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Contextual enquiry v1.0


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user research for a B2B mobile based service. Contextual enquiry and user research was carried out to identify gaps and opportunities in the existing version of Nokia Tej - a B2B enterprise service

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Contextual enquiry v1.0

  1. 1. 1 Nokia Tej User Study & Contextual Enquiry
  2. 2. 01/ Objectives 02/ User Types 03/ User Profiles & Scenarios 04/ Experience Model 05/ Key Findings 06/ Opportunity Map 07/ Trigger Map Contents
  3. 3. • Identify user categories • Understand user needs • Understand the context − Study not only what people say, but explore, observe and analyze patterns and meanings that people can’t put into words − Study users in their own life contexts – social environments, business scenarios – in order to develop a viable view of how user really operate and to learn the unexpected • Understand the user behavior − Use interviewing techniques and tools to understand, in depth, how users think, behave, and interact with the application • Validate understanding of business context & business requirement Objective
  4. 4. Aspirant •Incomplete formal education •Even though aware of the utility of Nokia Tej, he perceive Nokia Tej more as an aspirational tool Utilitarian •Have some level of formal education •Is a intense mobile user, using it for games and internet •His utilitarian view of Nokia Tej is influence by his experience of mobile games and videos Mobile Enthusiast •Have moderate to high level of formal education •Strongly perceive Nokia Tej as a utility tool for their business •Have a strong sense of evaluation and is vocally critical of the short comings User Types Different users have their own way to interacting with Nokia Tej. But there were characteristics that came to be identified with a different group of users. From the user base that was studies, three distinct types of users have emerged , as detailed below
  5. 5. Vinod Kumar Age 26 Undergraduate Read Aaj Samaj on few days in the week and have been using mobile for the last 3 years. Runs his cosmetics shop and needs to regularly order P&G goods to keep his stock Primary Phone Calls SMS Internet Games Mobile usage Nokia Others Reason to Use Nokia Tej - Can order goods any time - Feel there is something new to learn “ Kuch naya seekhne ko hai! ” Apps Observation •Feels good that companies like P&G and Nokia are reaching out to him •Motivated because he is getting to learn something new •Evaluate quality by price “kitne wala hai’ Frustration •Can’t figure out price – is it for single piece or multiple pieces? •Finds product categorization complex, can’t locate shampoo? Opportunities •Improve product categorization •Make product categorization / name more user friendly •Provide sum total on the same screen •0rder conformation on the same screen Aspirant
  6. 6. Nokia Tej Password Order No - - - - - - - - - - - Contact data - - - - - - - - - - - Products - - - - - - - - - - - Transport Order Summary Order Preview “quality kitne wala hai” “yeh kya 4 piece ka price hai” Home Menu Gallery Video Download My Orders My Orders My Partners My Messages Settings Sync Product Type x Product Name X Quantity Done Done Confirm Back ‘Order Placement’ Journey Order Status: Incomplete
  7. 7. Gagan Arora Age 25-35 B Pharma Subscribe to five newspaper and but reads Times of India regularly. Manages his pharmacy shop full time and is mostly occupied. Observation •Feels medicines on Nokia Tej would add lot of value •View his contribution will benefitting the larger business community and he should be recognized •Take his role of contributor seriously by offering practical suggestion •Feels Nokia solution are friendly that other mobile companies Frustration •Finds the process very lengthy and feel the login is not required •Feel there is something amiss with the categorization •The application is not proactive about providing information about action performed Opportunities •Make the process to access the application shorter •Make product names more user friendly •Make the application follow the interaction principles of Nokia phone •Provide alerts on home screen when order status or other info is updated like in SMS •Provide incentive on orders placed through Nokia Tej •When the order is send / received, the confirmation message should be displayed on the screen as in SMS •Product supply can improve as he pushes rival brands when stocks for P&G goods dries up Primary Phone Calls SMS Internet Games Mobile used Nokia Others Reason to Use Nokia Tej - Can order goods as and when the orders deplete (as pampers take lot of space compared to margin it offers) “ Nokia is friendly! ” Apps Utilitarian
  8. 8. “Ab kya karna hai” Nokia Tej Password Order No - - - - - - - - - - - Contact data - - - - - - - - - - - Products - - - - - - - - - - - Transport Order Preview Pampers 56 pcs Home Menu Gallery Memory Card My Orders My Orders My Partners My Messages Settings Sync Product Type x Product Name X Quantity Done Done Yes < Back “medium pata nahi chalta” “2S Kya hai” “Product category mein thoda garbar hai” Order No - - - - - - - - - - - Contact data - - - - - - - - - - - Products - - - - - - - - - - - Transport Order Summary Transport Co - - - - - - - - - - - Transport City - - - - - - - - - - - Delivery Remark - - - - - - - - - - - Insurance Transport “Ek step back karna hai normal phone ke tarha” ‘Order Placement’ Journey Order Status: Incomplete
  9. 9. Amit Yadav Age :Below 25 Under-graduate Pursuing graduation through correspondence, read Punjab Kesri, and help his father run the shop. In the g0-to man for his family in matter related to mobile or other gadgets Observation •Has a high level of command over the application and trust the system •Looks like he spends a substantial time surfing internet on his mobile, downloading Bollywood content Frustration •Finds the access process lengthy and feel •Was on the verge of embarrassment, during the order confirmation process when he lost his way somewhat before finding it. Opportunities •Make the application access process shorter •Make product names more user friendly •Provide incentives Primary Phone Calls SMS Internet Games Mobile usage Nokia Others Reason to Use Nokia Tej - Feel empowered as now can order goods as and when the goods are required “ 15 din ke beech mein khatam to maal manga sakte hai! ” Apps Mobile Enthusiast
  10. 10. Nokia Tej Password Order No - - - - - - - - - - - Contact data - - - - - - - - - - - Products - - - - - - - - - - - Transport Order Summary Home Menu Installation Radhey Shyam My Orders My Orders My Partners My Messages Settings Sync Product Type x Product Name X Quantity Done Done Confirm Order Preview Tide (60x20) Games ‘Order Placement’ Journey Order Status: complete
  11. 11. Think about needs Execute thoughts App UX Product UX Sol UX Measures Existing Order channels Forms perception & builds expectation Nokia P&G Ease of order Delivery time Experience Model The experience model is based on observations of different user and outlines the structure of the experience and the attending factors
  12. 12. 1.Nokia Tej is largely perceived as a ‘Useful’ ‘Futuristic’ , ‘Aspirational’ and ‘Contextual’ tool to place order for P&G products and also a tool to reduce dependability on 15-days cycle of DSE visits 2.There is a predominant feeling that Nokia Tej can be made more simpler and user-friendly 3.In the existing scenario, the application use is primarily limited to ‘placement of orders’ and user are either not aware of other features or reluctant to use them 4.The deterrent for more frequent usage are a combination of usability issues in the application and the time taken for the goods to be delivered 5.Performance of Nokia Tej is compared and evaluated vis-à-vis the traditional order channel on two parameter – ease of order placement and time taken for delivery 6.User have a strong believe that information on offers and schemes are not passed on by distributors / DSE as it should be; and that distributor and DSE avails these for themselves 7.There is a feeling that application should provide a provision from within the application to call P&G to seek clarity about product specification, new product details and possibly cost 8.Users are finding the new product categorization to be complex 9.Users feel that information about new product should be available separately; currently they come to know about new products from customer and then place order for them. 10.Almost all users feel that addition of product from other companies would make Nokia Tej more useful. 11.The most desired companies are Hindustan Lever, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle in that order 12.Most of the users feel that trainings is required, preferring onsite training and feels printed reference material would be of help Key Findings
  13. 13. Product Portfolio Make the product categorization user-centric Make the product name more easy to understand Possibly include fast moving products of companies other than P&G as well Application Shorten the application access process Possibly do away with login Show ‘Order Confirmation’ message prompt like SMS Have alerts on the home screen for offers and order statuses Have a separate section for new products Simplify Order confirmation process as in half the cases user lose their way once proceed to confirm the order after they have composed it. Supply Chain The supply chain needs to be improved to deliver on expectation. In the existing scenario the time taken for delivery is perceived to be longer. No or late delivery goods is perceived as a failure of the application itself. Relationship Nokia Tej is some context perceived as a tool to build relationship with P&G Nokia Tej can emerge as a reliable tool to get info on P&G ‘s offers and schemes Trainings Regulate trainings with supplementary material Educate users about other features like offer details and order status and on how to access them Opportunity Map - Nokia Tej Mapping the Opportunities
  14. 14. current triggers // existing scenario possible triggers // future scenario Order goods as and when required Get Order details as and when required Get information about offers & schemes Centralize order for multiple brands Ease of use Regular alert about order statuses Incentive to order on Nokia Tej Shorter order-supply cycle Interface to connect with P&G Provision to pay from the mobile itself Order goods as and when required Order as little as is required Freedom from dependability on DSE Mapping the Triggers
  15. 15. 15 User Journey Creating a wishful-scenario
  16. 16. Meet Gagan Trigger for Nokia Tej Gagan get a call from his regular customer for 5 cartons of Pampers. He check his stock and finds that he has only 1 cartons available in his stock. He need to immediately respond to his customer.
  17. 17. Evaluates order channels To respond to the customer need, he need to check availability, place the orders……. Check the stock As he was about to call the wholesaler, he recalls the alert about an offer he has received from P&G on Nokia Tej He clicks on the icons and straight away gets the menu Open Nokia Tej, and goes to the offer section to reads the details of the offer. Then he goes to the New Order section, and check the price, finds the offer and the price attractive. Call up P&G from within the app to confirm stocks and specify delivery priority.
  18. 18. Place order on Nokia Tej …… and get the delivery from P&G, before he get it delivered to his customers Goes ahead and enter the order details and places the order. He pays for the goods ordered from the Nokia Tej itself and print a receipt for record. Get an alert for the order confirmation. Calls up his customer to confirm delivery. Get another alert when the order is processed and dispatched. Receive the goods the next day, feels satisfied. Opens Nokia Tej and confirm receiving the goods.
  19. 19. 19 Thanks Nazim Iqbal UX Team – Nokia Tej