Dry Packs for the Homeless


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Dry Packs for the Homeless

  1. 1. hOMELESSNESS Office of Homelessness TOP DOWN Crossroads in RHODE ISLAND Housing Resources Commission First Step The Urban League of RI Rhode Island Coaltion 208 Prairie Ave for the Homeless Mcauley House Mathewson Street United Methodist Church Harrington Hall INDIRECT The Overflow DIRECT SERVICES SERVICES Providence Intown Churches Association Amos House Providence Rescue Mission St. Johns Meal Site Housing Opportunities for People Eveywhere Hypotermia Sanctuary Homeless Peoples Action Committee Street Sights GRASS ROOTS John Joyce
  2. 2. STREET SIGHTS Working under Stan and other homeless individuals devel- oping a calendar the features creative writing from people who are experiencing homelessness in Providence. Several interviews with Elisabeth Ochs at R.I. Coalition for the Homeless gave me valuable information and con- nected me with the other homeless advocacy groups. KEY POINTS -Go to the shelters -Eat at the soup kitchen. -Talk to John Joyce HPAC
  3. 3. partnerships with HPAC + HOPE ST JOHNS MEAL SITE -Founded, Organized, and Run by HPAC headed by John Joyce -HPAC are all homeless individuals and spend their days doing outreach for other homeless in Providence. -John has been my main advisor for insights into the homeless lifestyle. -HOPE headed by Megan works collaboratively with HPAC
  4. 4. FIELD rESEARCH -Meet the community -Hang out -Eat at the soup kitchen -Spend an evening at the shelter -Share your experiences -Learn about others -Observe -Listen
  5. 5. Insights from the community -Not having an id is the only factor that would deny you acess to Crossroads Shelter. If the beds are full you sleep on the floor. -After 911 it is against the law for shelters to pro- vide storage. -You Have to be out by 9 am and checked back in by 5 pm. -You have to carry your possessions with you throughout the day. -Many choose not to stay at the shelters because it is “degrading” -If it’s raining you and the contents of your packs will get wet. -Between 5 different meal sites in Providence you can eat three meals a day most days of the week.
  6. 6. Opportunity For Ingenuity Develop a pack system with people experiencing homelessness that can make the homeless experience less difficult. The product must be afford- able and could create job opportuni- ties.
  7. 7. How could your pack be better? -Water Proof -Light weight -Durrable (over packed) -No weak zippers -Ability to Add on -Tall and thin for public transportation -Potential protection from weather
  8. 8. scrap material RESEARCH + testing -Local Material Scrap -Local Manufacturing Cut-off -Single Use Packageing -Second life
  9. 9. bUSINESS MODEL $3x Currently Homeless Micro Loan for Entrepreneurs Production Tools (Sewing Machine) Sold by Local Social Local Scrap/Excess Business Venture Production of $1x Responsible Retail at Materials Product $5x over production cost Product Manual $1x and Training Social Responsible Product Idea Subsidized Product for Homeless Individuals
  10. 10. thought process
  11. 11. Basic Structure Prototype 3/4 scale In this Prototype -$1.50 of Material -2 hrs labor