Business Organization and Management


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Business Organization and Management

  1. 1. BusinessOrganization andManagement 120Curriculum TeamKim Black, Ron Hill, Melissa Hoadley,Lesa Pomeroy, Sarah-Jane Smith andNancy Sydney
  2. 2. The 21st Century Learner
  3. 3. Aim of CurriculumEasy for new teachers to followUpdated to reflect current and present realityProvide ideas for assignments, assessments and strategies to help deliver the courseProject Based Learning and Universal Design for Learning
  4. 4. Difference between BOM and EntrepreneurshipBOM is the theory and ideas behind business.  Similar to university Introduction to Business courseEntrepreneurship is about the creating and doing of business.
  5. 5. General CurriculumOutcome 1Ethics
  6. 6. GCO 1Students will identify the differences between ethical and unethical behavior.
  7. 7. EthicsWhy is it important for students to learn about ethics? It is something that you need to be aware of if you are going to be a leader, guiding people and a company. Leaders are responsible members of a wider community.
  8. 8. To Thrive in the 21st CenturyYou must have the ability to assesswhat is right and wrong, whatdecisions will impact not onlyyour business but the communityoutside your door.
  9. 9. ActivitiesBetter Business Dilemma Game The interactive game has students make ethical decisions with instant feedback. The game explains how their responses impact each stakeholder group. (e.g. Government, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community, Owner or Investors)This activity is great for generating discussion.It helps the students to develop the concept of stakeholders, who they are and why they care.
  10. 10. ActivitiesVideo – The High Cost of Low Price Wal-Mart documentary Students can draw comparisons between the video and their own communities. This documentary brings into account the global impact a business and their decisions can have.Case studies from the following magazines: Atlantic Progress and Canadian Business and Inc.
  11. 11. General CurriculumOutcome 2Business Environment
  12. 12. GCO 2Students will identify the variables and complexities that affect managerial decision making in New Brunswick.
  13. 13. Specific OutcomesReview the six elements of the business environment and analyze their importance to organizations.
  14. 14. Specific OutcomesStudents will compare the different forms of business Sole Proprietorship Partnerships Corporation Cooperatives FranchisesStudents will understand the relationship between the three levels of business Local, Provincial and National/Global
  15. 15. General CurriculumOutcome 3Management andHuman Resources
  16. 16. GCO 3Students will understand the various functions of management and the skills required to manage, lead and motivate employees.
  17. 17. Topics
  18. 18. SCO 2 – Decision making
  19. 19. ActivitiesCase Studies The Times 100, Wallace McCain Institute, Inc. MagazineRole playing Revamp the School Mission Statement or assume a management role of a local business and develop a SWOT AnalysisNews articles/videos CBC News, Undercover Boss or Atlantic Progress MagazineProjects/presentations
  20. 20. SummativeAssessmentJob Fair• Creation of a company• Job descriptions• Advertisements• Interviews• Resumes and cover letters• Sample advertisements:
  21. 21. GeneralCurriculumOutcome 4InternationalBusiness
  22. 22. SCOsSCO 1 – TerminologySCO 2 – Benefits and drawbacks of international trade in CanadaSCO 3 - Describe the effects of barriers and obstacles to international business activity
  23. 23. SCOs SCO 4 - Describe various international agreements and organizations that have influenced global business activity and describe Canada’s involvement SCO 5 - Describe the modifications made to goods and services to adapt them to the cultures of other countries SCO 6 - Describe the challenges an international company may encounter with regard to ethics, values, language and protocol and customs SCO 7 - Explain how changes in the value of the Canadian dollar can affect business opportunities.
  24. 24. Assignments andProjectMap it OutTime ZonesGetting to Know International CurrenciesGlobal Corporate ResearchInternational Business Deal
  25. 25. Favourite Resources
  26. 26. Contact InformationKim Black, Business and Technology TeacherHarrison Trimble High School80 Echo DriveMoncton, NB E1C 3H8Phone: (506) 856-3417Email: Kim.Black@nbed.nb.caWiki: