O365con14 - the value of power bi


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European Office 365 Connect 2014 Presentation

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O365con14 - the value of power bi

  1. 1. Turning data into a business advantage A look at analytics in action inside Microsoft Finance Marc Reguera Finance Director – Microsoft Apr 1st 2014 – Haarlem, Holland Twitter: @marcreguera LinkedIn: Marc Reguera YouTube: Search “Marc Reguera”
  2. 2. A revolution took place in Holland in the 70’s TOTAL FOOTBALL
  3. 3. Before Total Football Each player had a specific position & a specific role Defenders take ball away & pass it to midfielders Midfielders pass it around & until they find a forward open Forwards go 1-on-1 & try to score
  4. 4. Rinus Michels changed all of that Total Football allowed for each player who steps out of position to be replaced by a team mate to fill the vacated hole The defenders went forward, the forwards came back. We played football. He even used the goalkeeper, Jan Jongbloed, as a libero, playing outside the area."Rijsbergen
  5. 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK3RUt7BZWI
  6. 6. A revolution took place in BI in the last 2 years TOTAL POWER BI
  7. 7. Before Total Power BI Each person had a specific position & a specific role IT GETS DATA and pass it to Analysts Analysts Convert Data to Info for Business Leaders Biz Leaders Consume Reports & make decisions that drive Impact
  8. 8. After Power BI Get Data Convert data to Insight Use Insight to drive Impact
  9. 9. After Power BI Get Data Convert data to Insight Use Insight to drive Impact
  10. 10. A Revolution has taken place in the last 2 years in MS Finance….
  11. 11. How MS Finance drives Business Impact Today Get Data Convert Data to Insight Use insight to Influence & Impact
  12. 12. How did it happened?
  13. 13. TIME • Single Master Data Source • Consistent Taxonomies “CoreFinance” • Operational Efficiency • Outsource non-strategic activities • Efficient C&C “OneFinance” • Power BI user-friendly tools Microsoft BI Finance 2015 GOOD DATA TOOLS+ + Outcomes built from partnerships IMPACT Finance Strategy with BI: Finance 2015
  14. 14. New BI Tools = more Agility w/o compromising Security Core Finance 1.0 Core Finance 2.0 BI Foundation BI User Enablement • Data Governance • Report Rationalization • Portal Consolidation • Anchor Reports • Drill Down Capabilities • Platform Simplification • Data Stabilization Infrastructure for Growth • Enhanced Reporting & Analysis Toolkit • Federated Reporting Model • Self Service & Rich Drill down capabilities • Power BI capabilities integrated (presentation connected to data source, natural language capabilities of Q&A, Touch Enabled…) FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 PowerPivot Major MS BI Product Release Power View Power BI
  15. 15. We also leveraged Megatrends Turn data into business insights and make an impact Data Produce, Consume & Present data & insights on many devices Mobile Easy & Secure access to your confidential files and data from anywhere Cloud Collaborate in many ways with your colleagues and business partners Social
  16. 16. Let me show you • How we look at Airfare cost • Before & After Power View: Sales Review • How we scaled to Tabular Model • Advanced Data Visualization Moving Bubble & Bing Maps • Getting public data form excel => Real Madrid Performance last year in La Liga • Answering every question at a review with Power BI Q&A
  17. 17. Airfare Slides before Power View
  18. 18. End to End Solution
  19. 19. Let’s continue the dialogue Twitter: @marcreguera LinkedIn: Marc Reguera YouTube: Search “Marc Reguera” for 10 videos (over 50,000 views)