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Diploma in ecommerce management 2012


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Diploma in eCommerce starting on the 20th March - Irish Times Training

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Diploma in ecommerce management 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to Irish Times Training For over a quarter of a century, Irish Times TrainingÁine Dilleen has been providing a comprehensive portfolio of qualityKey Account Manager business courses. We lead the way in providing cutting edge learning and our instructors are the best in their field.Irish Times Training24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2 Digital marketing is a sector, which is flourishing right now and we’ve created a number of exciting and practical courses to(01) 472 7101 address this demand. Our aim is to ensure all participants leave with tangible and practical benefits, which they can bring to their businesses. Our extensive digital marketing programme(01) 472 7111 includes a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Twitter & Facebook for Business, Writing for Web and many Located in the heart of the capital we are ideally situated and easily accessible by rail and bus. Our team would be delighted to provide any assistance or advice on selecting the right course for you or your staff. We can also provide all of our courses on an in-company, tailored basis.PLEASE NOTEWe require five working days noticeon all cancellations.
  2. 2. Diploma in Ecommerce Management Irish Times Training has joined forces with IIA to bring you the Diploma in Ecommerce Management 11 Evenings, 6.00-9.00pm - Everything you need to know to run a successful ecommerce business. Module 1: Planning your e-Commerce Customer Proposition 20/03/2012 - 29/05/2012 Plan a successful e-commerce business: just like off-line stores, each h successful ecommerce brand has its own unique character and characteristics based on a compelling customer proposition. Which kind of e-commerce business are you going to be? This module will provide examples and reviews of successful ecommerce brands, how they’ve taken advantage of the internet to grow their online sales through customer engagement, value proposition, business model (e.g. €1,265 subscription for repeat purchase, pricing etc.) Lecturer: Ronan O’Brien of Zatori – The Costume Shop. Module 2: Business Planning How to run a successful ecommerce business. This module will cover the financial planning aspects of your e-tail business. It will look at how to build your business plan, set budgets, and manage your KPIs. It will show you the impact of commercial decisions on your bottom line and how to optimise your profitability through appropriate stock management, transaction management (payment systems and bank charges and foreign exchange) and deals management. Lecturer: Fionan Dunne of CFO Services Module 3: Effective Website Design Off-line retailers have spent years perfecting the layout of their stores to guide customers through the full range of product offering and encourage up-selling and cross-selling through use of signage, point-of-sale materials and check-out management. Likewise, an effective website design is your key to driving your hard won visitors into customers. This module will provide examples and reviews of successful website designs that have optimised online visitors’ transactions. Lecturer: Gareth Dunlop of Fathomv
  3. 3. Module 4: Driving Customer Traffic –PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and E-Mail Marketing, Deals ManagementNow that you’ve got a great website up and running that will drive visitors to thecheck-out, how do you ensure that you attract sufficient traffic to your site in the firstplace? This module will look at effective use of PPC and SEO to drive traffic to yoursite. (As per Digital Marketing Diploma)Lecturer: Ronan O’Brien of ZatoriModule 5: Transaction ManagementAn efficient check-out process is the ‘point of no return’ for consumers and the pointat which customers are most likely to exit. How to do you ensure that your check-outprocess is efficient and provides the necessary clarity and assurances for thecustomer that will encourage them to make a purchase. This module will reviewusability of check-outs for effective online selling. It will examine the differentpayment systems that are available to the ecommerce manager and give them totools to decide which payment system will work best for their customer proposition.Lecturer: Bob Curran of Buy4NowModule 6: eCommerce Customer Services: CRM - Relationships and ReturnsThe challenge for many retailers is building a relationship with their customersappropriate to their brand. To what extent can you build trust online? How to youmanage your online customer services, how clearly are your terms and conditionsdisplayed on your site, how easy is your returns and refund process. This moduleevaluates excellent customer service in ecommerce propositions and shows you therange of tools available for communicating with your customers to enhance theirexperience and drive customer satisfaction.Lecturer: Bob Curran of Buy4NowModule 7: eCommerce Customer Services: Deliveries and DeadlinesThe big challenge for many ecommerce businesses is picking, packing and delivery.This module has been designed to take you through the range of distribution modelsavailable to you and to evaluate the distribution costs and their impact on your profit.Order Fulfilment is the biggest change for most ecommerce businesses.Lecturer: Rory O’Connor of Scurri.comModule 8: International e-Commerce: Translations & TransactionsThis module has been designed to teach you the key skills needed to sell onlineacross language and culture barriers as well as dealing with international tradingstandards and jurisdictions –within the EU and beyond. You will acquire practicaltips on how to approach your international strategy; examining the importance oflanguage and culture, international SEO and PPC, international payment solutions,customer follow up and international website hosting.Lecturer: Mark Rodgers of Cipherion TranslationsModule 9: Metrics / AnalyticsYou need to know how well you’re doing – this module provides you with metricsagainst which you can benchmark your performance. Visitors, conversions, bouncerates, ROI on marketing spend, basket-size – effectively retail KPIs for onlinebusiness as well as digital marketing analytics.Lecturer : David Murphy of AmplifyModule 10: Content – Images and CopyWriting great copy that sells product, providing great images and videos thatcompensate for the fact that the customer cannot touch and trial the product.Leveraging content marketing to deliver vital, relevant content that positions you as atrusted resource to which the customer will turn when s/he is ready to buy. Thismodule shows you how to create great content and present it a format that leads toincreased sales.Lecturer: Fiona Ashe of FlasheForward Communications
  4. 4. Module 11: Mobile CommerceSo far, we have examined the options for an eCommerce website but there arealternatives. This module will examine the significance of mobile e-commerce. Howimportant is a mobile-enabled site to your business? What are the trends for m-commerce and how is it different to your website? What opportunities does mobilepresent for e-commerce – for example NFC and mobile payments?Lecturer: Sian Gray, Mobile Marketing specialist (Nokia)FREE Module: Breakfast Briefing - Managing Customer Information:Your Legal Obligations as an eCommerce Manager from Gary Davies,Assistant Data Protection CommissionerIf you’ve got customer information on file you will need to know in what form and forhow long you can store it. You will also need to know for what you may use it. Youwill need to be fully aware of your obligations as a retailer vis a vis TradingStandards etc. This module is painful but necessary! Irish Times Training I 24-28 Tara Street Dublin 2 I 01 472 7101 I