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If you build it they MIGHT come

While collecting customer feedback is a key element to building great products, knowing what to do with that feedback is the differentiating piece. In this session, we’ll cover methods for getting feedback, testing your product, and prioritizing changes or features so you can bring to market a product or service people will use (and love).

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If you build it they MIGHT come

  1. 1. If you build it… they MIGHT come Nicole Capuana Presented at industry Digital Summit 9/5/2014
  2. 2. at LeanDog ncapuana
  3. 3. What if
  4. 4. It’s about people not you
  5. 5. Methods
  6. 6. Set objectives
  7. 7. Observe
  8. 8. Interview
  9. 9. Stay out of the “woulds”
  10. 10. Pay attention
  11. 11. Test often
  12. 12. Can they use it?
  13. 13. AWhich works beBtter?
  14. 14. Do they want it?
  15. 15. Making sense of it all
  16. 16. Find themes
  17. 17. Assess value
  18. 18. Prioritize
  19. 19. Make a product people love
  20. 20. Photo credits Creative Commons License in the waiting line by fly Dancing Flames by Capture Queen Portraits by Fabio Gismondi Toolbox by Florian Richter Clear Vision by C.P.Storm My eye by Dan Foy Ear by Simon James Survey says.. by Henry Faber Google Analytics by See-ming Lee Histoire d'aujourd'hui by ArTeTeTrA When Signage Goes Wrong by Rick Dolishny push to test by milo tobin Fishing by Alan Surveying the damage by Dave Affinity diagrams by Jason de Runa Weekend Love by Fatma .M Images used in this presentation were taken by LeanDog or are Creative Commons License and found on Flickr.