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New brunswick 2013


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Published in: Education
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New brunswick 2013

  1. 1. CAPP AcademicDenise Woods-GoldsteinInternational Director,
  2. 2. Setting the Stage: the GrowingImportance of Information Technology Importance Today Projected Importance in 2014 Very Very Important Important Important Important NET Neutral NET NET Neutral NETUnimportant Important Unimportant Important Source: CompTIA’s IT Skills Gap study Base: 500 U.S. IT and Business Executives
  3. 3. Research Confirms Many CommonPerceptions of Teens and Young Adults ✓ Love technology ✓ Act as technology facilitators ✓ Unsure of their future
  4. 4. Love of Technology Doesn’tAlways Translate to Career InterestInterest in IT Careers Perceptions of IT Careers Top Tier Perceptions  Requires good math and science skills  Opportunity to use technology to help people  Fun, interesting work  Pays well Second Tier Perceptions  Difficult, complicated work  Easy-to-get a job  Solitary work  Just for tech geeks  Boring Base: Total 1002 respondents, 13-17 years=503, 18-24 years=499, Male=501, Female=501
  5. 5. Low Interest in IT Careers May be PartiallyExplained by Information Gaps Responses of teens and young adults that indicated they are not interested in a career in IT Base: Total 1002 respondents, 13-17 years=503, 18-24 years=499, Male=501, Female=501
  6. 6. Specific Areas of Technology ResonateMore Than a Generic Career in IT Interest in this type of work/career path Base: Total 1002 respondents, 13-17 years=503, 18-24 years=499, Male=501, Female=501
  7. 7. Take-aways ✓ Opinions are formed early ✓ Knowledge gaps exist ✓ Many positives to leverage
  8. 8. Top Ways IT Certification Impacts Job PerformanceFrom the certification holders’ point of view 47% More insightful problem solving 37% Better able to understand new or complex technologies 31% Improved career advancement opportunities 30% Higher productivity 23% Higher customer satisfaction 23% Better communication with co-workers/clients Source: CompTIA’s IT Training and Certification: Insights and Opportunities study, August 2009 Base: 1,155 IT certification holders
  9. 9. Overall Value of IT Certifications[in terms of a validation of skills/expertise from the perspective of hiring managers] Low Moderate High Value Value Value Source: CompTIA Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certifications| N = 800 US hiring managers, 350 UK, 230 South Africa | Q15
  10. 10. IT Manager Opinions of Certifications Disagree Partly Agree, Agree/ Strongly (net) Partly Disagree Agree Source: CompTIA Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certifications| Base = 800 US hiring IT managers
  11. 11. Rewards/Recognition Provided to Staff thatAchieve a Certification HR Certifications IT Certifications Organizations with a formal policy towards IT certifications are more likely to provide a monetary benefit for achieving certification than those with no formal policy (57% vs. 43%). Source: CompTIA Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification Base: 248 HR Executives | 804 Business and IT Executives
  12. 12. Value of IT Certification to Individuals Somewhat Valuable, Not Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable Valuable NET Valuable Overall value 18% 28% 54% 82% Getting a foot in the door/interview 20% 24% 56% 80% Promotion/career opportunities 26% 28% 47% 75% Higher salary or pay 31% 28% 41% 69% Changing fields or industries 32% 29% 39% 68% Source: CompTIA’s IT Training and Certification: Insights and Opportunities study, August 2009 Base: 1,155 IT certification holders
  13. 13. Organizations Recognize the Value of TestingAfter Training to Confirm Knowledge GainsA net 84% of organizations A net 94% of organizations*agree that it’s important to believe security certificationstest after training to positive ROIconfirm knowledge gains Security Security Security Agree Strongly Certification Certification Certification Agree s have Low s have s have High ROI Moderate ROI Source: CompTIA’s 9 Annual Information Security Trends study th ROI Base: 350 U.S. organizations with a formal or informal policy towards the use of IT certifications
  14. 14. About CompTIAA non-profit trade association since 1982 advancing the globalinterests of information technology (IT) professionals andCompanies including: Manufacturers Distributors Resellers Corporate Training Organizations Educational Institutions 14
  15. 15. ECAP Mission and Charter Educate The IT Community Certify (Education = The IT workforce CEUs, 10 week guides, (Certify = Strata, + series, webcasts, research, white global leadership, career papers, MRC, events, development, IT Pro, CAPP) communities) Our Mission Advocate Philanthropy On behalf of IT Ability to give back (Advocate = the PAC, Capitol (Philanthropy = CAAT, Year Hill, grassroots, cyber Up, Creating Futures, military security, workforce, health personnel, at-risk youth) IT) 15
  16. 16. Program Criteria 16
  17. 17. Program Criteria 17
  18. 18. Program Criteria 18
  19. 19. Interactive IT Certification Under Explore Careers Tab 19
  20. 20. Partner Benefits 20
  21. 21. Program Benefits *US/Canada: Benefit starts after $500 in voucher purchases 21
  22. 22. IT Curricula and Tools Academy Curriculum Pathway Academy Instructional Tools Academy Quick Start GuideIT Career Guidance Tools- Describes career choices and outcomes Instructor Readiness Kit* • Assessments and Sample QuestionsCompTIA Curriculum Pathway • Free eLearning Courses- Describes curriculum and • Free Exam Vouchers for each coursecertification options Instructor Tip Sheets • Class set up etc. • Certification career outcomes • Exam DetailsAssessments and Sample Questions– Helps assess IT knowledge and skills and Student Tip Sheetshelps practice for the exams • Certification career outcomes • Exam DetailsCertification Exams-Qualifies students for jobs,promotions and compensation 22 •Benefit starts after $500 in voucher purchases
  23. 23. CompTIA’s Certification Program 23
  24. 24. Certification/Certificate Mission Ensure Professionals have the Knowledge and Skills to Perform IT Job Roles• More than 1.7 million CompTIA certified professionals worldwide• Recognized by top tech companies such as HP, Sharp, Microsoft, Lenovo and Ricoh• Globally-recognized, vendor-neutral certifications - ensure proficiency in a variety of fields, such as: • Networking • Server Technology • Security • VoIP • PC Repair • Project Management 24© 2009 – All rights reserved. No reproduction or distribution permitted without the written authorization of CompTIA.
  25. 25. Career Pathway Core Certifications with Transferable Skills to Other Technologies CompTIA Certifications & Certificates Vendor Technology Foundational Network+ and 2 years 2 years network Hardware Certification that networking administration with qualifies for IT Jobs experience security focus Average Salary : $50,364* Average Salary: $63,027* Average Salary: $93,667* Possible Job Roles• Help Desk/Technical Possible Job Roles Possible Job Roles Systems•Support Specialist • Network Admin •Security Specialist • Network Technician •Network Admin Methodology IT Foundational Certificate for core skills Foundational IT Credential for Fundamental skills to Multiple Careers prepare for certification/job Career Paths • A+ Certification • General job prep 25 25 * Source: ComputerWorld Salary Survey 201- U S salary only
  26. 26. Questions? 26