NBNPHA 2014 Conference Saint John Workshop B - Quality of life in senior’s housing


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Demographic trends are clear: our population is aging. Are you ready to meet the needs of this growing demographic? Learn about programs, services and best practices designed to enhance the quality of life for seniors in affordable housing.

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  • Thank You Tobi for the introduction. In this workshop I hope to give you some ideas of how to enhance the quality of life for senior’s in affordable housing. I hope you will learn about programs and services and I hope to share some best practices with you. I am not an expert, I speak to you today from my experiences only.
  • In my opinion I have the best job in the world. I get to see seniors who want to get involved, who want to contribute to their community and who want to improve their own lifestyle.
  • In Saint John Social Development has 5 senior buildingsWe need to keep our seniors in their homes as long as possible. Bring health initiatives to their buildings. Keep them active . Later you will see a monthly calendar of events.
  • Our population is aging and we are going to have a great number of seniors . It will be more important than usual to prepare for the high numbers.
  • 26…National Advisory Council on Aging (NASA) (2001)27….Ibid
  • To promote heath promotion, we try to include the 4 pillars of wellness into all our workshops and activities Name them 1-4
  • “At my age, I don’t mind a little memory loss. I keep forgetting I’m over sixty.”
  • You need a community to support your seniors. We need to engage seniors, find out what they want then from start there.
  • We have 3 different schools connected with 3 senior buildingsHalloween, walking clubs, all special occasions, crafts, bingo, planting projects
  • Free cake, tea and coffee monthlyAll knitting supplies free from donations. Everything kitted is donated back to the communityFirst steps, hospital, salvations army blankets
  • This group is run by Church volunteers. All materials are donated by the community and all the knitted items are donated back to the community. The group started making blankets for the homeless people, knitting strips together but the knitters have expanded and now knit for First Steps babies,the hospital and for Joshua Group.
  • Partner with the city on many eventsVery involved with the wellness fair
  • FWW – empowers the community to live a healthy lifestyle and creating a wellness culture with in an inclusive community.
  • Need lots of community partners to make this project work.This garden was developed for seniors and a family community to share
  • Very involved with the wellness fair. Puts on a variety of workshops in our senior buildings. Always make sure the 4 pillars of Wellness are included.
  • Seniors set up a BBQ every Monday night. They took in roughly $100.00 profit per evening.Started as a n ad on Kijjiji.
  • FPC – monthly, seniors pack up the groceriesDietitian – workshops, cooking for 1, lunch and learnPharmacists – smoking cessation programs Social Worker – workshops on behaviour, getting along, conflict resolution
  • A yearly event to Gagetown. $20.00 per person. 55 seats usually full. Stop to pick apples and buy local produce. Supper at Mama George’s on the way home.
  • Just completed our 4th Senior Wellness Fair in Nov 2013. The 5th is being planned for November of this year. Last year we had over 40 exhibitors which was the 4th year. Expanded so much we move out of Stephenson Tower/ Charlton Place to Portland Unit Church. All senior volunteers, seniors on planning committee.
  • Offer everything from entertainment to healthy food to blood pressure clinic to free massages.
  • We had over 40 wellness related booths this year at our 4th annual Wellness Fair.
  • These are the groups I work with in our 5 senior buildings plus I work with 3 Family community’s Cv,AnglinDr and Courtenay Bay. All of the community resources we have chatted about today are connected to our seniors. They are now so busy they have to have a monthly calendar made up so they can keep all there activities organized. A calendar is hand delivered to each resident monthly.
  • Each time we hold an event we like to include a fitness portion.
  • My role as a Community Involvement is to bring programming and services to our communities to enhance the life of our tenants.
  • NBNPHA 2014 Conference Saint John Workshop B - Quality of life in senior’s housing

    1. 1. Quality Of Life in Senior’s Housing , “Building on our Strengths”.
    2. 2. My Role  Is to support the residents living in Public Housing . To Enhance the services, management and general physical standards of family and senior housing projects, to reduce social isolation and dependency of residents and to promote opportunities for residents to achieve a greater degree of self sufficiency and housing mobility.
    3. 3. Social Development Senior Buildings  SD, operate and maintain 5 senior buildings in Saint John;  Charlton Place…..103 residents  Stephenson Tower….100 residents  Brunswick Dr…..96 residents  Smythe Street…..79 residents  Danell’s Dr….30 residents
    4. 4. The Current Situation  Between 2011 and 2031 all members of the baby boom generation (people born between 1946 and 1965), will turn 65. As a result , both the number and proportion of seniors in the population will climb. The Atlantic Provinces currently have the highest proportions of seniors (ranging from 15% to 16%. In Saint John approximately 17% of residents are over the age of 65 out of the total population. 1-Health care in Canada: a focus on seniors and aging – Canadian institute for health information 2011 2-statistics Canada:Census Profile (2011) 2 1
    5. 5. Current and Projected Proportions of Seniors
    6. 6. Benefits of Supporting Seniors Investing in healthy aging initiatives for seniors also have wide ranging social and economic benefits. Approximately 69% of older Canadians provide one or more types of assistance to spouses, children, grandchildren, friends and neighbours. Older people provide a wealth of experience, knowledge, continuity, support and love to younger generations. In addition, civil society programs benefit from the voluntary contributions of a large and growing number of retired seniors with valuable knowledge and skills. 3-National Advisory Council on Aging (NACA) (2001) 4 –Ibid 4 3
    7. 7. Community Resources  Over the next 20 years the provinces population will age faster than the rest of Canada. To support this shift it will be important to build an age friendly city/community that promotes active aging. Given that most of Saint John’s seniors live independently in the community and want to remain there , this will require a shift in priorities away from treatment and care and towards health promotion, prevention, healthy aging and community support. 5 The world health organization (wlto) developed the global age - friendly cities project (2006)
    8. 8. 4 Pillars of Wellness  Mental Fitness and Resilience  Healthy Eating  Physical Activity (sitting is the new smoking)  Tobacco Free Living
    9. 9. Joke
    10. 10. Exploring Community Resources “Building on Our Strengths”
    11. 11. Quote  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.
    12. 12. Local School’s (S.K.I.P.) Senior’s and Kids Intergenerational Program  Kids and seniors Halloween Party
    13. 13. Local Churches  Provide Monthly Birthday Parties For Seniors  Knitting Groups
    14. 14. Knitting Group
    15. 15. UNBSJ Nursing Program  We usually receive (6-8) 4th year Nursing Students from UNBSJ each Fall. We place 2 students in each Senior building and they do everything from blood pressure clinics to ice cream socials! We have the students for 4 months every year. The added support for the seniors is most welcomed and appreciated.
    16. 16. Nursing Students
    17. 17. Y’s Men (Casino Night)  Provide a casino night for the seniors to enjoy!  Free of charge  Lots of fun!
    18. 18. City of Saint John  Community Policing (Self defence workshops)  Senior Coordinator  *Senior Christmas Dance  *Spring Flings/Socials  * Cards  * 5o+ Friendship Games
    19. 19. Christmas Dance
    20. 20. Joke
    21. 21. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  Offers FREE income tax clinics in our 5 Senior Buildings in March.
    22. 22. Saint John Free Public Library  Offers Book Clubs in our Senior Buildings.  Offers, “Meet the Author,” of a book the seniors have read . Hosts this event at the Library.  “The Town That Drowned” by Riel Nason
    23. 23. Book Clubs
    24. 24. Fundy Wellness Network  Supports Senior’s Events/Activities  Promote Activities  Provide volunteers for events  Some funding opportunity  www.fundywellness.ca/about.html
    25. 25. Province of NB (Healthy and Inclusive Communities)  Food Action Grants  * Supper Clubs  * Greenhouse  * Raised beds  Senior Goodwill Ambassador Program  Toll Free number for seniors to call if they need help  1-855-550-0552
    26. 26. Supper Clubs
    27. 27. Supper Clubs
    28. 28. Community Gardens Stephen Park Community Garden Planting Day
    29. 29. Community Gardens Stephen Park Garden It’s Growing!
    30. 30. Go Ahead Senior’s Go Ahead Seniors Inc. is a provincial, bilingual, non-profit organization incorporated in 1996. It offers educational sessions for the 50Plus population in New Brunswick. The program is aimed at helping New Brunswick older adults make more informed choices about their health and well being through health education, personal empowerment and prevention.
    31. 31. Music In the Park  Outdoor concerts offered in two communities. One being held in a senior complex. 6 different entertainers are coming to perform at Brunswick Dr. free of charge for an hour but usually stay close to 2 hours. People from all over the area come and bring their lawn chairs.
    32. 32. Community Health Center Food Purchase Club Dietitian (workshops) Pharmacists Social Worker
    33. 33. Food Purchase Club
    34. 34. Bus Adventure (Apple Picking) Yearly Bus trip to Gagetown Enjoying a freshly picked apple
    35. 35. Senior Wellness Fair
    36. 36. Blood Pressure Clinic at the Wellness Fair
    37. 37. Wellness Fair Exhibitors
    38. 38. Tenant Associations  Elected Executive made up of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Run by established by-laws  Receive yearly Tenant Grant to operate  Support their fellow residents by putting on activities , workshops and social events in their community rooms.  Monthly Calendars
    39. 39. ◄ March ~ April 2014 ~ May ► Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 Exercise 10:00am S.K.I.P. 2:00 Popcorn and a movie 7:00 2 Knitting1-3 3 Walking6:30 4 Book Club 10:00am 5 BINGO 6:00pm 6 Darts 6:30 7 WiiBowling 1-3 Walking6:30 8 Exercise 10:00am S.K.I.P. 2:00 Popcorn and a movie 7:00 9 Knitting1-3 10 Cake Day 2:00pm Walking6:30 11 Place Food Purchase Club Order with Sharon 653-8266 12 BINGO 6:00pm 13 Darts 6:30 14 WiiBowling 1-3 Walking6:30 15 Exercise 10:00am S.K.I.P. 2:00 Popcorn and a movie 7:00 16 Knitting1-3 17 Easter Tea 12:00pm Walking6:30 18 19 BINGO 6:00pm 20 Darts 6:30 21 WiiBowling 1-3 Walking6:30 22 Exercise 10:00am S.K.I.P. 2:00 Popcorn and a movie 7:00 23 Knitting1-3 General meeting7:00pm 24 Walking6:30 25 Food Purchase Club 9:00am. Pick up orders 26 BINGO 6:00pm 27 Darts 6:30 28 Wii Bowling 1-3 Supper Club 1:00pm Walking6:30 29 Exercise 10:00am S.K.I.P. 2:00 Popcorn and a movie 7:00 30 Knitting1-3 Notes: BOOK CLUB DATE…TBA
    40. 40. Tenant Association Events
    41. 41. Quote  Practicing positive lifestyle behaviours can help seniors live more years independently and in good health. Even modest rates of physical activity have been shown to stave off functional declines in people with osteoarthritis. Appropriate physical activity also helps with pain management. 6 Healthy aging in Canada: a new vision, a vital investment from evidence to action- healthy aging and wellness working group of the federal/provinical/territorial (F/P/T) committee of officicals (seniors) 2006
    42. 42. YMCA  Exercise classes offered in the senior buildings  Fitness Instructors available for workshops  Wellness Fair Participants  New YMCA being built close to 2 senior buildings
    43. 43. Grants  New Horizons for Seniors Programs  Food Action Grants  Family Literacy Grants  United Way (Day of Caring)  Fundy Wellness Network
    44. 44. Debbie McLeod Community Involvement Coordinator with Social Development-Housing 658-5159 (Office) 647-1013 (Cell) Debbie.mcleod@gnb.ca
    45. 45. Questions??