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Revision on consumer


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good revision for chemistry spm

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Revision on consumer

  1. 1. What is the function of these food additives?a) Colouring agentsb) preservativesc) Anti oxidantsd) Flavouring agentse) Stabilisers andthickenersa) To restore the colour oforiginal foodb) To destroy or prevent growthof micro organisms in foodc) To prevention oxidation offood by aird) To to give or enhance theflavour of foode) To prevent food such as icecream from separating into layersand to thicken soup or gravy
  2. 2. What type of food additives?Colouring agentspreservativesAnti oxidantsFlavouring agentsStabilisers and thickenersa) Benzoic acidb) Pectinc) Saccharind) aspartame) Ascorbic acidFlavouring agentsf) tartrazinef) Sodium nitrite preservatives
  3. 3. What type of food additives?Colouring agentspreservativesAnti oxidantsStabilisers and thickenersa) Azo compoundb) Vitamin Ec) Mono sodium glutamated) agar-agare) GelatinFlavouring agentsf) Sodium benzoateStabilisers and thickenersg) Sulphur dioxide preservatives
  4. 4. What is the function of these traditional medicines?a) limeb) garlicc) gingerd) onionse) Betel leaves-daun sireha) To increase digestive juiceb) Has antibiotic propertyc) To warm the bodyd) To purift bloode) Stop bleeding nose
  5. 5. What is the function of these modern medicines?a) analgesicsb) antibioticsc)Psychotherapeuticmedicinesa) To relieve pain without affectingconsciousnessb) Kill bacteriac) To treatmental illness
  6. 6. a) stimulantsb) Antidepressantc) Antipsychoticdruga) To stimulate mental activityb) To control worry,fear, anxiety, panicc) To treatpsychotic illness orschizophreniac) Psychotherapeutic medicines
  7. 7. What type of modern medicines?analgesicsAnti bioticsa) aspirinb) Penicillinc) streptomycind) Para cetamole) caffeinef) codeineg) barbiturateAnti bioticsanalgesicsstimulantanalgesicsantidepressanth) tranquiliser antidepressant
  8. 8. What is the uses of modern medicines?Fever, prevent heartattackfevera) aspirinb) Penicillinc) streptomycind) Para cetamolf) codeinepneumonia Tuberculosis,dysentryTreat gonorrhea, syphlis,pneumonia, meningitisCough medicine,headache
  9. 9. Soap:RCOO –Na +or R COO –K +Detergent:What is general formula forsoap?and detergent?
  10. 10. What does hard water contains?•Hard water containscalcium ion, Ca2+ormagnesium ion, Mg2+.
  11. 11. Why do soaps form scum withhard water?• Soap reacts with calciumion, Ca2+or magnesium ion,Mg2+in hard water to forminsoluble salt, called scum
  12. 12. Why is soap not effective in hardwater?• Because formation of scumreduce the amount of soapfor cleaning and thus wastageof soap occur.
  13. 13. Why is detergent more effective thansoap in hard water? • Detergent form soluble salt with calcium ion, Ca2+ormagnesium ion, Mg2+in hard water.• Therefore the cleaning power is not affected by hard water.
  14. 14. Below are some additives in detergents.Fill in missing wordsAdditives Functions1 Drying agents( such as sodiumsulphate, sodiumsilicate)to keep thepowder……………….DRY
  15. 15. Additives Functions2 Builders( such asSodiumtriphosphate)……………water.soften
  16. 16. Additives Functions3 Biologicalenzymes( such asamylase,lipase)to digestin dirt or tomodify fabricfeelPROTEIN, FATORCARBOHYDRATE
  17. 17. Additives Functions4 Such assodiumperborateConvertstains into…………………substancescolourless
  18. 18. Additives Functions5 Perfumes Make clothessmell……………. Andcleanfresh
  19. 19. Additives Functions6.Stabilizers( such assilicones)Preventformation of………………foam