an                             Edgeabove                                          Sunday, July 25, 2011After Four Decades,...
‘India has the potential                      to Apple up in the marketlead’Hillary Clinton                               ...
End of an era: Last space shuttle                    space shuttles earned its place in history. And                      ...
Deed Of The Week:                                   the money to return to his boss. Vivek                                ...
The Cash for Vote Scandal of                       soon supported its three MPs with                                      ...
Illegal  Mining                 Scam               This scam is Bele...
said.History awaits for                    the                                                  England-India Lord’s Test ...
Australia won by 45 runs – the coincidence of      of 48 played. But India leads in India; 14 to 11the century.           ...
Movie ReviewZindaginamilegidobaraLet yourself
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An edge above


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An edge above

  1. 1. an Edgeabove Sunday, July 25, 2011After Four Decades, Border Iran’s Threat to India to halt theHaats Reopen petrochemical supplyAnkit Agrawal As India and Bangladesh reopen a The leading oil companies in India saidborder haat (market) in Meghalaya Saturday, that they will be moving towards Saudi Arab,These border haats stopped after the 1971 Kuwait and UAE for extra oil supplies in futureBangladesh liberation war. Border markets are because Iran has threatened India that it wouldpopular among people on both sides of the halt the oil supplies from August 1, 2011 if theborder living in remote enclaves and hilly areas previous payment of $5 billion is not paid tillas they find it difficult to buy and sell products the time.needed in everyday life. Commerce andIndustry Minister Anand Sharma and his The matter has started from December,Bangladesh counterpart FarukKhan 2011 when United Nations Organization andinaugurated the border haat at Kalaichar in United States of America had pressed hard onMeghalaya’s West Garo Hills district and governments and companies to deal with Iran.Baliamari of Bangladesh’s Kurigram district. Although, they did not forbid buying theState Chief Minister MukulSangma said that ―It Iranian oil. But it made harder to trade due tois very important for us (India) to maintain financial limitations. That’s why India’s centralbilateral ties with Bangladesh and one of the bank stopped doing payments in previousmeans to maintain this good relation is through payment and commerce,‖. The senior officials of Indian Oil The two sides also decided to intensify Companies say that since India is importingtheir joint efforts to combat terror and renewed 400,000 barrels per day (bpd), it would be hardtheir pledge not to allow their territories to be for Iran to close market for us. And theused by forces inimical to each other. The probability of the threat to remain a threat isbilateral trade between the two countries has more.risen from $2.7 billion in 2009-10 to $3.9 Sources say that Reserve Bank of Indiabillion in 2010-11, showing an increase of and Indian Government are doing their effortsaround 45 percent. to clear the debts. 1
  2. 2. ‘India has the potential to Apple up in the marketlead’Hillary Clinton KarthikaPillai Apple,Inc company, formerly Chennai: Hillary Clinton, the US known as Apple Computer, Inc., was foundedsecretary of state was at a public library in the in 1976 and is headquartered in Cupertino,city and used the place as a platform to California, has captured the whole market withhighlight the India’s growing global power. its mobile communication and media devices, She was at Anna Centenary library, and portable digital music players- relatedsouth Asia’s largest public library and software, services, peripherals, networkingexpressed her views about the role of India in solutions, and third-party digital content andAsia-Pacific region. She said that much of the applications. Its products are sold through itshistory of the 21st century will be written in online stores, retail stores, direct sales force,Asia and much of the future of this region will third-party wholesalers, resellers, and value-depend on the decisions taken by the Indian added resellers.government along with the governments acrossIndia as well as the 1.3 billion people of India. The company sells its products to consumer, small and mid-sized business, She is the first high-ranked US education, enterprise, government, and creativeofficial to visit Chennai in recent years. markets. As of September 25, 2010, it had 317According to her, there was no place better than retail stores, including 233 stores in the UnitedChennai to speak about the Asia-Pacific as it States and 84 stores internationally.Apple’slooks like an out onto the Bay of Bengal which market cap is now just under $350are influenced by the Indian sailors for so many billion.Apple’s market cap is now a full $120years. billion higher than Microsoft’s. To look at it Finally in her 40 minutes address, she another way, Intel’s entire market cap is $118said-―We are betting that the advances in the billion. Or, another way, Apple is now worthscience and technology made here will enrich more than Microsoft, HP, and Dell combinedlives everywhere. We are betting that India’s — with about $17 billion left over.It seemspluralistic society will inspire the others to soon its going to take over the place of "thefollow a similar path of tolerance. We are most valuable company of the world".Amaking this bet because we have watched your thumbs up for all apple-ians and others who areprogress with great admiration.‖ willing to buy the apple products. 2
  3. 3. End of an era: Last space shuttle space shuttles earned its place in history. And its come to a final stop," Also the commandercomes home shared words of gratitude with a dozen of past and present flight controllers were "The work done in this room, in this building, will never again be duplicated."Now the spaceship along with two remaining shuttles will become museum pieces ,like the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules and many more. And those this will prove to be a matter of melancholy as it will leave thousands of workers jobless. NASA is getting out of business of sending cargo and astronauts to the space station, outsourcing the job to private companies. On Thursday,21st July 2011 space shuttle A matter of concern to the people of NASA , asATLANTIS landed at the CAPE long term future appears dim and dull.CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) and marked the end President Barack Obama has set a goal ofof NASAs 30 year space program . The return sending astronauts to an asteroid by 2025 andof Atlantis captured floods of human emotion , Mars in the mid-2030s. Though the designstears of joy . from the space agencies is not finalized yet.In It was a moment of great pride when the meantime, Atlantis will go on display at theATLANTIS made its inaugural flight on 8th Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex inJuly 1981.It was NASAs longest running space 2013. And Endeavour is bound for theexploration program . Atlantis with its four California Science Center in Los Angeles.astronauts coasted to a dark ghostly land afterthe last visit to the international space station.Altogether, the shuttle fleet flew 542 million A 7 Letter Game RinkySolankimiles, circled Earth 21,152 times, carried 355 SagarPalliwalpeople from 16 countries and spent a combined paliwalsagar12@gmail.com1,333 days in space — nearly four years. NishaChoudhary choudhary2nisha@gmail.comInitially two of the five shuttles were destroyed,one at the time of launch and the other duringits journey. The words from the Shuttle commanderChristopher Ferguson before the shuttle landed"After serving the world for over 30 years, the 3
  4. 4. Deed Of The Week: the money to return to his boss. Vivek suggested him to stop working for that personA step ahead to diminish the and make a complaint against that person inchild labour police station and went to We should also try to stop this and give them right direction so that they canZainabPakiza lead their life A Fiction Story Shivangi Gupta shivangi NifazShiekh One night, at 11:30 PM, an older African American woman was standing on the side of an highway trying to endure a lashing rain "Child Labour" is, generally speaking, storm. Her car had broken down and shework for children that harms them or exploits desperately needed a ride. A young white manthem in some way (physically, mentally, stopped to help her. The man took her to safety,morally, or by blocking access to education). helped her get assistance and put her into a taxi Recently a incident took place with our cab. She seemed to be in a big hurry! She wrotefriend vivekupadhyay who helps a small boy down his address, thanked him and drove away.screaming and crying on the road near by M.Y Seven days went by and a knock camehospital. When asked about the reason he told on the mans door. To his surprise, a gianthim that, he used to sell news paper in this area console color TV was delivered to his home. Afor a man who provides him the shelter and special note was attached. It read: "Thank youfood in turn for his selling of a day. so much for assisting me on the highway the But that day,two-three people came to other night. The rain drenched not only myhim to bought the newspaper and snatch all the clothes but my spirits. Then you came papers from him and ran away and no one Because of you, I was able to make it to myhelps him to caught them. He was crying as he dying husbands bedside just before he passedhas no money to give to his boss. away. God bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving others." When my friend tries to handover somemoney to him,he denied.As it seems that he Then suddenly a uproar came ―Wake upwas an honest boy. But when insisted he took now,its 6’o clock‖ then I realized that It was my dream & den she decided to help everyone. 4
  5. 5. The Cash for Vote Scandal of soon supported its three MPs with ―Documentary and Conclusive Evidence‖ of2008 the bribery. It contained transcripts of the videoM recordings and written explanatory letter from two of the three MPs. The videos of The United Progressive Alliance bribingwere later broadcast on the popularwas elected as the governing alliance in India news channel CNN-IBN after allegations that itin the year 2004.But unfortunately, the alliance didn’t show the videos that it had taken on adidn’t hold strong for too long. There was a series of sting operations on the suspects.heated debate on allowing the Indo-US nucleardeal to proceed further. The deal would ensurethat the US supplied India with nucleartechnologies but also required Indian nucleardevelopment programs to be transparent to theUS. The government wanted to pursue the deal.But the Communist Party of India’s Left Frontwithdrew its support from the government. Thiscalled for the No-Confidence Motion. The RajyaSabha member Amar Singh -whoconfidence vote was put up in the year 2008 belonged to the Samajwadi Party which was aand the government was retained by the ruling party that started supporting the government afterparty. But the victory was tarnished by the BJP the Left Front walked away- and Ahmed Pateland its 3 MPs Ashok Argal, Faggan Singh were accused of bribing but no conclusive andKulasteandMahaveerBhagorawho alleged that satisfactory evidence was obtained and thethe government has bribed them for votes and charges were dropped. Further investigationswaved bundles of cash from a bag supposedly were launched on SanjeevSaxena aide of Amarcontaining cash of 1crore rupees standing right Singh, Sohail Hindustani member ofin front of the parliament. BharatiyaJanataYuvaMorcha and SudheendraKulkarni aide of L. K. Advani for their possible involvements.Soon after, Wikileaks an organization supporting whistle blowing revealed that NachiketaKapur, a Congress Party political aide, had boasted to US Embassy officials in July 2008 that his party had funds to bribe MPs in order to obtain a favourableoutcome.The allegations led to the The speaker SomnathChatterjee ordered a arrest of Saxena and Hindustani and interviewspolice investigation into the matter. The BJP of Amar Singh and Kulkarni. The final culprit is yet at large 5
  6. 6. Illegal Mining Scam This scam is Belekeri port scam .It relates to 3.5 million tons of confiscated iron In photo: B. S. Yeddyurappa and the Reddy brothers(L);ore that was exported illegally from Belekeriport near Karwar in Karnataka. After Deputy This report has inputs from the CBI andConservator of Forests R. Gokul seized the ore Income Tax department, which had also probedand the high court refused to permit it to be the issue of illegal mining in the state. Theexported, a large part of it was surreptitiously report is submitted to supreme court on 22 Julyexported from the port. After persistent protests 2011.The Lokayukta has reported thatand public pressure, Karnataka Chief Minister Karnatakas Chief Minister BS YeddyurappaYeddyurappaa, who is balancing political was involved in an illegal mining scam thatconsiderations with control of corruption, cost the southern Indian state $400m (£250m),admitted to an illegal iron-ore export racket at according to an anti-corruption ombudsman.Belekeri Port involving 35 lakh metric tons of With Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappas roleiron ore .It is said that the scam was worth an there are four ministerial colleagues withestimated 60,000 crore rupees (US$12 billion). regard to illegal mining in the state. FourThis iron ore from the Bellary region is alleged Ministers who were named in the report are:to have been illegally mined after paying a G Janardhana Reddy, G Karunakara Reddy, Bminuscule royalty to the government. The Sriramulu, VSomanna. He also sought securitymajor irregularities involve mines in Bellary, for his top officials fearing they might beincluding those of Obulapuram Mining harassed. In a bid to dispel rumours, he saidCompany owned by G. Karunakara Reddy, and over 500 people have been indicted in hisG. Janardhana Reddy, who are ministers in the report. He said there were several LokayuktaGovernment of Karnataka. A report constituted officials also involved and action would beby the LokAyukta covers major violations and taken against them soon.systemic corruption in mining in Bellary, Retired judge SantoshHegde said he hadincluding in the allowed geography, evidence of a "huge racket" involving membersencroachment of forest land, massive of the states BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP)underpayment of state mining royalties relative government. Correspondents say illegal miningto the market price of iron ore and systematic of iron ore has been rampant in Karnatakastarvation of government mining entities. which produces about 45 million tons of iron ore a year and exports more than half of it to China. 6
  7. 7. said.History awaits for the England-India Lord’s Test Akshat Mittal Purvi Kala KirtiSomani kirtisomani91@gmail.comRet. Judge SantoshHegde(R) After all this Chief Minister B SYeddyurappa held an emergent meeting of topofficials in Bangalore.The meeting, attended byChief Secretary S V Ranganath, officials fromMines and Geology Department and PublicWorks Minister C M Udasi, discussed the CECreport which pointed out that 304.91 lakh tonsof iron ore had been exported from Karnatakawithout permits between 2003-04 and 2009-10. The first Test between England and IndiaYeddyurappa has repeatedly stressed that his had started this Thursday (21 July). This is thegovernment banned illegal iron ore exports last 2000th Test in cricket’s colorful history. Inyear itself."It is not my government that gave 1985, we came up with a book ―1000 Tests‖permission to mining. Loot of mining ore has (Strata) which gave the highlights of the firstbeen happening since 2003. No action was thousand Tests from March 1877 to Decembertaken to bring to a halt. It is my Government 1985. So it took more than 108 years tothat is responsible for checking it", complete the first 1000 Tests. But it has beenYeddyurappa, who slapped a ban on illegal less than 26 years to complete the next 1000.export of iron ore last year, a decision which That is, four times quicker, and this despite thehas been struck down by the Supreme Court blossoming of One-Day Internationals (ODIs)recently, said. and the mushrooming of Twenty20s! Below are "I am responsible for saving the resources listed the landmark Tests:of the state. The Centre also should have done First Test: Australia vs. England, Melbourne,it","The allegations against them (three Bellary March 15-19, 1877. Australia won by 45 runs.ministers) are baseless", Yeddyurappa Centenary Test (Test number 803): Australia vs. England, Melbourne, March 12-17, 1977. 7
  8. 8. Australia won by 45 runs – the coincidence of of 48 played. But India leads in India; 14 to 11the century. with 26 drawn out of 51.100th Test: Australia vs. England, Sydney,February 21-27, 1908. Australia won by 49 Both India and England are currently on a high,runs. with victories over the West Indies and Sri500th Test: India vs. Pakistan, Madras (now Lanka respectively in the recent Test series.Chennai), January 13-18, 1960. Drawn. India won 1-0 (two drawn) in the just-1000th Test: Australia vs. West Indies, concluded series in the Caribbean and EnglandMelbourne, December 22-27, 1984. Drawn. defeated Sri Lanka in England by the same2000th Test: England vs. India, Lord’s, margin, 1-0 (two drawn).London, this week, July 21-25, 2011.By coincidence, the above 2000th Test will The plus for India is that they will bealso be the 100th Test between England and strengthened by the presence of the legendaryIndia. They had played their inaugural Test also Sachin Tendulkar, opening batat Lord’s, 79 years ago, from June 25-28, 1932. GautamGambhir, all-rounder Yuvraj Singh andWe wonder how many roarers were born then. reverse-swing specialist Zaheer Khan.What a strong team England had fielded for the The flamboyant VirenderSehwag will also joinAnglo-Indian Test initiation! the squad, but he will not be playing theThey had opened with Herbert Sutcliffe and historic first Test at Lord’s as his injury has notPercy Holmes, followed by Frank Woolley, healed.Wally Hammond, Douglas Jardine (captain), Now to the third milestone.Eddie Paynter and Les Ames behind thestumps. Despite such a batting line-up, England If Tendulkar scores a century, it will be hiswas dismissed for 259 and 275 (India’s fastest 100th international century. He has so far hit 51ever bowler MahomedNissar claiming 5-93 and in 177 Tests and 48 in 453 ODIs.1-42). Australia’s master bat Ricky Ponting isBut with Bill Voce, Bill Bowes, Fred Brown, the second highest, but way behind with 39Hammond and Walter Robins taking vital centuries in 152 Tests and 30 in 362 ODIs.Thuswickets England won by 158 runs. Tendulkar is a whopping 30 centuries ahead of the next best.The same England team (plus Harold Larwood)defeated Australia 4-1 the following Australian It will be magical if Tendulkar notchessummer. In the 99 Tests between England and his landmark 100th international ton in theIndia, the former lead 34 to 19 with 46 drawn. headquarters of cricket, Lord’s, in the 100th Test between the nationsOn home turf, England’s record is even moreimpressive, leading 23 to 5 with 20 drawn out 8
  9. 9. Movie ReviewZindaginamilegidobaraLet yourself A boundless self awaits within, ajourney into this self would end all the The movie is very well picturized, andsuffering. the beautiful cinematography allows one to feel the excitement and emotions within. The movie The fun filled entertainment directed by reveals the beautiful friendship between theZoyaAkhtar tries to convey the same in an three and the way they overcome their fearsamazing way. The story is all about three and problems. The poetic expressions byfriends (the three musketeers as they were JavedAkhtar are too good to be expressed bycalled), HrithikRoshan (as Arjun), a financial words. The storyline is heart-touching and atbroker at London, AbhayDeol (as Kabir) a son the same time makes one ponder about one’sof construction tycoon who’s engaged to own life. It is a perfect blend of humor andNatasha (KalkiKoechlin) and FarhanAkhtar (as sense. Critics have rated it at 4.5. It’s a kindImraan), an advertisement copywriter. They all movie you would love to watch dobara.plan an adventurous road trip cum bachelorparty to Spain, in order to overcome their fearsand to eliminate the grievances between them.During this journey they choose deep seadiving at Costa Brava where they meet Katrina DESIGNED BYKaif (Laila) who turns out be their instructor.Then they move to Seville for Sky Diving and Ankit Agrawalthen finally to Pamplona for the Bull run which CS-IV Yearis one of the most dangerous customs of Spain.Laila makes Arjun realize the beauty of life and ankitagrawal1806@gmail.comsuggests him to live each day to its fullestbecause the time that we are living in will nevercome back; providing an explanation to thetitle. The three of them keep on pulling eachothers legs, but at the same time are veryconsiderate about each other. 9