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Target Audience


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Published in: Education
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Target Audience

  1. 1. St. Paul’s Catholic College Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media Target Audience Name of production: Black & White TARGET AUDIENCE: 16-24 YEAR OLDS (MALE & FEMALE) Above is the type of audience that I would like to appeal to, this is because I believe that my soap opera trailer will attract the younger generation more than it will attract the older generation, which is why I set the age range for young adults. Another reason why I would like to attract this age range is because the characters that will be used in the trailer will be of that range, therefore it would only be right that those of that age range to watch the series and relate (Katz’) to the characters as they are the same age which will allow them to personal identify with the relationships the characters have. Also due to the social issues that will be address within the trailer means that they can again relate (Katz’) as they may be going through the same issues that the characters will be going through. For example Skins is a clear indication on how I would like to go about targeting the right audience as they appeal to young adults which means that finding out how they do this will be an affective way to repeat the codes and conventions they may use throughout there trailer in order to target that specific category. In skins they tend to use well known issues that occur within a teenagers day to day life, for example, teenage pregnancies as they happen a lot and also alcoholism as most young adults go out drinking and smoke which lets the audience be able to relate to them on the same level so that they don’t feel as though they are alone and also giving them advice on how to deal with these situations that may come about.