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Women, Wine & Web Design - workshop


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An introductory hands-on workshop to learn HTML and CSS. Explore HTML elements, write your own code, add some style with CSS to make a simple page about you.

Published in: Technology
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Women, Wine & Web Design - workshop

  1. 1. Hands-on with HTML and CSS a Workshop by Nicole Capuana
  2. 2. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Before we begin • Get on wi-fi: MTP Guest network (No password required) • Create a Webmaker account: • Log into your Webmaker account • Install the x-ray goggles: • Bookmark this:
  3. 3. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle My story
  4. 4. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  5. 5. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  6. 6. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle BUT NOW I DESIGN
  7. 7. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle i make innovative & impactful products
  8. 8. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle stats
  9. 9. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  10. 10. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  11. 11. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  12. 12. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  13. 13. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Part 1 - intro to HTML
  14. 14. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Think in blocks
  15. 15. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Every element has a open and a close < />
  16. 16. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  17. 17. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Remix a site using your X-ray Goggles, remix a site replace images, write something, try to change anything
  18. 18. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Find & play with elements • Use your worksheet • Find the elements in the code • Try changing an element to one on the worksheet and see what happens
  19. 19. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Now you try it
  20. 20. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle How was that?
  21. 21. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Part 2 - Make a Plan
  22. 22. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  23. 23. @ncapuana Everything can be drawn with these elements
  24. 24. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Plan it out Select your ingredients Draw a rough outline of the layout Plan the order of information
  25. 25. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Pick some colors or Write down the HexaDecimal Number (always starts with a # and it 6 characters made of numbers, letters or both)
  26. 26. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Part 3 - You Code
  27. 27. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle We will use Thimble to remix My page You could also do a New Project to start from scratch another time
  28. 28. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle
  29. 29. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle make your About Me Page • Start with changing the HTML and adding your information in - this is index.html • Upload images or take selfies with your computer’s camera • We’ll worry about the styling - colors, fonts, padding, and placement in a little bit,
  30. 30. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Let’s Add Some style
  31. 31. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Cascading style sheets The .css file and how you style your presentation layer
  32. 32. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Work in style.css to: • Change colors - backgrounds, headings, paragraphs etc. • Add borders to elements • Change fonts (you can pick different fonts to use at: https:// • Add padding • Float or not
  33. 33. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Using a font We will call the web font (this means it’s hosted online with Google) with the <link href=“…> and then declare the font family in the CSS file.
  34. 34. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle How was that?
  35. 35. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle keep making • Read books and practice • Take a class • Enroll in bootcamp
  36. 36. @ncapuana @Tech_Elevator #womenwinewebdesign #thisiscle Credits Drawings done by me - Nicole Capuana Slide 4 - Ancient Greek language - Wikipedia Commons, Minoan Seal - Peter X-Ray Googles and Thimble logos are Mozilla All icons are creative commons license from TheNounProject • Slide 14 - Hamburger (Peter K.)