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Android Reverse Analysis [practice step by step]


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Applying reverse analysis over Twitter to change the color of their main operations bar. [This practice is exclusively for analysis and for learning about this powerful reverse engineering technique]

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Android Reverse Analysis [practice step by step]

  1. 1. Android Reverse Analysis+Nicolas Bortolotti @nickbortolotti
  2. 2. Obtain the APK Mobile Device Backup and copy Original #APK 1 App Used: ES File Explorer
  3. 3. Define task objective *Change main color Take screenshot Detect Main color - home 2 App Used: Gimp
  4. 4. APK Manipulation APKtool 3 App Used: Apktool
  5. 5. Code Changes Change Color 4 App Used: Textedit
  6. 6. APK Assembly Assembly apk with modifications 5 App Used: Apktools
  7. 7. Sign the new app and install Sign the APK and manual install of the app 6 App Used: ZipSigner
  8. 8. Done! 7 #Twitter #Rojo
  9. 9. Media Video Step By Step Blogpost publication: