N.Carbone Gamarra Architect Resume


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N.Carbone Gamarra Architect Resume

  1. 1. Nicolas Carbone Gamarra Architect | Master in Sustainable Development | UNSW Mobile: 04 -30 122 120 | Email: n.carga@gmail.com | Address: 12 / 15 Alison Rd - Kensington NSW – 2033 Profile 4 years professional experience achieved in designing projects from conceptualization to completion phase, project development, coordination of specialities, documentation and constructive details. Recently got experience in POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation for sustainable buildings – “Surry Hills Library” in Sydney) also got experience in building design using ESD Strategies (Environmental Sustainable Design). The latest experience was obtained during 2010 as a part time Architect in Arkivis – Sydney. This was a big opportunity to get familiar with the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and constructive buildings types in the local market. Collaborative team working experience acquired and good communicational skills developed. Variety of projects and concept presentations using graphic softwares and technical tools such as Auto Cad, 3D Sketchup, Photoshop, 3DMax, Freehand, PowerPoint and Adobe Flash. Outstanding recommendations and references upon request Education Master of Built Environment and Sustainable Development | UNSW | Program completion by November 2010 Professional Degree - Architect | Speciality - Project Development and Management | U. Mayor Chile | Degree Assessed with honours | Year 2007 | Scholarship Obtained for Academic Excellency. (Certificate - Upon request) Professional Internship - Junior Architect assistant in practice | “Groupe Leclerc Architects” Canada Year 2005 High distinction mark on final report and references available upon request. (Certificate - Upon Request) Projects and Architectural expertise | Relevant work Experience Firm: Cristian Fernandez - Senior Consultant Architect |“CyC Asesorías profesionales Ltda” | From Jan 2008 to Dec 2008 “Lateral Arquitectura & Diseño Ltda” | Chile Position: Architect | Project and Specialities Coordinator | Technical drawings and constructive details Project: “Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral” Refurbishment of an existing, historical and heritage building 34000 m² Bicentennial Projects | Cultural Centre |Client: MOP. The specific program included a theatre for 2000 people, two concert halls, dance spaces, a museum, a library, rehearsal rooms and exterior development. The project was entirely designed by “CyC Asesorias Profesionales” in collaboration with “Lateral Arquitectura & Diseño” Responsibilities  Coordinated Multi disciplinary collaborative teams, project specialities; such as Civil Engineering, Acoustic Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Electrical Engineering and several others with Architecture and planning Development.  Organized Gantt chart diagram, workshop expenses, client meetings, and team work coordination.  Developed documentation and constructive details, using AutoCAD, and 3D modelling softwares Achievements  Improved knowledge on energy efficiency, construction methods and materials. Acquired information related to thermal load modelling, energy efficiency integrated systems, Inmotic control systems, acoustic and projects of interior air quality.  Improved professional skills in project development and technical drawings using AutoCAD, Photoshop, and 3D Max, from conceptualization, to completion Carbone Gamarra Architect
  2. 2. Firm: 1 a 100 Arquitectura y Diseño | Architect | Principal Designer | Dental Clinic Project Los From Sep 2007 to Jun 2008 Andes. | Development and presentation of Preliminary Design and Draft. Position: Architect | Principal Designer | Conceptualization, project development, drawings and details Developed project “Clínica Dental Los Andes” from conceptualization to preliminary design, including technical and architectural blueprints, technical specifications and 3D Modelling. Environmental and thermal conditions of Los Andes city were achieved due to on site analysis. Achievements  Experience in architectural design from conceptualization to preliminary draft including presentation  Experience in constructive details and materials. Also 3D models were developed and communicational graphic skills were obtained.  Advanced graphic programs were implemented such as 3DMax, Raytrace, Sketchup and AutoCAD 3D to present several applications (renders, sketches, Illustration) Firm: Eguiguren & Stamm “Diseño y Paisajismo” | Design and Landscaping. | Architect In charge From Dec 2007 to Jan 2008 of “Urban Corridor for Transantiago” | San Bernardo City. Position: Architect on-site chief Inspector | Organizing and controlling workers on site Experience: Supervised workers on site. Emitted written state reports to “Icafal Building Company” and controlled on site work submissions also responsible for public relations between, neighbours and the building company. Achievements  Experienced in Planning and Management of workers and team arrangements  Experienced in ecosystems management and urban landscaping, tree species moving, tree felling and replacement. Firm: Groupe Leclerc Architectes | Saint Hubert- Quebec- CANADA | Architectural Professional From Jan 2005 to Apr 2005 Internship Position: Junior Architect assistant in practice Learned a new culture and a new metric system in imperial units, adapted and developed personal interrelationships, gained experience in several commercial projects such as “Spa and Gym Rive Droite”, “Refurbishing of Jacques Rousseau Library”, “Complex Pava Laval” among others. Achievements  High distinction mark on the final internship report. Outstanding evaluation from the colleagues and the Chief Architect.  Advanced management of technical software and graphic programs such as 3D Max, AutoCAD, Freehand, Photoshop.  Direct relation with the client and participation in several meetings to present projects were a constant in the period of the internship. Carbone Gamarra Architect
  3. 3. Technical Skills AutoCAD | 3D. Max | Photoshop CS | 3D Sketchup | Macromedia Freehand | Microsoft Software Excel | Microsoft Outlook |Microsoft PowerPoint | Microsoft Word | Internet Explorer | Adobe Acrobat 3D. Networking ADSL / Mail / SMS / Windows XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7 Personal Skills Honest | Confident | Responsible |Self Demanding | Quick Learner | Easy Going Person Design | Conceptualizing | Drafting | Technical Drawings | Blueprints | Sketches | Building Details | Project Management | Interior Design | Sustainable Advisor | Eco Design & Architecture Friendly Architecture. Artistic Painting | Books | Meeting People | Travelling | Learning | Listening Music Interests and Hobbies Reading the Newspaper | Outdoors Experiences | Sports | Cooking | Environment Skill development courses and Seminars  Sustainable Energy and Greenhouse Solutions | Seminar - Dr. PhD Mark Diesendorf | UNSW. 2009  New Concepts and Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings | Seminar - Dr. PhD Andreas Wagner (KIT) | USYD. 2009  How to embark in architectural business | Workshop - Universidad Mayor - Chile 2007  Coach Course. Leading teams | Workshop - Universidad Mayor - Chile 2006 Referees and contact Details 2 referees available upon request.  Pierre Leclerc (Principal Architect & Director of Groupe Leclerc Architectes QBC Canada) | Address - 5245, Chemin De Chambly, Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 3N5 | email: info@groupeleclerc.ca  Cristian Fernandez (Principal Architect of CyC Asesorias Profesionales Ltda. Chile) | Address: El Governador 020 Oficina 402. Providencia, Santiago - Chile. | email: cfa@cfa.cl Carbone Gamarra Architect