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Live fornowppt2 2

  1. 1. PepsiCo Ad Campaign { By: Naomi Cabrera, Mike O’Neil & Samantha Solimini
  2. 2. From This  To This All TheWay ToThis  To The History Present Day Of This 
  3. 3. The Evolution of Pepsi Logo
  4. 4. What makes Pepsi…Pepsi?
  5. 5. Celebrity Endorsement
  6. 6. Social Media & Sponsoring
  7. 7. Innovation,Artistry,YouthChange & time
  8. 8.  Campaign released April 30th, 2012  More clearly defines what Pepsi represents  ‚Live for Now‛ is meant to inspire Pepsi fans to live each moment to the fullest through a breadth of global, pop-culture platforms including music/entertainment icons, digital innovation, grand events, and unique partnerships‚Live for Now‛
  9. 9.  Nicki Minaj has been a spokesperson for ‚Live for Now‛ After executives heard the lyrics to Nicki Minaj’s song ‚Moment 4 Life‛ they felt they related to their new tagline Joe Jonas has also been named a spokesperson for the new campaign Celebrity Partnerships
  10. 10.  ‚Pepsi Pulse‛ platform is an interactive dashboard operating in real time serving pop culture content that ranks tweets, pictures and news from the world of entertainment by popularity  is the headquarters for Pepsi Pulse – making Pepsi Pulse it’s homepage  Covered in tweets Pepsi Pulse regarding Pepsi as well as hit TV show ‚Xfactor,‛ which isA digital embodiment of ‚Live for Now‛ sponsored by Pepsi
  11. 11. “Live for Now” embodies the following branding constructapproaches: Spirit – by characterizing a sense of self and enthusiasm Attitude – by coming off as chic and cool Wholesomeness – by developing a route that suggests clean living, common sense and virtuous lifestyle Values – by containing a value that people respect and one that can be expressed in the brand strategyBranding Construct Approaches
  12. 12. ‚’Live for Now’ is the central governing idea for the brand globally‛ -Brad Jakeman, president of Global Enjoyment Brands PepsiCo‚The ‘Live for Now’ positioning will inform theway Pepsi behaves as a brand and is a fantasticfilter through which to create exciting andinnovative partnerships with some of the world’sleading artists and entertainment properties‛ - Simon Lowden, Chief Marketing Officer for PepsiCo