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Roy 2012 fit presentation

  1. 1. Technical Support for FIT Schools
  2. 2. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB Since 1993 Computers for Schools has provided refurbished computers to public schools, First Nation schools, libraries and non-profit organization. We operate one full time workshop and several part time/volunteer workshops around the province.
  3. 3. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB Since 2003 the CFSNB Central Workshop has been 100% landfill free for e-waste and related materials and we are working to include out satellite workshops as well. We ship more than 80,000 kg of e-waste to be recycled annually.
  4. 4. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB Provincial Numbers •Currently approximately 6500 PCs anually to NB users. •Over 105,000 PCs delivered in NB since 1993. •Currently 12 young technicians employed through TWEP program. National •Over 100,000 computers delivered annually. •More than 1.1 million since 1993. •Thousands of young technicians given a start on their career path.
  5. 5. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB Current school level standards: •Core2 or AMD dual Core processor •2GB of RAM •80GB hard drive (minimum) •CD/DVD drive •10/100 Network (minimum) We will work to provide the best systems available and customized to your needs. There may be a fee for some upgrades if donated parts are not available.
  6. 6. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB To apply for equipment from CFSNB we ask that you work with your school administration and technical support staff. This will ensure that a technology plan and the necessary infrastructure are in place. Once we receive the request we are usually able to provide the equipment in less than 2 weeks.
  7. 7. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB We are a Cisco Instructor Training Centre able to provide a combination of web and in class training for instructors of the IT Essentials curriculum. IT Essentials is a 90 hour course that will help to prepare your students to write the CompTIA A+ certification exams. A+ is an industry standard entry level certification that will start students on a career path and help them to be more employable in IT fields.
  8. 8. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB
  9. 9. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB
  10. 10. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB We are also able to provide some technical guidance as well as computers that the students can dis- assemble. You should always check with your IS/IT staff for surplus equipment first.
  11. 11. Insert Header Computers for Schools NB One of our biggest focuses is to be as environmentally responsible as we can. Reuse has been proven to be far better for the environment than recycling and youth are more aware of the issues than previous generations. CFSNB will work with you to encourage your students to be environmentally responsible and explore all of the various aspects of IT.
  12. 12. Insert Header