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Online Organizing Training - June 2012


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Presentation given to 60+ youth leaders at the Calif

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Online Organizing Training - June 2012

  1. ONLINE ORGANIZING TO CHIRLA Movement B u i l d in g Tr a i n i n gHELP GET OUT THE VOTE J u n e 9 & 1 0 , 2 01 2
  3. WHAT IS ONLINE ORGANIZING?Online organizing is onlinecommunications, outreach,and mobilization that allowsindividuals to take part inyour work, as a complementto traditional organizing.
  4. REFORMIMMIGRATION FORAMERICACAMPAIGNHIGHLIGHTS• 1,200 house parties• 250,000 people on the National Mall in DC• 350,000 calls for the DREAM Act• Nearly 2.9 m i l li o n c o n t ac t s w i t h e l e c te d o f fi c i al s• Almost 1 m i l li o n activists across the US
  5. WHAT IS ONLINE ORGANIZING? What it can do… What it can’t do… Creatively engage  Replace actual supporters in new ways organizers and face-to- Connect local stories to face contact with national figures/media community members Mobilize people quickly  Deeply interact on the and effectively individual level – must Bring in individuals not serve as a building reached by traditional block for an offline organizing relationship
  8. ONLINEORGANIZINGTOOLS:Social media- Tw i t te r- Fa c e b o o k- Yo u Tub e
  9. ONLINEORGANIZINGTOOLS:Email- Pet i t i o n s- L et te r s to t h e e d i to r- C l i c k to c a l l- Donations
  10. ONLINEORGANIZINGTOOLS:SMS- Tex t o u t- Re c e i v e tex t s- C l i c k to c a l l- E d u c a t io n- Data c o l l ec t i o n- Event t u r n o ut
  12. WHY DO WE ORGANIZE ONLINE? BENEFITS LIMITATIONS Almost 100% open rates  Some mobile providers do on SMS not allow users to text the short code unless Message large quantities they have a specific plan of people at once  Boost, MetroPCS, Cricket  SMS: 35,569  Email: 58,168  People with .edu email addresses or work email  Total: 93,737 addresses can move Affordable – only costs staff time  Contacts can unsubscribe  160 characters
  13. WHY DO WE ORGANIZE ONLINE? Meeting people “where they’re at”  In 2007, 56% of Latinos had access to the Internet.  In 2012, 71% of Latinos have access to the Internet.  Half of all Latinos use their phones to access the Internet.  Latinos are increasingly adopting social media as a way to connect with friends and family. Dynamic  Flexible in the kinds of content you can deliver to people – videos, photos, real-time conversation, etc. Targeted  We can target based on any almost any qualifier – Representative, zip code, voter eligibility – to reach the right group of people every time. Nimble  Quick to react to news or events.
  14. Why was this successful?
  16. NOW!
  17. Registration Candidate/Voter GOTV/Canvassing Drives Forums Text Call to Text Call to Text Call to Action told to Action on flyers, Action repeated every single palm cards throughout event person you meet Commitment Commitment Commitment cards cards cards Sign in/up form Sign in/up forms
  18. June, July, August September October November •Pingback when •Voter Registration •Final request for •Drive to polling they sign up deadlines data place •Info on •Drive turnout to •Reminder of •Reminders to vote community events registration drives registration, early (2 reminders on •Request for data •Candidate and voting deadlines day of) (are you eligible to issue education •Candidate and •Poll (what issues vote, full address) issue education were most •Recruit for important to you?) volunteers (non- •Thank you for voters/students) voting/next steps
  19. WHEN DO YOU INTEGRATE ONLINE? SLOW BUILD RAPID RESPONSE In-person events  Breaking news or immediate need Small group of people every month  Quick mobilization, must attach to a OUTCOME: consistent moment base of activists to go back to, can work  OUTCOME: large through ladder of quantities of people, engagement some may only stay for a short while
  20. WHERE DOES ONLINE INTEGRATE - Events - C a nv a s s i n g1.Fill out email and cell phone2.Check boxes to receive texts
  21. WHERE DOES ONLINE INTEGRATE - C o m m i t me n t cards - Events - C a nv a s s i n g1.Put on every flier, sign, card2.Repeat at each break, walk people through process
  22. 1.Get contacts to sign a WHERE DOES commitment card ONLINE INTEGRATE - C o m m i t me n t cards - Events2.Give “Text OUR VOTE / - C a nv a s s i n g MI VOTO to 69866” prompt3.Repeat
  24. NAV team CHIRLA e-advocate RI4A online team• Data Lead • Gathers data • Uploads data • Collects commitment • Coordinates with NAV • Sends out team texts cards, enters data team about local• Team Lead events • Requests messages from e-advocate
  25. WHERE DO I FIT IN TO ONLINE ORGANIZING?At the end of the day, you’re this helps you…  make 1 or 2 more contacts with each individual you’re trying to get to vote  push people to register  recruit volunteers  hit your 157,000 contacts, 35,000 voters, and 18,000 registrations goals
  26. … build a movement of individuals ready to vote and push for comprehensiveimmigration reform, the DREAM Act and the rights for all immigrants in this country.
  27. BREAKOUT! Get in your groups and do two things: 1. Brainstorm 5 ways to include the SMS opt-in in your campaign2. Write 5 SMSs to send to people in your area about your campaign