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NCCET December Webinar - Restructuring Continuing Education and Corporate Training


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The Lone Star College CE and Corporate Training Divisions centralized the operations of 5 separate training divisions 3 years ago into two separate entities. Two years later, a reevaluation, with the collaboration of a consultant from NCCET, shaped the new structure and roles of the continuing education personnel as a more effective and streamlined organization focusing on operations, serving students and program/curriculum development to address workforce needs in a time of tightening budgets.

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NCCET December Webinar - Restructuring Continuing Education and Corporate Training

  1. 1. A Model forCentralizedCorporate Trainingand ContinuingEducation
  2. 2. System Highlights• Six colleges• Ten satellite centers• Two university centers• 1,400+ sq. mile service area• 85,000 students• 5,000+ employees trained at client company locations• 100+ businesses served
  3. 3. LocationsLone Star College Campuses: LSC-CyFair LSC-Kingwood LSC-Montgomery LSC-North Harris LSC-Tomball LSC-University Park
  4. 4. Office of Workforce Development Decentralized to Centralized Audience ParticipationPolling Question
  5. 5. The way we are…. CE & CC Structure Each campus had a different model and was not connected to the system workforce development office. Corporate College was buried within CE
  6. 6. Office of Workforce Development Audience ParticipationPolling Question
  7. 7. Phase 1: Corporate CollegeWhy Change? – Communication • Internal - Internal - Different reporting – and different importance to college president • External - Businesses confused • External - Businesses had multiple locations in one service area – Promotion • Image – embedded into the college image • 5 marketing plans – if any • 5 websites – if any – $$$ • Chancellor looking for other revenue streams • Grants – submitted from each college • A/R – no follow through on clients paying invoices
  8. 8. Corporate College - Phase 1 Structure
  9. 9. Corporate College - Phase 2 Structure
  10. 10. Corporate College - Phase 3 Structure
  11. 11. Corporate CollegeBusiness Solutions – profit center• Needs Assessment• Consulting• Skills Testing• Curriculum Development• Training• Apprenticeships• Room leasing and catering
  12. 12. Corporate CollegeAccountability: – Sales revenue – Lease revenue – GrantsCollaboration: – Input for New Program Development – Connect HR Managers/VP to Job Placement – Customize CE programs – Develop online offerings – Professional seminars and workshops
  13. 13. So is it working?
  14. 14. Phase 1 Continuing Education• Centralized CE under an Executive Director• 5 Sr. Program Managers• Centralized Program Development Process• Single CE Schedule – all 5• More Collaborative instead of competitive• Standardized PM responsibilities - Accountability• Sr. PM SME support• Sharing of Budgets
  15. 15. Phase 1 Continuing Education• 6.2 million dollar budget to provide – Workforce Development Certificate Programs (approximately 50) – duplicated across system – Adult personal enrichment – Adult Basic Education: GED and ESL – Youth summer camps & school year programs – Academy for Lifelong Learning – Continuing Education linked to credit – Seminars for licensed professionals requiring CEUs.
  16. 16. So is it working?• 5 Sr. Program Managers – responsible for curriculum and programs – Confusion about roles• Budget – 2010 budget was $6,232,073 • Actually spent $6,633,142 – split between 5 campuses – • managed by campus directors • competition between campuses – Revenue was $5,263,457 Audience Participation Polling Question
  17. 17. However…..• Continuing Education – Still needed to reduce budget – Streamline processes – Staff still felt disorganized• Outside consultant
  18. 18. Continuing Education- Phase 2 modifications• Needed to streamline processes to reduce budget by $500,000 – iStar buckets (departments/programs) – Content Leads – Some Program Managers – Campus Program Coordinators – More flexibility in tuition – Promoted Registration Personnel to Specialist IV/Advisors
  19. 19. Continuing Education- Phase 2 Associate Vice Chancellor Workforce Development Dean Continuing Education Directors (5) (Dotted Line to Campus Sr PM’s (3) Department Assistant iStar Analyst Administration) Program Managers Full-time Faculty (10) DOM (5) Program Coordinators Division Coordinator (5) Adjunct (100’s) (20) Cashiers (2)Specialist IV’s PT – (4)
  20. 20. Accountability Commitment Control - Budget Overview - Ledger Group KK_DEPT TOTAL FY12 Depart Program Budget Expense Encum/ Available Total Leisure Workforce Revenue ID Description Pre-Encum Budget* Enrollment Enrollment Enrollment200001 Business & Professional200008 Health Occupations & Emerg SVC200302 Sfwr Prog Scrty200308 General Occupations200602 Culinary/Cosmo/Home200604 Law Enforcement200608 Transportation200610 Engineering Technology200612 Construction Trades200613 Welding200614 Machining200615 Mechanical/Repair200901 Languages200902 ESL Workforce240001 Business & Professional (NF)240015 Teacher Cert (NF)240016 Testing/Assessment (NF)250110 GED ABE (NF)250111 Languages (NF)250401 Leisure Learning Other (NF)250410 Discovery College Youth (NF)250411 ALL (NF)250701 ESL (NF)TOTAL CE PROGRAMS66 CE Campus Admin 0000009002 CE Revenue 0000 System CE Admin Total CE Revenue
  21. 21. So is it working?7,000,000.006,000,000.005,000,000.00 Adjusted4,000,000.00 Budget Expense3,000,000.00 Revenue2,000,000.001,000,000.00 - FY10 FY11 FY12 Audience Participation Polling Question
  22. 22. In Closing
  23. 23. Thank you!Bonnie Dean Robin GarrettDirector, Business Dean, ContinuingDevelopment & Sales