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11 08-11 e8

  1. 1. English 8November 8, 2011
  2. 2. Do NowPlease have on your desk:DLR Tuesday (please complete)GUM #10 (completed) AGENDACornell Notes Do Now (5 min) GUM (5 min)Highlighter Build Vocab sentences (5 min) Literary Term Review (5 min)The Pearl The Pearl, Reading/Question 1 (20 min)
  3. 3. New Literary Terms to ReviewCornell Notes:What is a parable: A parable is a short story that teaches a lesson or moral.What is a theme?A theme is a universal idea explored in a literary workWhat is a motif? A motif is a recurring contrast or structure within a literary work. Motifs develop and inform the reader throughout the literary work.What is a symbol? A symbol is a physical object, figure or color used to express an abstract idea.
  4. 4. Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow Consolation Detachment AGENDA Indigent Do Now (5 min) GUM (5 min) Reassuring Build Vocab sentences (5 min) Literary Term Review (5 min) Scandal The Pearl, Reading/Question 1 (20 min)
  5. 5. Question One: Response dueMonday (This will be on your final)Use Say, Mean, Matter to track three quotes you can use for your response.Describe in detail Kino and Juana’s simple life before and after the the discovery of the pearl. As we read, use a post-it notes to mark your citations (write page/line) After we read, take the information from your post-its and put it into your Say, Mean, Matter
  6. 6. John Steinbeck’s The Pearl 1902-1968
  7. 7. Steinbeck’s Interests1. Steinbeck saw both the horror and beauty in individuals, cultures and societies.2. Steinbeck focused on what we do to one another– for good or for evil, in everyday life and when we are put to “the test.”
  8. 8. Tidbits about The Pearl1. The first movies with soundtracks were popular in the 1920s. Steinbeck envisioned The Pearl as a movie. As you read the novella, think about how you would shoot a video depicting the story. You will have the opportunity to do this, if you like.2. Music plays an important role in the novella. If you think you might like to work on a book project involving music, please keep track of where and when music is mentioned or featured in the story.3. The Pearl takes place in La Paz, Mexico.
  9. 9. EUQ: What is a novella? What is a parable?Cornell Notes:Left Side: What is a novella?Right Side: A novella is a short novel.Left Side: What is a parable?Right Side: A parable illustrates a lesson. It teaches a truth. Parables often use allegory, which utilizes a concrete object to express an abstract or spiritual meaning.
  10. 10. EUQ: What is the tradition of oral storytelling?Cornell Notes:Left Side: What is the tradition of oral storytelling?Right Side: Oral storytelling is an ancient tradition that is personal and intimate. Typically, the storyteller and listeners sit very close to one another. The storyteller reveals himself/herself in telling the story and the listeners reveal themselves through their reception and response to the story. Often the story conveys a lesson or a moral.
  11. 11. Is The Pearl a parable? You Decide.Cornell Notes:Left Side: What is a parable?Right Side: A parable is a succinct story, which illustrates one or more instructive lessons. Parables feature humans. Fables feature animals.Would listeners in 1947 hear the same “lesson” that we hear today?
  12. 12. ImageryAn author uses imagery to evoke a more powerful picture of what he/she is trying to convey.Imagery touches your senses.Be on the lookout for: imagery of animals; music; light and dark (good and evil)
  13. 13. Listening to The Pearl Because the tale is meant to be told and heard, orally, we are going to listen to it. The tale has a simple plot on the surface. However, underneath the simple plot lies complex symbolism and hidden messages to be discovered by you. Therefore, we will also read the novella. Listen to master the plot and characters. Read to discover secrets in imagery. Read and reveal all kinds of clues.
  14. 14. EUQ: What is an infinitive phrase?1. Take out ChompChomp Infinitive Phrase Sheet2. Take out highlighter: highlight key information.3. Cornell Notes:Left Side: What is an infinitive phrase?Right Side: An infinitive phrase functions as a noun, adjective or adverb. It starts with “to” + the verb.1. Complete GUM part 1, tonight.