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a2 media studies romance genre pitch

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. PITCH Nasrin Choudhory
  2. 2. GENRE RESEARCH The genre I have chosen to represent within my trailer is Romance. Films which relate to this are “One Day, The Vow, The Notebook, 500 Days of Summer etc.” These films are all romance based with a secondary genre of comedy. My trailer will represent the classic British appeal, slightly like “Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones Diary” but in present times. The Notebook (2004) was a really useful when watching the movie and trailer. Since it offered me help in areas like editing and cinematography. This is because I would like my trailer to have a similar story plot although still different. One Day (2011) was also helpful with the story being based within the UK and also it had similarities to my plot idea. Since it is similar to a diary entry and is of a young couple and their own love story.
  3. 3. PLOT IDEAS 1 Learning how to Love. The young couple meet in the university library. They become immediate friends. The male likes his new best friend. However she is already in a relationship. He is supportive of his role, and will not get involved intimately. Her boyfriend becomes jealous of her new found friendship. Leading to her being forced on deciding between friendship and love. Then she makes her decision… 2 Meant to be. The two lovers have known each other all their lives. They use to secretly play outside in the park and were the best of friends. At the age of twelve she had to move away leaving behind a forgotten promise. Six years later she returns, her love for her childhood best friend still intact. He remembers her, but must keep his distance due to the status (him being working class and her being high class). They run into each other at the park, talk about the past memories. She returns home and finds out about her arranged marriage set up. Problems arise and it continues to be a contest of status or true love?
  4. 4. SOUND IDEAS Following my research I have noticed that sound plays a key part in all trailers. Within the romance genre, sound is used to help transition from scene to scene, yet it also represents the emotions of characters and gives a direct emphasis of this to the audience. An example of this would be the use of vocalist recordings made for the film divergent. This was made to represent the main characters mind set. The vocalist used in the film was the famous pop singer Ellie Goulding. I have therefore decided that within my trailer I would like vocal melodies and a score created. This will be played in a upbeat tune in order to relate to the genre and trailer.
  5. 5. LOCATIONS Restaurant Date With permission from a local restaurant which has a classic appeal. I could record a date between the couple in there. This is common in all romantic films and always seems to be a key scene. Picnic at the Park A traditional picnic on the grass with a woven basket full of classic British snacks. This will represent the British appeal and will also add a romantic feel to a date within the film.
  6. 6. TYPICAL DIRECTION Cinematography From my research I have noticed that films within the genre romance use a lot of close ups and mid shots within their trailers, with occasional tracking shots to show movement. The trailers also consist of a few extreme long shots to show the location. This is mainly to emphasis the location and adds to the story explaining a certain date or meeting point. Within the trailers they also seem to revolve around a specific location, this adds emphasis to the fact their romance developed here, making the location meaningful. Editing From my research I have noticed that romance trailers consist mainly of straight cuts and fades. The Fades emphasis on the change of time while straight cuts show the speed of development within the clip. An example of this would be in “One Day” the use of black and white fades adds emphasis to the change in time and memories, also when watching, it makes you feel like the transactions are like a blink of an eye.
  7. 7. HOW DOES IT LINK TO MY ANCILLARY TASKS? Film Poster Within the film poster I would like the background to be of nature like in some lifestyle magazines. This will be relatable to the film due to a date that the couple will have at the park. On the cover however the couple will be standing together lost in each other, while the teenage girl reading a book will be sat behind on a bench, a slight distance away from them. Magazine Cover With my magazine cover I am still slightly uncertain on which appearance I would like it to have. However a current idea I do have is that the teenage girl will be at the centre staring directly at the camera with the diary held to her chest. As for the couple from the novel will be behind her, side to side. In the cover it will show them as a trio almost family like. The couple may be staring at each other or I may have the female staring at the male while he gazes down towards the diary.
  8. 8. TO DO LIST Find the correct actor/ actresses for the job. Preferably a young couple for the role of the couple within the trailer. This is due to the chemistry between couples already being there, which will make it viewable onscreen. Find the correct location and sounds for the past tense videos/ images that will be taken. This will allow us to work on the mis-en-scene and make sure that every item hopefully fits in with the correct time zone. Finally create a score which will represent your trailer. Maybe the use of vocals to create a soft musical track which can play as an undertone throughout the trailer, with it’s increase and decrease in tempo and rhythm.