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an                          Edgeabove                                                   31-07-11                          ...
an          Edgeabove 31-07-11                                                                Arun Jaitley met Yeddyurappa...
an          Edgeabove 31-07-11The 50 crore Khan                                                        The Olympic Coverag...
Edgeabove 31-07-11        anLondon Olympics, after winning the silver medal in the10m Air Pistol at the ISSF World Cup in ...
an          Edgeabove 31-07-11                                                               I swear, i m not going to tol...
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An edge above


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An edge above

  1. 1. an Edgeabove 31-07-11 for an offence under Prevention of Corruption Act,” theKarnataka Chief Minister B.S. Lokayukta had alleged.Yeddyurappa will give resignation Cabinet approved lokpal billon 31st July draftPurva Vergadia ( Ankit Agrawal( Delhi/Bangalore, July 29: Under sharp criticism forhis alleged role in the illegal mining scam, adefiant Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappaissued a statement on late Thursday night, saying he willtendered his resignation on July 31.Yeddyurappa sent his resignation to BJP president NitinGadkari after he met the party high-command lateWednesday night. He is believed to have told Gadkari thathis future in the southern state must be protected. NitinGadkari’s office is yet to confirm the development. Thedevelopment came as shock as the Karnataka CM seemeddefiant earlier in the day. The beleaguered Yeddyurappaon Thursday said that he is ready to step down only if hisclose associate Sadanand Gowda is chosen to succeed The contentious Lokpal Bill draft was approved by thehim. Union Cabinet on Thursday, keeping outside its purview a serving Prime Minister, the higher judiciary and theThe announcement from Yeddyurappa came hours after conduct of MPs inside Parliament. The Lokpal committeethe BJP’s central leadership asked him to step down with would be headed by the chairman with eight members toimmediate effect in light of his indictment in the illegal assist him. The chairman would be from judiciary. Only amining report submitted by state’s Lokayukta N Santosh retired Supreme Court judge or a retired chief justice of aHedge on Wednesday. high court would be considered for the chairmans post. Moreover, the candidate should also have at least 25 years of experience on anti-corruption policies.Karnataka Lokayukta N Santosh Hegde had onWednesday indicted Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa for Fifty per cent of the Lokpal committee members would behis role in the state’s illegal mining business and had from the judiciary.The Lokpal Bill was part of the Unitedalleged that he received kickbacks for favouring mining Progressive Alliances (UPAs) common minimumbarons. “The illegal mining business has caused a loss of programme. The Bill will be introduced in Parliament inRs 16,085 crores to the state’s exchequer between 2006 the first two days of the monsoon session.The Lokpaland 2010,” Hegde had said addressing a press conference would have a five-year tenure. It would not have theafter submitting a huge 25,228-page long explosive report power to independently prosecute. It could recommendon illegal mining before the chief secretary SV prosecution to the Supreme Court. The Lokpal will alsoRanganath. have powers to attach the property of corrupt public servants acquired through corrupt means.In damning evidence against the Chief Minister, JusticeHegde had claimed that Yeddyurappa and his family havebeen beneficiaries of the largesse of mining companies.“A mining company named the South West MiningCompany, owned by Jindals, and had donated Rs 10 croreto a trust owned by Chief Ministers family members. Thecompany also purchased one acre of land for Rs 20 crorefrom the trust far above the guidance value. This makes
  2. 2. an Edgeabove 31-07-11 Arun Jaitley met Yeddyurappa Saturday morning, theirAfter a theatrical sequence of second meeting in two days.incidences, B S Yeddyurappa Legislators and ministers supporting Yeddyurappa , however, appeared to change their tack Saturday.finally vows to resign tomorrow On Friday, their assertion was no question of Yeddyurappa resigning.Anshul Khandelwal( Yeddyurappa met our central leaders Saturday morning. He said he would resign on July 31. He would do so,Bangalore. After the report submitted by the Lokayukta, Eshwarappa told reporters.Santosh Hegde which alleged BS Yeddyurappa, the CM He also maintained that Yeddyurappa had not placed anyof Karnataka to be involved in illegal mining scam on condition for resigning.Friday, senior BJP leaders Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singhwere continuously trying to persuade BSY to resign. Twin terrorist attack in Norway However the MP’s and MLA’s of Karnataka BJP Varleen Batra( Avani Rathore( in a completely unexpected way as they supported Surbhi Parnerkar( and asked the BJP high command to not to sack him.This seemed to be a quite big trouble for BJP on theirtitulary being a disciplined party. The whole drama seemed to end with the signedstatement read out to media outside the Chief Ministersresidence by loyalist Minister Basavaraj Bommai,Yeddyurappa said he had already issued a statement onThursday that he would tender his resignation on July 31following the decision of the partys parliamentary boardand instruction from BJP central leaders. But despite the statement, he blamed the media for 22nd June 2011, people of Norway Confronted twomisleading the public that he is not resigning. sequential deadly attacks which lead to the death of about 77 people and 96 were severely injured. The first attack"I, hereby, again clarify that I am submitting my was a car bomb explosion in Regjeringskvartalet, theresignation on the afternoon of 31-3-2011", he said. executive government quarter of Oslo, at 15:25:19, outside of the office of Prime Minister Jens Stolenberg When being asked if the Yeddyurappa’s demands were and other government buildings, where 8 were killed andaccepted by the party high command, he replied in a 30 got injured.In not less than two hours the second attackphilosophical way that the communication is going on and occurred at a youth camp organized by the youthis in a positive direction. organization of the ruling Norwegian labour Party on the island of Utoya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud.Yeddyurappa not to pick hissuccessor The Norwegian Police arrested Anders Behring Breivik, a 32 year old Norwegian right-wing extremist whoShivangi Gupta( disguised himself as a policeman and came to the islandNifaz sheikh ( where around 600 teenagers were attending the camp.Bangalore, July 30 (IANS) The Bharatiya Janata Party When Breivik arrived at the island he represented himself(BJP) Saturday ruled out allowing as a police officer who came there for routine check andscam-hit Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to then started firing at the public, killing and woundedpick his successor, numerous people.even as it continued efforts to make him quit withoutconditions. The survivors of the Norwegian attack mentioned the threatening experience in their blogs and how they actedThe new chief minister will be decided based on the as dead in order to save their lives from the brutalopinion of all legislators, gunman. The attack on Utoya is recorded as the most state Home Minister R. Ashoka told reporters after a deadly attack by a single gunman in the history.meeting of senior state partyleaders.To help elect a new leader of the legislature party, centralobservers Rajnah Singh and
  3. 3. an Edgeabove 31-07-11The 50 crore Khan The Olympic CoveragePurvi Kala( M. Vignesh ( ) Mayuri Shrivastava ( )Salman has increased his fees, cashing in on his recentsuccess at the box-office, becoming one of the highest One of the most extravagant events of the sports universepaid actors in bollywood. With Aamir Khan and Shah that takes place once in every four years it the grandRukh Khan taking full control of their box-office OLYMPICS. With its roots in Ancient Greece at aboutsuccesses and turning it into a financial gold mine, how 776 B. C., it consisted of participants from thecan Salman Khan be left behind? The actor enjoying his neighboring city and states. During this time no kingdomrecent success run in Bollywood, with two back to back would wage a war against each other and ongoing warshits in Dabangg and Ready, has decided to demand a were postponed. This was hence an event to promote thewhopping Rs 50 crore for his next project. friendly ties between the kingdoms. The modern Olympic era began in the year 1894 with Baron Pierre de CoubertinSalman who used to charge around Rs 40 crore for his founding the International Olympic Committee whichfilms, has now increased his fees and is charging Rs 50 governs the Olympic Games.crore per film. At present Salman is in a commanding The 20th and 21st centuries saw the bloom of new form ofposition at the box-office. And his business manager Olympics such as the Winter Games consisting of ice andMatrix is ensuring that Salmans market demand translates snow events, Paralympic Games consisting of physicallyinto big bucks. Two filmmakers who have recently signed disabled participants and the Youth Olympic Gameson Salman, alleges that the star has indeed hiked his price. where all the participants are teenagers. A decree passedAlso, following in the footsteps of his Khan counterparts, in 2008 states that the host country of any year’s Olympicthe actor is taking more than a keen interest in all his will also host the Paralympics of the same.upcoming projects by calling the shots in terms of castingof the film. The 2012 Olympic Games is to be held in London, U. K. and commences on 27 July 2012 and the Paralympics on 29 August 2012. Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots for the Olympics and Paralympics respectively.A source says, "Salman is not only quoting a fee close toRs 50 crore, he is also recommending directors for thesefilms. Like, for the T Series project Salman has putforward the names of two directors and has askedproducer Bhushan Kumar to choose from one of them.Furthermore, he insisted on Sonakshi Sinha for Kick andnow hes recommending Zarine Khan to his prospectiveproducers." Filmmaker Bhushan Kumar admits thatSalmans price is being re-negotiated and restructured. Wenlock(L) and Mandeville® the mascots of London"When Salman did Ready the film industry was facing a Olympics 2012huge financial crunch. But he agreed to cut down his price Indian Glory:from Rs 40 crore to Rs 17 crore. This was the only waywe could have made Ready at that time. Now the market Pistol Shooter Annu Raj Singh wins Silver medal athas changed for the entire film industry. So, we are World Cup and also secures 2012 Olympic quota spot.currently re-negotiating with him for our next film," he Supported by Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ), she becamesays. the first Indian pistol shooter to qualify for the 2012
  4. 4. Edgeabove 31-07-11 anLondon Olympics, after winning the silver medal in the10m Air Pistol at the ISSF World Cup in USA. Annu shot Apple leads the US federalan impressive 389 in the qualifying round and was placed towards development ofsecond. She then shot 97.6 in the final round for a totalscore of 486.6 to win the silver. This is also her personal iAmericabest score and came against all the worlds top pistol Zainab pakiza( Annu, who hails from Haryana, had last year Ashwani Jain( the CWG Gold medal in 10m Air Pistol Pairs event.Olympic Gold Quest had provided Annu with a newworld class pistol and ammunition. Annu is the thirdshooter supported by OGQ after Gagan Narang andSanjeev Rajput to win an Olympic quota for India.Indian swimmer Virdhawal Khade has qualified for the2012 London Olympics in the 100-metre freestyle event atthe 14th FINA World Championships in ShanghaiWednesday. Khade clocked 50.34s and is the secondIndian to qualify for the Olympics. Sandeep Sejwal wasthe first swimmer to qualify for the 2012 mega event inthe 100 metres breaststroke event. Following theirphenomenal performances at the World Championships, BBC reports that the companys financial report showsKhade and Sejwal now continue to be part of the Top 150 that the mother of i-technology, i.e. the software companylist. Khade is ranked 122 in the 50m butterfly event while apple is richer than the US federal government .Sandeep is 128th in the 100m breaststroke event. These days, Apple is worth about $375 billion, withSharath Gayakwad earlier qualified for the London shares up about 25 percent, to $403, this year . It has beenParalympics 2012 in the 100m breaststroke event. "Its a assumed that if teh company gets a rise of 12percent more then it would hold the worlds largest market value . Agreat feeling to win a medal for your country, and I was well known stock analyst Brian J. White states that “Iparticularly happy that I improved on my timings. Its a don’t remember a company of this size growing at thislong season ahead and I hope to continue doing well for pace,” and predicts that it could reach $617 billion withinIndia," said Sharath who has already clocked a time under a year — the Street’s highest target . The apple ipads ,the Minimum Qualification Standard for the 2012 London ipods , iphones. are traping the world at a fast pace. ThisParalympic Games. companys revenue is more than $100 billion this year — roughly what Microsoft and Intel take in combined , also the profir is expected nearly double, to $27 billion . Apple just had its best quarter ever, posting sales of $28.57 billion, compared with Wall Street’s consensus view of $25 billion, with earnings per share of $7.79, fully a third higher than expectations . The 20 million iPhones the company sold topped predictions of 17 million . International credit rating agencies warns a threat to the federal government to come up witha better plan to uplift the national economy and overpower the national debt , toFrom left: Annu Raj Singh, Virdhawal Khade and set back the financial crises .Sandeep Sejwal and Sharath Gayakwad.
  5. 5. an Edgeabove 31-07-11 I swear, i m not going to tolerate this injustice any more.A voice against eve-teasing Yours Me.Teena Balani( Eve-teasing is a punishable crime. Dont tolerate injusticeUsually when Arpita (21), name is changed, walks from because we girls and women are equally important, equalRegal to Dawa Bazaar towards her classes, a nearly one in status, have equal rights.and a half km walk, she used to hear the songs in a loudvoice, to avoid the cheap comments of the people pass by! A Fiction StoryOne day she read an article in Hindustan Times on 25 July nisha chodhary(, she came to know that public sexual harrassment,street harassment, molestation of women by men and There was a worshiper named Shiva in a small village. Hedelinquency by youth comes under eve-teasing. She got to was more sophisticated with villagers. He used to giveknow the worst scenerio of city and growing eve-teasing. spiritual experience to peoples and place reliance on god.She got to know that since she avoided the people Once an incident occurred in the village there was ancommenting on her and fondling her in public places or extreme scarcity of water. All the peoples were affectedpublic transport, she was also responsible for this because by this trouble. They seemed no solution to overcomehe had avoided it for so long time. from this situation. They heard chant pravachans wereShe sat on internet and searched for the laws and told by Shiva in which a Lord curbed on famine bypunishments against eve-teasing. She found that section abandoning food and water. All the peoples were thinking298 A and B of Indian Penal Code(IPC) has written that no one can do this excepting Shiva they were looking himman found guilty of making a girl... Or women the target like a lord. They appealed to Shiva to do this same forof obscene gestures, remarks, songs or recitations can be them. They were expecting from him to cope. But Shivajailed for maximum three months. Under IPC 292, was starting to have second thoughts about accepting thereshowing pornographic or obscene pictures, books or slips offer because he kept crews in a dark. He knew that heto women draws a fine of Rs. 2000 and 2 years of rigorous was a criminal having illicit affairs. Police is searchingimprisonment. Repeated offense may cause 5 years him and have incriminated against him. To hide himself,rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 5000. he came in the village was in saffron clothes that’s whyHere an incident happened to her after that which was villagers mistook him for a monk. He was only pretendingwritten in her personal diary. She has given me her diary them. This think perturb him. He was thinking that howto share it with the readers. would he present himself in front of villagers, how would28 July 2011 he say that he is not a lord even he was accused by lot ofDear Diary, crimes. For a moment he thought to refuse their requestToday was not a usual day. Today when I got down from wanted to run away from that place but his ears werecity bus and started to walk towards my class, three playing tricks with him by sounding “please pray for us bymorons started to follow me. They first overtake me then doing this job, we beg for our life”. His spiritual intuitionstop at a distance and wait for me to pass by. They were said him to do help by doing brace this is the atonementon bicycles. This happens four times. I stared at them for your sins if could soothe them. He decided to keep fastangrily but it made no difference to them. Finally when I without taking any drought of water till the rain wouldwas about to reach Dawa Bazaar Chouraha one of the come. Day by day he was going to faint. He sustained onthree touched me on my back and shoulder and tried to his promise till 15 days. On the 15th day god accepted hispass by. I lost my temper And i shouted at them loudly, prayer and rain came there. Everyone were enjoying that"stop, u rascals." The traffic police standing there heard moment but Shiva have gone near scream, he ran towards them and stopped them. I wentto police officer, told him the whole incident. They triedto justify by telling false stories. It increased my rage. Islapped hard to the guy who touched me. That voice waseverywhere in the air. Police officer also scolded them andthreatened them that they would be jailed. I told themlaws i had read earlier.Finally i got relieved because today i was able to protectmy dignity and self-respect.