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Online Enterprise Resource Planning


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Online Enterprise Resource Planning

  1. 1. ONLINE ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING WEB BASED IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR ENHANCED OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY ERP – AN OVERVIEW ERP is an application software and utilization paradigm by which an organization can ENTERPRISE RESOURCE integrate its diverse functions. PLANNING ERP is structured such that, if one part of an An information system that organization’s working impacts another part, the impacted departments information base integrates all manufacturing and gets altered automatically and ensuring that the related applications for an entire departments function in tandem, and not in enterprise isolation as they usually do ERP runs off a single database, An ERP system is an integrated solution, sharing a centralized database, with all enabling various departments to ‘users’… Human Resources / Payroll / Benefits, share information and E-procurement, Accounting, Budgets, etc. communicate with each other. being served by the same database through one point of entry. ERP systems comprises of function- specific modules designed to Data need only be entered or updated once, reducing errors, time and labor for reports, interact with the other modules, analysis, planning and program management. e.g. Accounts Receivable, Ultimately, time and resources are shifted to Accounts Payable, Purchasing, innovating, problem solving and direct budgeting, accounting, human service to customers rather than inputting, resources, material flows, etc processing, organizing, verifying and related “busy work” that burns through time and money. Online ERP is the web-enabled front-end for the company wide ERP software. Users are provided with web-based information and a central and uniform data basis. A Workflow Management System ensures targeted and secure user guidance through the required business processes. The online ERP software, needs the permanent availability of user-specific Internet applications is ensured. The online Enterprise resource planning software forms the backbone of business systems in manufacturing firms and many other businesses. The online ERP solution for the users are a strategic and coherent approach to the management of organizations for providing facilities such as loans to the customers or giving credit to the suppliers or to reflect their financial status in the respective industrial environment. It is the most valuable asset for the people working there who are responsible both - individually and collectively for the achievement of the organization’s goals. NEED FOR ERP As defined by professionals financial loans under various banking systems are having a lack of implementing effective strategies. But this seeks to obtain competitive advantage through the strategic development of highly committed & skilled workforce using an array of personal techniques. It is concerned with the employment, development, and the reward of people in organization and conduct of relations between the user needs and the financial systems. It involves all people of different line and length as well as the end users, which can specifically exist to make important contributions to the process involved.
  2. 2. AIM/OBJECTIVES OF THE SYSTEM THE PROPOSED ONLINE SYSTEM HAS TO integrate all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. As the ERP methodology has become more popular, there is a need of emergence of software applications that helps business managers implement ERP in business activities such as inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources. The objectives are listed below: Challenging the suitability of existing business software systems Developing software long-lists for replacement projects Challenging the validity of short lists during replacement projects PROPOSED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PROPOSED SYSTEM SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Server : Windows 2000 and Client Client : Windows Client Software : VISUAL STUDIO (ASP.NET) Database : Oracle 8/ SQL SERVER Web Server : IIS PROPOSED SYSTEM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS • Processor - PIII or higher processor server and client • RAM - 128 MB or higher • HDD - 40 GB or higher • MONITOR - Digital Colour Monitor • FDD / Keyboard / Mouse / ATX Cabinet EXISTING SYSTEM PRIME CONCERNS OF AN ORGANIZATION The size of ERP, the number of users, it wide-area-network capability. Need to have core focus, eg SAP - manufacturing, PeopleSoft - Human Resource, etc..., all generic in nature requirement for a proper System flexibility, ie is it expandable if the business grows and its limits. The cost involved for expansion, look at license cost per user and cost per add-on module. Different ERP vendors have different pricing models. Is it easy to customize the system, again the cost involved and time as well. Need to have the system user friendly, easy to use for the users. How quickly is an invoice raised following the dispatch of an order? NEED TO analyze the correlation between the salaries and bonuses related to sales performance? Need for analysis of the marketing activities targeted to responsive potential markets? To monitor whether the sales people monitored and measured in line with your business goals? Need for automatic web based interactions Automatic email and messaging systems Ease of use
  3. 3. PROPOSED SYSTEM FEATURES The ONLINE system design specification of the ERP, how does the actual system work, we will have to go into technical details with this, normally this will tell us the stability, security and flexibility of the ERP. The online system helps in supporting the levels from the ERP, helpdesk staff available, technical staff, consultants available, etc. With the proposed ERP system, all of these things can be improved. The proposed online system has every department to get better equipped to carry out key tasks and with visibility across all processes that we can obtain clear and timely information on which to base critical business decisions. Maximize productivity through re-organizing the human resources and other departments in your small business. Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes. Reduce Inventory and improve visibility of the order fulfillment process inside the small business. Integrate customer order information, right from closing the sale, delivering the product, and invoicing the customer. Web based solutions Ease of use Easy mails and messaging systems ABOUT THE PROPOSED SYSTEM The proposed integrated online ERP system provides an intuitive and flexible tool set that can handle all the front and back-office operations of a discrete manufacturing company. The proposed Online Enterprise Resource Plan is a software that integrates departments and functions across a company into one computer system. The Online ERP runs off a single database, enabling various departments to share information and communicate with each other. The proposed software ERP systems comprise functions such as specific modules designed to interact with the other modules, eg Purchasing, sales, customer, budget control etc. Online ERP is an ocean of integration and the proposed system handles only certain functions within the specific time limit. The proposed system does not handle the finance related and Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, production and its schedule modules within its scope. Online ERP is an Extended ERP System, which means it handles everything a traditional ERP package handles like Parts, Orders, plus many additional functions required by a manufacturing company such as Quality, Engineering, and so on. Most of our customers can install an Online enterprise solution. However, these customers need not stay with their existing ERP system, use various Online modules to augment their legacy system’s gaps and weaknesses ERP PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES Quickened Information Response Time Improved Order Management / Order Cycle Increased Interaction across the Decreased Financial Close Cycle enterprise Improved Interaction with Customers
  4. 4. Improved On time delivery Lowered inventory level Reduced direct operating costs ERP CAPABILITIES • Improve Quality/Visibility of Data • Integrate Business Processes or Systems • Improve Business Processes • Standardize Info Systems/Platform • Reduce Cost or Improve Productivity • Improve Customer Responsiveness • Support Supply / Demand Chain Processes • Support Globalization • Construct Technology Infrastructure ERP - KEY BENEFITS TANGIBLE INTANGIBLE Inventory reduction Information/visibility Personnel reduction New/improved processes Productivity improvement Customer responsiveness Order management improvement Integration Financial close cycle reduction Standardization IT cost reduction Flexibility Procurement cost reduction Globalization Cash management improvement Supply/demand chain management How is ERP Different from other applications? TYPES OF DATA MAINTAINED • Maintain Financial and Non-Financial data about a wide range of activities • Events Orientation -- Record events other than financial accounting events; record additional, non-financial information about accounting events METHOD OF DATA AND PROGRAM ORGANIZATION • Organize information more efficiently and provide tools to make information accessible to a wide variety of individuals/applications • Database Organization - All data is stored separately from the programs that manage it. This allows for (but does not assure) more seamless integration of subsystems and easier development of systems and processes that use cross-functional data LEVEL OF ENTERPRISE-WIDE INTEGRATION • Integrate and link information from a wide variety of subsystems • Enterprise-Wide Integration -- Across subsystems and transaction cycles and across financial and non-financial lines
  5. 5. MODULES OF THE PROPOSED ERP IMPLEMENTATION ONLINE PLANNING AND BUDGETARY CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE ONLINE INVENTORY CONTROL ONLINE PURCHASES ORDER PROCESSING ONLINE QUOTATION PROCESSING ONLINE SALES ORDER PROCESSING QUALITY MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMER MAILS ALERT MESSENEGER ONLINE PLANNING AND BUDGETARY CONTROL This module, will take care of the planned budget, for the organization. There will be a pre-planned input, which is the maximum limit of expenditure in the organization. The amount will be sanctioned, and the organization has to plan all the purchases only, in that amount, so that the limit would be fixed. This module will get the input from the finance department. There will be statements like the maximum limit for expenditure. This data will be decide by the finance manager in this module we would have only the following screens. This will help us to generate plans on demand, analyze material requirements, control production costs and scheduling, and manage resource efficiency. EQUIPMENT AND ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE This module will create and maintain multi-level bills of material, manage product data, design routings and standard processes, and track and control engineering changes. This module takes care of all the materials involved in the construction and their maintenance. The equipment might be of a smaller kind namely, hammer, jumper, saw, axe etc and it might be of a bigger range like bull dozer, proclain etc. these heavy equipment will have to be handled carefully so that there is no human loss as well as material loss. Hence in this module a complete list of all these materials are printed and they are listed with their full details like bill, date of purchase, date of rent (if rented), rent slip etc. ONLINE INVENTORY CONTROL This module defines inventory as detailed list of goods. In an organization, goods such as raw materials, finished products, spares, consumables, etc are kept in stock so that whenever need arises these items are available off the shelf and the business does not suffer on account of non-availability of the items.
  6. 6. It is imperative that every organization must have a good inventory control system, and computers go a long way in helping to achieve this goal. This module takes the care of the stock of raw materials available and it is updated every time continuously Manage detailed inventory records, maintain optimal inventory levels, simplify inventory transactions, automate frequently performed tasks, ship and receive goods, track material location and lot information, track serial numbers, utilize bar coding, and perform cycle counting and physical inventories. ONLINE PURCHASE ORDER PROCESSING This module will take care of the purchasing of the materials in bulk and this purchase module will take care of purchasing the raw materials and this will be issued to the inventory department. This will help in managing procurement, organize and maintain detailed vendor information, create purchase orders or generate purchase orders from planned orders, manage requisitions, and receive and inspect vendor shipments. ONLINE QUOTATION PROCESSING This module provides quotes and estimates to customers and automatically converts quotes to sales orders. Easily this module helps to create new items and associated bills of material and routings, copy and modify existing items, or quickly configure an item on-the-fly. ONLINE SALES ORDER PROCESSING This is the ultimate important module, which will be used to indicate the maximum sales. The sales are recorded with the orders placed by the customers. This provides the actual quotes and estimates, enter and maintain complex sales orders or convert quotes directly to sales orders, create new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly, maintain price matrices, and ship finished product. QUALITY MANAGER THIS module inspects the incoming and purchased and outgoing or manufactured materials, inspects the returned materials, and intimates them as a report. This system does not trace the defective parts to their original location/lot, and maintain data on instruments and equipment. It is not within the scope of this system HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER This module manages the employee's salary and job histories, benefit eligibility’s, uses, and process payroll. EMAIL ALERT MESSENGER This module maintains the real-time workflow communication by automating customized messages to vendors and customers as well as employees for specific system events, via e-mail, on-screen messaging.