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How to make people happy with tech


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How to make people happy with tech

  1. 1. How to make people happy with tech (get rid of the tech) Noah Bloom @nbloom
  2. 2. WhoNoah Bloom"mobile + anthropology"BA Anthropology, HarvardFounding team, Blueslice Networks (Montreal)CEO, Jiber (Vancouver)@nbloom@jiber
  3. 3. InternetWhat is the Internet?Its about people(connecting people)"Use the Internet to get off the Internet" -someone who uses the Internet
  4. 4. Human Behaviour Genetics Community Culture Analysis (aka Anthropology)
  5. 5. Primary drivers of behaviour 1. FOOD 2. SEX
  6. 6. Secondary social motivatorsAltruismGovernmentReligionUtilitarianism
  7. 7. How to make people happy with techAll those things: ○ Narcissism ○ Sex ○ Skeuomorphism ○ Design (ah) ○ Intuitive ○ Share ○ Magic (wow)
  8. 8. Dont take advantagePrivacyChange terms Have a visionPermissionSpam
  9. 9. Put the tech away
  10. 10. ...put it away
  11. 11. PUT IT AWAY
  12. 12. Technology as compromisePhotography vs videoCarsRoadsCombustion enginePull knowledgeDesktop vs mobileWhats next?
  13. 13. Whats Next?What are the obstructions?Tech into every industryCommunity into every space
  14. 14. Jiber"The handshake has evolved"Social interactions to create acollaborative (and fun)connection between people Utility Viral Fun
  15. 15. AdviceWant to build something?What are the current obstructions?3. Work on something that answers this2. Build something yourself1. Learn to the skills to do so
  16. 16. How to make people happy with tech (get rid of the tech) Noah Bloom @nbloom