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Ambient Advertising


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Ambient Advertising is used to create impact and surprise.

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Ambient Advertising

  1. 1. Ambient Advertising Overview
  2. 2. Background • The term ‘ambient advertising’ was first applied during the early nineties when clients began demanding ‘something a bit different’ in their advertising.
  3. 3. Definition • The placement of unique advertising in unusual and unexpected places often using unconventional methods to communicate to target markets.
  4. 4. Reasons for growth in ambientadvertising • Saturation of traditional media • Increasing demand for point-of-sale communications. • Allows for precise audience targeting. • It is flexibility and versatility. • Eye catching • Impactful
  5. 5. Examples • Messages on the handles of supermarket trolleys or yacht sails. It allows projection of huge images on the sides of buildings, out door places or messages on hot air balloons. • See examples on next slides
  6. 6. Ambient - Liberty Financial House Source: Example Ambient Balloon Advertising Sydney, Australia
  7. 7. Ambient - Poster
  8. 8. Ambient – Toilet Care
  9. 9. Ambient - Gillette
  10. 10. Ambient – Earth Day
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