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Shaping Your APEX Development Process


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ODTUG webinar (18/02/2014).

Published in: Technology
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Shaping Your APEX Development Process

  1. 1. d contribute b Shaping Your APEX Development Process Nick Buytaert February 18th, 2014
  2. 2. d contribute b
  3. 3. d contribute b Who am I ?
  4. 4. d contribute b Agenda • 10 min – A high-level overview • 40 min – Demo • 10 min – Q&A
  5. 5. d contribute b The importance of being … lazy
  6. 6. d contribute b A high-level overview Code Repo DEV TST CI ACC PRD
  7. 7. d contribute b The code repository “ All artifacts required to build the project should be placed in the repository ” JS IMG CSS APEX application(s) Files Oracle Database Database objects
  8. 8. d contribute b Breaking habits
  9. 9. d contribute b Demo