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Connectedclassrooms 100325173623-phpapp01

  1. 1. January, 2012Nancy Caramanico
  2. 2.  What does the research say about learning in the 21st Century? What can teachers do to learn new skills and strategies What One to One Classroom resources are available What new skills and strategies can we learn today?
  3. 3.  Youth use media to explore interests and friendships Students learn from their peers and learn in a self directed way Learning is largely social Adults have an important role to play Schools should facilitate participation Assessing is a challenge given skills diversity iG/b.2029199/http://digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.ed u/report
  4. 4. Technologies to Watch1 Year or Less – Electronic Books1 Year or Less – Mobile Devices2-3 Years – Augmented Reality2-3 Years – Game Based Learning4-5 Years – Gesture Based Computing4-5 Years – Learning Analytics Horizon Report
  5. 5.  Exposure to a variety of technology for netbooks Hands on access and Resources Plan Future Learning Agenda ◦ One to One Access-Learning Framework ◦ Web Tools ◦ Digital Storytelling ◦ Classroom Management ◦ Classroom Connections ◦ Web2.0 Classroom Applications Links to resources NetbookClassrooms
  6. 6.  Teacher skills and information Transforming teacher role New expectations for all Current issues in education Implementing innovations Refining practice.Linda Darling Hammond, Teacher’s College, ColumbiaImage via @N00/68913172 Transforming the Classroom
  7. 7.  In 15 minutes a day, you can- Connect with a teacher Read a journal article Learn a new skill via Youtube or other resource Get new lesson ideas Listen to a TEDtalk Join a ning for teachers- Participate And Much, Much More Make an Investment – Nothing we do on behalf of students is wasted time.
  8. 8. Personal Learning Network Blogs and RSS Social Bookmarking Wiki Twitter Hashtag –Learning for Teachers -15 minute chunks - Link: to Explore Tedtalks for Teachers for-teachers-to-watch.html 15 Minutes Wiki
  9. 9.  One to One Website   One to One Wiki for Schools  m/  Supports  http://www.guide2digitallea velopment/10_technologies_ use_laptop_tablet_classroomWorld at the Fingertips Learn about One to One
  10. 10. Nancy CaramanicoInstructional TechnologySpecialist