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getting emotional in the age of social media


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Exploring the role of emotions for brands in social media and social web

Published in: Technology, Business
  • Hi! Nazim, Very well thought out and nicely done. Where do u find all the time for this ? Hi Hi! Just keep up the good work. Cheers!
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  • Good compilation, Nazim. Social media does provide many options for people to express their emotions. With social media maturing over a period of time, emotional triggers would have to keep pace with changing attitudes and social-economic environment.
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  • interesting thoughts & nicely presented. Thanks for sharing!
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getting emotional in the age of social media

  1. 1. Emotions and the age of Social media
  2. 2. In the ‘Experience Economy’ emotion is the currency of success
  3. 3. as conversations moved from living rooms to Facebook walls
  4. 4. emotions are on public display like never before
  5. 5. everyone is incentivize to get emotional } friends followers + comments +
  6. 6. news no longer just informs but is now the vehicle for sentiments
  7. 7. Gross National Happiness is a measure of a nation’s prosperity and not the GDP
  8. 8. So is the world now more Emotional or Social?
  9. 9. Search Behaviour for BP Oil Spill because people no longer just chase experiences but are looking to engage
  10. 10. because the economic value of content is zero, but emotionally they are priceless
  11. 11. Anticipation Annoyance Loath Disapproval Contempt Disgust Anger Boredom Admiration Trust Acceptance Interest Love Joy Share Experience Connect Earn Seek Promote Meet Express Learn Fun Respect Entertain social capital because social web today provides an ecosystem for emotions
  12. 12. how you feel? and most importantly it has started to matter,
  13. 13. to the news reporters
  14. 14. twitter
  15. 15. the world at large
  16. 16. and to Facebook
  17. 17. What does this mean for brands?
  18. 18. Humane Honesty Believable Empow erment Recogni tion Participation Empathy social responsibility emotional fulfillment ecological value creation sustainable value brands will be viewed through social prism Emotional Capital Humane Honesty Believable Empow erment Recogni tion Participation Empathy Emotional Capital
  19. 19. followers will influence market standing more than the market share
  20. 20. likeability quotient will become a measure of success
  21. 21. So Brands need to become emotionally rich
  22. 22. locate your brand’s emotional sweet spot Consumers are now more aware about how and what they want to feel; identify how your brand can be a facilitator to help users realize the feelings
  23. 23. Brands are no longer expected just to deliver on their promise, but to provide tools, platform and importantly the emotional trigger for people to connect, share, engage and create social capital provide the ‘emotional trigger 'for social capital
  24. 24. understand that trust is now crowd sourced Brand perceptions are no longer just swayed by an expert’s opinion, but trust in people and brands are increasingly being influenced by how others in the world around view them.
  25. 25. Brands should start discovering their midas touch. By 2012, there would be more than 680 million touch mobiles apart from touch pads, Kiosk and TV. Touch in human uplifts mood and encourages togetherness. Brands and organizations needs to get ready to embrace the opportunity when the consumers would reach out to touch them. Embrace the touch
  26. 26. …… ..and one more thing,
  27. 27. ” “ a feature can always be matched. A claim can always be mimicked. But an emotional sweet spot is something your brand can occupy all by itself. ! Steve McKee
  28. 28. Nazim Iqbal UX architect & interactive media consultant Twitter@ nazim_iqbal Web presence: Blog: