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The colour wheel


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The colour wheel

  1. 1. The Colour Wheel
  2. 2. Primary ColoursRed, Yellow and BlueLightwaves travel at different frequencies: Red is longest,Yellow is middle range, Blue is close to the short end (Violet)• Starting at the top of your colour wheel, paint the top spaceyellow, count four spaces clockwise and paint it red, and thenthe next fourth space blue.
  3. 3. Secondary ColoursOrange, Green and VioletCombining Primary Colors in pairs results in Secondary Colors. (Yellow +Red = Orange, Yellow + Blue = Green, Red + Blue = Violet)• In the space directly in the middle of the primary colours, mix equalparts of each primary to create the secondary colours on your colourwheel.
  4. 4. Tertiary ColoursFilling in the GapsThe colors that fall between the Primary and Secondary Color mixtures areYellow-orange, Red-orange, Yellow-green, Blue-green, Red-violet and Blue-violet.• Now blend the primary colours with the secondary colours in equal partsto create the tertiary colours on your colour wheels.
  5. 5. Now label the colourson your colour wheel.Please remember toput your name on it.