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SPUnite17 Caveman Project Management for Agile - Scrum - Kanban teams with Office 365

SharePoint Unite 2017 Session

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SPUnite17 Caveman Project Management for Agile - Scrum - Kanban teams with Office 365

  1. 1. Caveman Project Management for SCRUM/Kanban/ Agile Teams with Office 365 Eric Eaton Consulting Lead, VisualSP
  2. 2. We have come to value: • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools • Working software over comprehensive documentation • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation • Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
  3. 3. Agile comes in various flavors Example 1: Kanban The ultimate in simplicity • The Starbucks model – • Line up the cups in the order received • VIPs can be promoted to the front of the line • The barista just grabs the next one in line and keeps going
  4. 4. Agile comes in various flavors Example 2: SCRUM • Structured into time boxes (sprints) • Every sprint has its own planning and scope / work commitments • Each sprint results in a shippable product
  5. 5. The ideal agile tool Perfect, why? • Simple, visual, no learning curve • There is no executive approval needed to buy Post-it notes • Easy to improvise for any special needs
  6. 6. Well, almost the ideal agile tool The only real problems? • The team gets spread across different locations • Teams need a way to do some analysis across sprints / iterations • Who doesn’t love an Excel spread-mart?
  7. 7. What we usually roll out Enterprise PM software • Difficult to learn • Distracting to work with • Eats time • Creates headaches • Fulfills a function the team doesn’t usually need, or even want to do
  8. 8. What we usually roll out
  9. 9. You don’t have to do things the hard way… >
  10. 10. 9 out of 10 cavemen prefer MS Planner • Agile board • Simple, intuitive • Basic metadata • OneNote for documentation • Teams for communication • SP for collaboration
  11. 11. MS Planner Demo for Kanban and simple SCRUM scenarios (20 mins) 15
  12. 12. What’s not to like? Reporting • Burndown chart • Sprint to sprint (velocity) • Release planning • Flow of work analysis 30
  13. 13. Office 365 offers other services that can fill those gaps PowerApps / Flow • No-code UI designer and WF automation • Mobile friendly • Cross service / platform boundaries • Free-mium licensing Power BI • Advanced reporting and visualizations • Team workspace • Cross service / platform boundaries • Free-mium licensing
  14. 14. PowerApps / Flow Demo Copying data out of Planner for reporting purposes (30 mins) 33
  15. 15. Office 365 – the quintessential caveman tool • Simple, flexible applications that fill a clear need and work together easily • More advanced applications that allow you to creatively fill gaps and stitch apps together • Your organization probably already owns it • Caveman tools help lead to quick wins, and user adoption 00
  16. 16. User adoption doesn’t happen by accident 4 Tenets to User Adoption: 1. Simple, common sense governance with a purpose 2. Simple adoption metrics 3. Simple, visible solutions to real-life problems (with a large audience) 4. Help that is actually helpful to users
  17. 17. You only need to keep doing these 4 things as long as user adoption is still important to you As soon as you stop – the trend starts to drop
  18. 18. How do you do Adoption as a Service? • You need ongoing resources dedicated to adoption-related activities • You need to keep these resources focused on their tasks
  19. 19. You can do this. We know how to help. Ask for a free caveman adoption health-check • 4 tenets Caveman Adoption Scorecard • A plan for how we can help