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Sakai Spanish User (S2U) group meeting in Madrid on November 7, 2013 at Universidad Complutense.

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  • CLE 2.9.3 is considered the current stable release. 
    Certain orgs/schools choose to run off the 2.9.x maintenance branch; others like UMich base their local releases on a tag and then patch as necessary.
  • Increase Velocity of releases!!!
    Assignments - Group assignments, Peer review
    Test and Quizzes - calculated questions and increased precision
    More options for Audio recording
    Video chat (turned off by default)
    Dropbox - instructor provide feedback to multiple students at one time
    User interface enhancements in Discussion Forums
    Better Mobile support
    Easier site management
    - SAK-23895 - Allow users to display short description instead of site title in site tab bar ( Resolved)
    SAK-23897 - Site Info -> Import from site needs to run in a separate thread and email user when finished ( Resolved)
    SAK-23652 - Make it easier to change the size of the section fields in Site Info ( Resolved)
    SAK-23567 - Flexible way to customize cut method for site title in tabs. ( Resolved)
    SAK-23495 - Section Info: Allow read only sections (by category) with MANUAL_MANDATORY configuration. ( Resolved)
    SAK-23193 - Gradebook: Create a property to set default number of students for the pager ( Resolved)
    SAK-22858 - Joinable Groups ( Closed)
    SAK-22513 - Worksite Setup Filter by term ( Verified)
    SAK-22501 - site creation confirmation email ( Closed)
    SAK-22450 - Improve Create Site from Template process ( Verified)
    SAK-16600 - Improve layout/organization of tools in site-info ( Verified)
    details on calculated questions
    the ability to have questions which contains variables, a method of setting the range of those variables and the number of questions to be generated of that type
  • If asked about 2.9 mention some highlights like improved GUI, AntiSamy security infrastructure, improved accessibility, new rich text editor (CK Editor), Lessons and many more.
  • A tool that allows users to organize office hours, review sessions, study groups and similar activities.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Stretching_cat.jpg
  • Lots of languages
    Keeping track with automation.
    Especially important to Europe.
    Is Jean-Francois and David Roldan in the audience?
    Italy and Germany are new to 2.9
  • Increased local knowledge - to better administer your systems
    Better planning - knowing what options are coming and which are not
    Influencing direction - there are ways that are evolving to tangibly get what you you want into the CLE. Note the U of Florida model for Mobil enabling of Sakai CLE.
    Benefiting the world - providing contributions back, not just code, benefits the whole community.
  • What is a Core tool?
    Forgot Messages tool .
    21 - 22 core tools
    (does not include new Portal chat)
  • 16 Contributed tools
  • Learning Tools Interoperability
    Across many Learning Management Systems. A new standard.
  • El hada means “the fairy” in Spanish
  • Rutgers University - primary developer of the Lessons Tool, a tool bringing together other Sakai tools
    University of Amsterdam and Unicon have been leading the effort for TinCan API - Learning Analytics
    ESUP is leading the Internationalization effort
    Brock University (Canada) is leading the Accessibility group
    University of Florida is leading the Mobile effort
    Many schools are helping with QA testing!
  • Possible impact. Easier to contribute. Simpler process.
  • thanks to google for translating!
  • S2U november 2013

    1. 1. S2U Sakai and the S2U Community Sakai y la communidad de S2U Noviembre 2013 Neal Caidin Sakai Community Coordinator 1 October 28, 2013
    2. 2. About me • Neal Caidin – neal.caidin@apereo.org • Role • Relation to Sakai PMC 2 October 28, 2013
    3. 3. Presentation Goals (objectivos presentacíon) (objectivos presentacíon) •Discuss the Sakai 2.10 (discutir el proyecto Sakai •Discuss the Sakai community (discutir la communidad Sakai) 3 October 28, 2013 CLE Needs You!
    4. 4. Sakai Project version status • • • • Sakai 2.10 (Sakai 10?) - in development Sakai 2.9 - current stable release 2.9.3 Sakai 2.8 - current stable release 2.8.3 Sakai 2.7 and earlier - not supported by the community 4
    5. 5. Sakai 2.10 (aka Sakai “Chocolate Pudding”. Hint: not really.) (aka Sakai “Chocolate Pudding”. Hint: not really.) • What is the real name? • What is the rationale for this release? • Timeline? 5
    6. 6. Sakai 2.10 Features - Anticipated • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Announcements Assignments Major new features Updates to existing features Audio Features Chat (tool chat, not portal chat) Dropbox Editor Improvements Forums Grading User Interface Gradebook LTI (Integration with external tools based on IMS LTI specification. Formerly known as Basic LTI) Messages Mobile Portal Chat Portal Configuration Resources (aka Content) Search Site Management Statistics Syllabus System Administration Tests and Quizzes (Samigo) Editing Published Tests Math improvements Pools Question Types Settings Statistics / Event Tracking Student Success Plan - new 6
    7. 7. Disclaimer slide • These are educated guesses based on features which already appear to be merged into Sakai trunk and email discussions. All results are subject to change until we lock down the scope of the release. 7
    8. 8. Announcements • Reorder Announcements - on by default 8
    9. 9. Assignments • Group Submissions • Peer Assessments And…. • Hide Due Date for Assvignment • Comments sent to Gradebook along with grades • If instructor allows resubmission, student is notified 9
    10. 10. Chat tool • Optional start and end date for chat rooms 10
    11. 11. Dropbox • Instructor can upload one document to several students at once. 11
    12. 12. Editor Improvements • Upgrade to latest version of CK Editor 4.1.2 • Support for Audio recording • Word count 12
    13. 13. Gradebook • Extra Credit 13
    14. 14. Discussion Forums • Better integration with the gradebook. Respects grade type setting. • Show which forums contain unread messages • Ability to move a thread to a different topic • Identify site members by special rank (e.g., by role) or by post count • Add property to set default start and end time of day 14
    15. 15. LTI • Support for LTI 2.0 15
    16. 16. Messages • Display the Sender's profile picture on received messages • Mark replied messages on the "Received" folder. • Addition of setting to always send to recipients' email addresses • Add sender's email address to message body 16
    17. 17. Mobile • Project Keitai - Phase 1 17
    18. 18. Portal Chat • Allow institutions to remove certain roles, such as guests, from inclusion in the portal chat • Allow users to permanently opt out of portal chat • Hide chat participants option (for privacy) • (Portal chat still off by default though) 18
    19. 19. Portal Configuration • Create option to insert configurable links into portal header. More flexible configuration at your institution. • Add Clock to Interface 19
    20. 20. Resources • Ability to hide a folder while allowing access to files inside it • Drag and Drop to add files (upload) 20
    21. 21. Search • Elastic search default • Solr search option (Oxford) 21
    22. 22. Site Management • Allow users to display short description instead of site title in site tab bar • Flexible way to customize cut method for site title in tabs. • Site Info -> Import from site needs to run in a separate thread and email user when finished • Subject, course and section length configurable for Site creation • Section Info: Allow read only sections (by category) with MANUAL_MANDATORY configuration. • Create a property to set default number of students per page for Roster. • Create Joinable Groups • Worksite Setup Filter by term • Site creation confirmation email • Improve Create Site from Template process • Improve layout/organization of tools in site-info 22
    23. 23. Statistics • Add Oracle support to server wide stats 23
    24. 24. Syllabus • iSyllabus linking and link migration • Allow inline editing for Instructors in Table of Contents view for Syllabus • Bulk Update Syllabus Items • Create a Table of Contents Style view for Syllabus • iSyllabus should be able to discover and link to new entities • Add Start and End Dates to Syllabus and allow linking to Calendar 24
    25. 25. System Administration • Allow users to have to accept terms and conditions when validating a new account. • A better admin tool for managing site perms tool • Improve language list to be readable for non-English speaking user • A new permission to view realms but not modify them • A way to see running jobs and have ability to kill them • Import a CSV of users in the Admin Users tool • Ability to lock a user account • Allow configuration to turn quartz on/off on a server by server basis 25
    26. 26. Test and Quizzes • Admin ability to allow editing of a published assessment in a specific site • A new calculated question type with the ability to have questions which contains variables, a method of setting the range of those variables and the number of questions to be generated of that type. • Numeric answer can be based on a formula • Replace floats with doubles to increase precision • Instructor can unshare another instructor's question pool which has been shared with her • Multiple Choice: All or Nothing scoring option • Use jQuery UI Accordion for assessment settings 26
    27. 27. Statistics • Event Log that Tracks Entries, Submissions, and Errors • Update events in assessments • Add missing events tracking for view activity on Announcements, Chat, Gradebook, Podcasts, Schedule, Web content, and Wiki 27
    28. 28. Student Success Plan • Integration with Student Success Plan http://www.studentsuccessplan.org 28
    29. 29. Sign Up tool (may be added to Core) 29
    30. 30. Sign Up tool (may be added to Core) 30
    31. 31. Paying down “technical debt” • • • • Spring Annotations Hibernate Audio improvements (deprecate Java applet) JQuery 31
    32. 32. Community Why Sakai community source? Why Sakai community source? • Flexibility - Take a different version and merge the fixes you need or work off a particular revision, etc. • Flexibility - Educational Community License 2.0 based on Apache License 2.0 • Flexibility - How you wish to participate in the community or not. How you wish to configure and customize or not. • Flexibility - Properties. Many features can be turned on or off using simple properties in sakai.properties text file. 32
    33. 33. 33
    34. 34. Statistics courtesy of http://www.ohloh.net/ 34
    35. 35. Market Share October 28, 2013 http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/11/07/tech-officials-weighbig-data-moocs-and-open-source 35
    36. 36. Translation Statistics 36 October 28, 2013 http://qa1-nl.sakaiproject.org/international/
    37. 37. Worldwide Presence One reported install: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Algeria, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iran, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore 225 reported schools worldwide. Missing some commercial partner customers and other unreported installs. About 300-350 worldwide enterprise installs is a good estimate. 37 October 28, 2013
    38. 38. 38
    39. 39. 39
    40. 40. New Standard for Integration IMS LTI IMS LTI • 33 out of 70 institutions taking the survey reported using LTI for one or more tool integrations - 47% • 27 non-homegrown external tools integrated at one or more institutions • 7 institutions on the survey use LTI to connect at least one home-grown tool (5 of 7 have more than one homegrown integration) Examples of tools integrated with LTI • Web conferencing • Video platforms • Wikis, • Portfolio systems • Plagiarism detection • Library system • Clickers, • Video collaboration/markup, • …. and more 40
    41. 41. Or Do It Yourself (Cafe de Programador) (Cafe de Programador) 41
    42. 42. How does Sakai happen? El hada de Sakai? El hada de Sakai? http://tigroo92.ouvaton.org/Contributions-fees.html 42
    44. 44. FOR TEACHERS (PARA MAESTROS) (PARA MAESTROS) Teaching and Learning group • • Robust, Mature, Teaching tools 44
    45. 45. Future of Sakai? Peer Assignments Group Assignments Git/Github for near future? Calculated Questions in Samigo 45
    47. 47. Creative Commons Images http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Stretching_cat.jpg Discussing war image is in Public Domain 47