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Q&Amp;Ek Master Deck I


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Q&Amp;Ek Master Deck I

  1. 1. How to Develop a Culture of Continuous Improvement?
  2. 2. The Two Pillars of Toyota’s Success Continuous improvement Respect for People
  3. 3. Respect for People Traditional Organizations Mgmt. Engineering Supervisors Employees Customer
  4. 4. Respect for People The Toyota Way Customer Team Members Team Leaders Engineering and Mgmt
  5. 5. Unlocking Creative Potential of Every Worker  Two written ideas  Best day of the week  How creative are you?
  6. 6. What is Kaizen? Empowering all employees through their own creative ideas to make work: 1. easier 2. more interesting 3. and build their skills, their capabilities and their knowledge Result: lower costs, higher quality, faster throughput, improved safety and better customer service
  8. 8. World Class Competitiveness • • 360-737-1883 •
  9. 9. "When I was younger I was looking for this magic meaning of life. It's very simple now," she says. Making the lives of others better, doing "something of lasting value, that's the meaning of life, it's that simple.” - Temple Grandin
  10. 10. “A society’s competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity.” – Albert Einstein
  11. 11. Technicolor Michigan Year - 2001 with 1,800 Employees 250 Suggestions & 113 Implemented Year 2004: Over 24,000 Suggestions Over 12,000 Implemented Over $10,000,000 cost savings
  12. 12. Gulfstream  In 2004 received 350 ideas from 1000 people  In 2009 received 40,000 ideas from 1000 people
  13. 13. Autoliv  In 2009 received 63 ideas per employee  In 2010 the goal is 96 ideas per employee
  14. 14. Scott
  15. 15. Clark Metal Products
  16. 16. TIP Suggestion – By Allan Fricks Before: The Bar Code Labels were too cumbersome to work with After: Made a coat hanger wire dispenser for the labels making on the order pickers. the labels easier to use.
  17. 17. TIP Suggestion – By NR Distribution Team Before: All the folders on the rack were not organized and we did After: Organized the folders & put a list of all folders in the front. not know what is in each of the folders.
  18. 18. Dionicio Alvarez Mendex 760 ideas as of 11-1-09
  19. 19. Problems?
  20. 20. I have a great job ................... I have a great job ................... I have a great job ................... I have a great job ...................
  21. 21. Improved by: Alicia Paola Moreno Flores Area: Human Resources OK BEFORE AFTER Risk of hammering a hand or even an arm. After using the pressure pliers they’ve reduced the risk of getting hurt.
  22. 22. WIFE: What would you do if I died? Would you get married again? HUSBAND: Definitely not! WIFE: Why not - don't you like being married? HUSBAND: Of course I do. WIFE: Then why wouldn't you remarry? HUSBAND: Okay, I'd get married again. WIFE: You would? (With a hurtful look on her face). HUSBAND: (Audible groan). WIFE: Would you live in our house? HUSBAND: Sure, it's a great house. WIFE: Would you sleep with her in our bed? HUSBAND: Where else would we sleep? WIFE: Would you let her drive my car? HUSBAND: Probably, it is almost new. WIFE: Would you replace my pictures with hers? HUSBAND: That would seem like the proper thing to do. WIFE: Would she use my golf clubs? HUSBAND: No, she's left-handed. WIFE: - silence -
  23. 23. Manager’s Walk
  24. 24. Dr. Shigeo Shingo
  25. 25. Taiichi Ohno
  26. 26. “Something is wrong if workers do not look each day, find things that are tedious or boring, and then rewrite the procedures. Even last month’s manual should be out of date.”
  27. 27. Improving Productivity & Quality  Taiichi Ohno – 50% then another 50%  Dr. Shigeo Shingo – Zero Defects