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Compass Rose Society at ACC15


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Presentation by Joey Fan at Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland NZ, October 26, 2012

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Compass Rose Society at ACC15

  1. 1. The Compass Rose Society15 Years in supporting the Anglican Communion
  2. 2. Who we are• Established in 1997 following Archbishop George Carey’s visit to Sudan in 1994• The mission of the Compass Rose Society is to support the programs and ministries of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC)• Over 300 members worldwide spanning 10 countries in 5 continents• The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Patron of the Society and host of our Annual General Meetings
  3. 3. Membership Types• Individual Member – Individuals and their spouse• Parish Member – Parish rectors and parish representatives• Diocesan Member – Bishops and diocesan representatives• Chapter Member – a group of any size who together contribute membership and sustaining gifts• Other institutions – E.g. Seminaries, colleges
  4. 4. How we support the ACC• The Compass Rose Society supports the Anglican Consultative Council in three important ways:  Raising funds for the ministries of the ACC, especially in its communications efforts by contributing to the operating budget of ACC  By designated gifts from members for mission projects or special initiatives approved by the Secretary General  By building a community of persons and parishes who enthusiastically support the mission and ministry of the Anglican Consultative Council.
  5. 5. Contributions to the ACC• In the past the Society has contributed over US$5.5 million to the ACC for the following initiatives:  Communications Department of ACO  St. Andrews House  Endowment of the Anglican Observer at the UN  Support for the Bible in the Life of the Church project  Family Network  Theological textbooks for seminary libraries  Lambeth Conference Appeal  NIFCON Currently funding the revamp of the Anglican Communion website
  6. 6. Mission Trips• Each year members participate in mission trips to different parts of the Communion.• Each visit provides members the opportunities to experience the life of the local church and to witness its ministries.• Members realize the challenges and shortages that the area is facing.• The Society makes a general donation after each mission trip while members can also make designated donations to sponsor special projects.
  7. 7. Major Initiatives from Mission Trips• THE DIOCESE OF JERUSALEM – Assistance to hospitals in Gaza and Nabulus, emergency food and medical supplies, operating costs, the Spafford Children’s Center and the Bishop Riah Educational Campus in Ramallah – Most recently scholarship funds for high school and university students• THE DIOCESE OF THE HIGHVELD, SOUTH AFRICA – HIV/AIDS assistance, theological textbooks, Micro Bank• THE DIOCESE OF KADUNA, NIGERIA – Construction and operating funds for a bush health clinic near Kateri• DIOCESE OF MPWAPWA, TANZANIA – Famine relief, education programs, Micro Bank• THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHERN MALAWI – Support for Sunnyside School to refurbish facilities – Support for tuition• THE IGREJA EPISCOPAL ANGLICANA DO BRASIL – Pratina after School Program – Clergy respite sabbaticals – Refurbish facility at the Christ the King, in Cidade de Deus (City of God)
  8. 8. Diocese of HighveldKindling new hopesin an area weigheddown by theonslaught HIV/AIDS
  9. 9. Mission Trip to Brazil“We believe that the Society’s visit was very important to us and helped us realize webelong to an international family, with members of many faces and many tongues. Wealso believe that our new friends’ love and care will make us more visible on the mapof the Anglican Communion. Under the canopy of jungle trees and amid the concreteof big cities there’s a people that belongs to such a big family.”- Luiz Coelho, a young Brazilian seminarian (now ordained) who served as thetranslator for the visiting Society members
  10. 10. Experiencing Southern MalawiA theology ofabundance in themidst of scarcity “The vision of Bishop James Tengatenga, his priests and staff, have been an inspiration to all of us.”
  11. 11. Our Funding Model Members’ Initial Membership Members’ Annual Directed Fee Contributions Donations CRS Grants CRS Board Committee Annual Special ACC Special Mission Tripcontributions Projects from Projects Gift to ACC Mission Trips
  12. 12. We are not a social club
  13. 13. 15 years of the Society’s work• Work mothers in childbirth have a better chance of living near Kaduna Nigeria• Women have some economic strength thru the CRS "micro banks“• Education is a little better in a school in Malawi• The Diocese of the Amazon has more resources for its ministry• An Anglican hospital in Gaza has cared for people who otherwise could not have paid for medical care• Students in the Diocese of Jerusalem from low income family can receive top quality education in Anglican schools• The Anglican Consultative Council has resources to put towards communications in order to tell the story• Since 1994 we have donated over $7.3 million dollars to put to use for ministries of the Angican Commnion.
  14. 14. To find out more, visit our website at:
  15. 15. For enquiry, email
  16. 16. Take part in our ministry