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CE Project


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Children, as young as three-years-old, travel long distances to reach their schools in overloaded vans, pickups and rickshaws which is dangerous.

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CE Project

  1. 1. It is not a chicken coop neither they are farm chickens. Yet every day school children travel to and from their place of learning, stuffed inside rickety vans and hastily converted Suzuki pickups. Some even hang on the doors for lack of space inside these school vans. While in the civilized world, school buses are given a specific colour, often yellow to differentiate them from other vehicular traffic, but we are not so fortunate
  2. 2. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAY NO TO OVERLOADED SCHOOL VANS No one can empathise with the parents whose beloved children perish in the wake of accidents that result due to overloading. Trail of accidents involving school transport is an ongoing issue so far unaddressed.
  3. 3. Better Safe than Sorry
  4. 4. NO The corruption in the country has led the problem to escalate as the traffic officials let the drivers to violate the transport rules by taking bribes
  5. 5. Schools should provide proper student transport facility or else should maintain record of contracted Vans and their drivers for accountability purposes
  6. 6. Take great care when picking or dropping students Ensure students are properly seated and not standing while the vehicle is moving Never overload the van