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Planet Blue


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Planet Blue by Aleix and Asmit

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Planet Blue

  1. 1. Planet Blue
  2. 2. Planet Blue It´s situated in the Red Galaxy. It has two moons and two rings. The blue part is water and the brown part are the mountains.
  3. 3. Esteve Colom He’s a young man. He wears glasses and his head is big and black. His body is small and he hasn’t got hands. He wears a red t-shirt, a red trousers and blue trainers. He is reliable and confident.
  4. 4. Planet Blue This planet is red. It has green trees and a blue river. The mountains are big and tall and the sun is yellow. The sky is black.
  5. 5. House The aliens live in a very big house. The house has pink balcony, a black roof and the walls are brown and yellow.
  6. 6. Food The first course for aliens is meat, potatoes and salad. The second course is an ice-cream.
  7. 7. Transports This transport has got eight wheels and a handlebar and one chair. It has motor and a window and a door.
  8. 8. Hobby In planet blue the hobbies are play basketball and play volleyball.
  9. 9. The jobs The bankers change the money with the other galaxies and they keep the money of the aliens.
  10. 10. BY: Asmit and Aleix