Introducing Wikis...


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Introducing Wikis...

  1. 1. Teaching in Wikiland An Introduction to Using Wikis in the Classroom
  2. 2. What is a Wiki?  A website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit content  Like a Word Document online  Easy to use and effective as a collaboration tool
  3. 3. Yes but can I learn to use it? You can learn to use a wiki in 30-60 min. There are several free sources for wikis.
  4. 4. What’s important about a wiki?  Collaboration  Hyperlinks
  5. 5. Wikis as Information Sources What do you know about Wikipedia?
  6. 6. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is:  A free encyclopedia  Multilingual  Web-based  Written collaboratively by volunteers Most articles can be changed by anyone Wikipedia has more than 3,210,000 articles
  7. 7. Wikipedia
  8. 8. Using Wikis in the Classroom  Collaborative Tools for group work/Projects  Data Collection  Research  Group/Individual Writing  Peer Review  Create a basic webpage with minimal skills  Publish and Share work
  9. 9. Free Wiki Sites  PB Wiki  WikiSpaces  Wetpaint
  10. 10. Steps in Creating a Wiki 1. Register as a user, it’s free 2. Create a Wiki 3. Set permissions and rights to enable sharing and collaboration  Public and anyone can contribute;  Public and people who become members can contribute;  Private and only invited people can contribute and view wiki 4. Add content and develop pages 5. Invite members by email Wikis provide a backup and will show who modified the content. This allows you to block or monitor who is posting what to your wiki