcampaigns. streaming events and to manage fan million unique users a month. You- and Anne Hathaway. Eight years af- eastern Conference, Pac-12 Confer- NCAA Tournament Preview, NFL videos. Tube is based in San Bruno, Calif. and ter the events of The Dark Knight, ence, Big 12 Conference, Conference Draft Preview, NBA Draft Preview,Partners will still maintain full edito- is a subsidiary of Google Inc. the terrorist leader Bane arrives in USA, Mountain West Conference, Pre-Season Top 25 Football Preview,rial and creative control including YouTube is the world’s most popu- Gotham City, pushing it and its po- Mid-American Conference, Sun Belt Pre-Season Top 25 Men’s Basketballthe ability to publish events such lar online video community, allowing For questions regarding a YouTube lice force to its limits, and forcing Conference, and Bowl Championship Preview, Football Rivalry Preview,as press conferences, interviews, millions of people to discover, watch channel strategy, please contact your its former hero Batman to resur- Series and Bowls for Fox Sports In- Heisman Preview and Bowl Preview.awards ceremonies and more. Part- and share originally-created videos. Partner Relations Representative or face after taking the fall for Harveyners can easily stream events live, YouTube provides a forum for peo- e-mail Dent’s crimes. Game-action videoand make those events available on ple to connect, inform and inspire of the Nov. 4, 2006 UCLA vs. Cali- fornia and Sept. 16, 2006 Nebraska vs. USC football games, along with the Feb. 23, 2006 South Carolina vs. Georgia (SEC copyright) and Feb. 18, 2007 USC vs. Arizona State bas- ketball games were used as playback within a bar scene in Gotham City. Feature Film - Superman: The Man of Steel Warner Bros. Pictures is produc- ing the newest reboot of the iconic superhero saga, Superman. “Man of Steel,” produced and directed by Zach Synder (“300” and “Watch- men”) will co-star Kevin Costner, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Diane Lane, and is scheduled for release in 2013. XOS cleared game-action vid- eo and Kansas trademarks from the Sept. 6, 2008 Louisiana Tech vs. Kan- 02 XOS Digital Industry Insider 03
  3. 3. April 2012 Legal & Business AffairsAdvertising Spot - NBC censed full game re-broadcasts from Network. XOS also provided this Veoh Not Liable in Copyright and, therefore, wasn’t liable for copy- AP Files Lawsuit AgainstSports Network/Versus 120 classic college football and bas- video to numerous NFL teams in- Infringement Lawsuit right infringement by users. News Aggregator for ketball games of the Southeastern cluding the New England Patriots, Copyright InfringementNBC Sports is creating a new pro- Conference, Bowl Championship New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Chi- Specifically, the court ruled that T Tmotional spot that will feature clas- Series and Cotton Bowl. cago Bears, Buffalo Bills, New York he 9 Circuit Court of Ap- th Veoh’s general knowledge of infringe- he Associate Press (AP)sic and recent student athletes say- Giants and Carolina Panthers. The peals recently handed down ment occurring on its website was last month filed a copy-ing “I Believe.” The spot will promote 2012 NFL Draft video highlights provided will be an important ruling that ad- not enough to impose liability on right infringement lawsuitsports programming on NBC and its used for editorial coverage leading dresses copyright liability for In- the video sharing service. Rather, the in the Southern District of Newcampaign centered on believing that XOS Digital has provided video up to the 2012 NFL Draft as well as ternet service providers that host court held that companies like Veoh York against Meltwater, a companyanything can happen in sports. XOS content of the top 250-300 colle- re-capping the team’s selections on infringing works. The court ruled only lose the safe harbor defense if that offers a paid clipping service.cleared pageantry video from the giate football players entering the Draft day. in favor of popular video sharing they have “specific knowledge” of an In its complaint, the AP alleges thatOct. 29, 2011 Oklahoma vs. Kansas 2012 NFL Draft to major media website Veoh in a large copyright infringing video and choose to do Meltwater adds no additional cre-State football game (FSN copyright) outlets including NFL Network, infringement case brought by Uni- nothing about it. Veoh, however, pro- ative content or editorial commen-and the Feb. 26, 2011 BYU vs. San Yahoo, Fox Sports and CBS Sports versal Music Group (UMG). The vided evidence to the court showing tary to publishers’ news stories andDiego State basketball for use in the lawsuit, which was initially brought that it removed specific videos upon “has built its business on the willfulnational spot. by UMG in 2007, alleged that Veoh’s the request of the copyright ownerexploitation and copying of the AP’s services were akin to the now de- and had implemented filtering tech- and other publishers’ news articles funct file sharing websites Napster nology to combat pirated videos. for profit.” Additionally, the AP or Kazaa, in that Veoh served as gues that Meltwater is misappropri- “a massive copyright infringer that Legal analysts contend that the ating AP’s time sensitive scoops ( is an Internet-based has built its business on the back recent Veoh opinion could bode its “hot news”).pay-for-video provider owned by of others’ intellectual property.” poorly for Viacom, which is in-FilmOn.TV Inc. This service features According to the court however, volved in a similar ongoing legal Meltwater, which serves clients suchmore than 150 streaming IP televi- Veoh qualified for the “safe har- dispute against Google’s You- as the U.S. Department of Home-sion channels in a subscription pack- bor” provisions afforded by the Tube in the 2 nd Circuit Court of land Security and Lexis Nexus, con-age, in addition to pay-per-view and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Appeals. tends that it operates a complimen-video-on-demand titles. In 2010, tary service that directs its launched a streaming to publisher websites, akin to otherInternet TV service for mobile de- search engines. Therefore, it claimsvices including iPhone, iPad, Black- it is not in violation of any federalberry and Android.’s copyright laws.subscription packages include morethan 150 premium streaming TV AP, however, argues that Meltwaterchannels worldwide, premium movie is different from other news aggre-channels and pay-per-view channels, gators that may link to AP contentas well as more than 10,000 video- because Meltwater’s service is onlyon-demand titles, including distribu- available to paid subscribers andtion deals with Granada, CBC, IMG, therefore is “not a means of expand-Pitch International, Screen Media, ing public access.”Revelation Films, Cinetel Films, andCirque Du Soleil. XOS Digital li- 04 XOS Digital Industry Insider 05
  4. 4. April 2012Consumer Tech Update Industry News sion industry with its newest prod- New XOS Partners the Big 12 Affiliate Network. Cur- MRN broadcast to watch all the ac- uct, the Streaming Stick. rently, XOS represents the Big 12 tion. The website launch will also in- I n March 2012, XOS Digital de- Conference’s licensing and helps clude an updated, more user-friendly veloped and released official mo- to support its highlights and digi- WAP site, where fans can connect About the size of a typical USB flash bile and tablet apps for the West tal archiving activities. Big 12 fans via on-the-go via smart phones. drive, the Stick plugs into your TV Coast Conference, just in time for now have the ability to access cur- and provides access to more than the West Coast Conference Men’s rent season and archived games Another exciting brand offering cur- 400 Roku apps. It includes Wi-Fi ca- and Women’s Basketball tourna- through the Big 12 OnDemand rently under development at XOS is pabilities, a processor and storage. ments. The WCC mobile apps pro- store and Smart TV app. Later this the Action Sports Digital Network vide fans with access to schedules, summer, local and regional news (ASDN). The ASDN is a full-scale Consumers who want access to standings, box scores, team and in- outlets in the Big 12 geographical network which will be available on Roku’s new Streaming Stick TV apps, such as the SEC Digital dividual stats, and access to select footprint can take advantage of of- multiple technology platforms. TheStudy: Apple’s iOS does through HTML5 in mobile browsers. Network and XOS College Sports, live streaming events. The WCC did ficially licensed Big 12 game high- network will feature an extensive li-better Wob handling HTML5 The best Android tablet was able to not previously have smart phone lights for online reporting via the brary of historic content from Alan but who don’t want to add another or tablet applications, marking this Big 12 Affiliate Network. Gibby, action sports video pioneer. smoothly translate less than 100 im-Both iOS and Android mobile op- box to their already over-burdened as its first foray into the space. The ASDN will also offer never- ages at 30 frames per second.Apple’serating systems support HTML5 in home entertainment collection will before-seen footage from the ca- iPad 2, on the other hand, smoothlythe browser, but according to a new likely embrace the device. Earlier this year, the WCC also part- reers of the biggest stars in surf- translated more than 300 images at nered with XOS and launched the ing, skateboarding, snowboardingstudy, Apple’s platform is doing a 30 frames per second. WCC Affiliate Network for accred- and motocross. Gibby traveled thebetter job handling it. The Streaming Stick will connect to ited news outlets within the region. world chronicling action sports an HDMI port on TVs.The only po- XOS Digital currently builds iOS The WCC Affiliate Network pro- from its infancy, covering the blos-Spaceport, a company that provides tential drawback is that a TV has to soming careers of Kelly Slater, and Android native applications for vides a free digital video player which The new Big 12 Digital Network for mobile app developers, re- support the MHL protocol, which delivers near-live game highlights Tony Hawk, Shaun White and many its collegiate athletics partners in-vealed in a recent study that Apple’s will allow the Stick to draw power and the “WCC Wrap” studio high- others. The ASDN will comprise cluding the Southeastern Confer- Coming Soon a video-centric website, with aiPad handles HTML5 almost four through the TV and be controlled light show for use in online sports ence, BIG EAST Conference and Video OnDemand store connected Xtimes better in the mobile browser by a TV’s remote control. Newer reporting. Fans can access game Conference USA. highlights within these video play- OS Digital and Grand- to Smart TV apps. XOS will alsothan competing Android-based tab- HDTV sets made within the past ers, dubbed the WCC Video Zones, AM Road Racing formed develop mobile and tablet apps aslet devices. In the smart phone mar- five years should support MHL al- a partnership in fall 2011ket, the average iPhone performance Roku introduces the ready, but sets older than five years by visiting the online sports pages of part of the digital network to pro- participating news outlets, which in- which includes development of a vide fans with access to content any-is about three times better than An- Streaming Stick could be more problematic. clude KGA-AM, Spokesman-Review, Grand-AM Digital Network. XOS where they are connected.Addition-droid-based phones. The Oregonian and KHQ-TV. will initially develop a new website ally, XOS will serve as the exclusive Roku, an XOS Digital Smart TV Available in the second half of 2012, for Grand-AM and its multiple rac- licensing agency representing this partner and a company that helped the Streaming Stick will cost be- In late February, XOS developed ing series. Grand-AM fans will soon unique archive of footage within theTo obtain this data, Spaceport exam- popularize affordable streaming vid- tween $50 and $100. several components of the Big 12 have access to unparalleled high- marketplace. Look for the Actionined the maximum number of im- eo boxes, is out to change the televi- Digital Network including Big 12 quality video content, all live timing Sports Digital Network to launch inages that could be smoothly pushed OnDemand, a Smart TV app and and scoring information, and the live late-Spring 2012. 06 XOS Digital Industry Insider 07