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Building the UX organization - within


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High level overview on building the user experience organization & practice

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Building the UX organization - within

  1. 1. Building the UX organization – Within High level thoughts on shaping up user experience practice May, 2012
  2. 2. Contents Overview / How UX effect the bottom line / Role of UX in development process / High Level approach to build the UX organization / Engaging with business
  3. 3. ‘Every $1 invested in usability return between $10 and $100’ Anonymous
  4. 4. Research & Understanding Design Research & Understanding UX Practice Boost Revenue Lower Support cost Reduce waste Improve customer satisfaction Business Value How UX effect the bottom line User experience drives bottom line results because it ultimately determines how much and how often your customers will buy from you, and how efficient your employees can be
  5. 5. UX is not just about visual dress but has a intervention at every stage of the product or solution. UX as a practise need has to be agile to stay be relevant and to successfully . So at different level of product / solution development, appropriate user experience service intervention is required to deliver value to the business. Included below is a quick list of user experiences services – mapped at a high level to the different stages of product / solution development. Discover Define Design Develop Deliver User & biz requirements User research Competition research Stake holder interview UX audit Heuristic evaluation Define objective / vision Personas Scenarios Task analysis Wireframes IA & specs User interaction maps Concept model prototype Customer experience map Visual design Style Guide Info design Content strategy Usability testing Visual asset Icons HTML template Usability testing Field testing Contextual enquiry UX audits Data mining Role of UX in development process User Experience Consultancy
  6. 6. Build the skill competency •Understand people and their skill both system and people skills •Prepare the skill matrix to understand and identify skill gaps •Plan to build the organizational skill (internal, external training, lateral hiring) •Define career paths and knowledge sharing modalities Refine and define the processes •Understand the existing ux and design processes, fine tune the same wherever required. •Document these processes and create a central repository with accessibility to this pool Institutionalize UX practice •Understand the financial domain and the nature and diversity of the clients •Dedicate resource to build understanding and expertise around client and financial domain (banking, insurance, ) •Groom leader / SME for each of the sub-practice of ux (User research, IA, visual, interaction…) Connect with industry •Collaborate with the practitioners – UX labs, HFI, IIT-Design •Organize or participate in industry seminars to identify industry best practise and engage peers for knowledge sharing High level approach to build the UX organization
  7. 7. Define the portfolio of ux services Identify accounts – loyal client, mega & gamma accounts and project / products with intensive user interactions Have case studies, POC account and the literature that demonstrate the value ux can create for clients Identify ‘experience gaps’ and opportunities with client and project, pitch ux service that can create demonstrable value Develop vertical / account specific expertise Building the UX Practice Engaging with Business To start engaging with the business and gain visibility, user experience organization to be proactive – rather than reactive. The unified UX vision would ensures that there are clear defined drivers of growth and model of engagement with account, clients and internal stakeholders. Gathering understanding of business, user needs to map the appropriate user experience service to the business opportunity.
  8. 8. Thank You Nazim Iqbal email: mob: +91-9818303131