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Resume 2.0

  1. 1.  Meet NatalieakaGauthier
  2. 2. Table of Contents The past…  The present…  The future…Lifelong Learner Purpose Ultimate GoalsMy educational history My personal pitch My personal & professional visionsLifelong Leader My Greatest AchievementMy leadership roles What I am most proud of Contact Information My email, phone, &Personal Assets Other Work I am Proud Of mailing addressMy passions, strengths My other evidence of great& skills workStrategic, Problem The purpose: To show you who I am and what ISolver, Reflection am up to so that we can explore the possibility ofMy strengths at work working together in the near future.
  3. 3. The Past
  4. 4. Lifelong Learner Palo Alto High School  Indiana UniversityPalo Alto, CA Bachelor of Science in Economic2006-2010 Consulting and Corporate Innovation 2010-2014 (anticipated)
  5. 5. Lifelong Leader Palo Alto High  Indiana University  CareerYearbook Phi Mu Sorority Stella & DotStudent Life Editor Jewelry Sales Rep Executive MemberPhotographerWriter (New Membership Director) Spirit Committee Donato EnotecaJournalism Conference inArizona and New York Top Fundraiser HostessLacrosse Child CareLeague champions NannyMost Improved PlayerVarious VolunteerPresidents Award
  6. 6. Personal Assets Passions  Skills & Subjects  StrengthsSelf reflection Communication StrategicConstant improvement To the point Creative ways to succeedCompetition Persuasion PersonableGetting ahead Influential Speaking Easy to get along withSocializing Compassionate listening Problem solverStaying connected Ability to hear beyond Allocate resources wisely the wordsInnovationCreativity Developing: public speaking, understanding other cultures
  7. 7. Strategic, Problem Solver, Reflection  Donato Enoteca Hostess I realized that we were not properly allocating all of our resources. I suggested to my manager turning the storage room into an extra room for seating. City council was across the street from the restaurant. We turned it into a private party room, in which we either charged a set price and provided a projector, food and quiet work space or had extra seating for more customers.
  8. 8. The Past
  9. 9. Purpose Driven by CompetitionGrowing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, my competitive mindset wasable to spread into every aspect of my life. When I initially took over asYearbook Editor I wrote out all of the issues I saw with the previousyearbook, I then wrote out ways to solve each issue. The first majorthing I did was revamp the senior poll section, which in years previoushad always been taken on campus. My year we did not take a singlepicture on campus. My motivation came purely from wanting to seegrowth, improvement and of course to be better than the year before.My advisor flew me to Arizona and New York to conferences to obtainmore knowledge in order to create value for our yearbook staff. Upongraduation my yearbook advisor has asked me to come back and leadseminars to help the newer staff improve the yearbook.I want to work to continually improve myself in all aspects of my life.
  10. 10. My Greatest Achievement Mission TripFirst Congregational Church of ChristSpent a week in Boston with my youthgroup during my spring break. Duringour week we fed the homeless, taughtunderprivileged children, served mealsto the elderly and fixed an elderlypersons home. Overall this experiencehas made me realize that there arepeople less fortunate and to make theirlives a little more special. Throughouteverything I learned the importance ofbeing aware of my surroundings andknowing that the littlest things canchange peoples lives.
  11. 11.  Working with Kids Basketball Coach, Nanny, Sunday School Tutor, Safe Halloween Encouraging healthy lifestyle on to the youth; physically, mentally and spiritually PhilanthropiesIUDM, BMOC representative for Phi Mu,Relay for Life (Top Fundraiser)Raised $2,547Raised awareness on issuesLifted spirits of children who wereterminally ill  Blogging Other A compilation of pictures (I have taken and edited) Work I am and ones from the Web, along with motivational Proud Of quotes from people who inspire me
  12. 12. The Future
  13. 13. Ultimate Goals Personal  ProfessionalCreate a life in which I influence others- Create a career where I am able tofriends, family, children, community, constantly reinvent myself and thecolleagues, customers- to make a company in which I work for. Todifference. I want to always be there for challenge myself to think differentlythe ones I love, to speak with kindness and to influence the world. Createand understanding. To make sure that value to my customers, employers andeveryone around me knows just how society without compromising mymuch I love them and how special they values, the environment or otherare. To continue giving back to my and inspire the new To make a difference.generations to come.To change someone’s life.
  14. 14. Phone Number Mailing address (650) 793-8095 2351 Santa Catalina Palo Alto, CA 94303 Email Contact InformationI look forward to hearing from you!